Chapter 6:

The Mystery of the Monster Girl

Villain of Technology

After exploring the forest, they found a decaying corpse of a monster girl. It shocked each and every single one of us.Bookmark here

"We can't just leave this here.", Hera said.Bookmark here

"We need to bury it.", Anthony responded.Bookmark here

[They buried the corpse]Bookmark here

"What should we do now?", Lizzy is nervous.Bookmark here

"This corpse probably died a couple days ago or even yesterday.", Eugene said.Bookmark here

"Why do you think there's a monster girl in here?", Hera asked.Bookmark here

"She's probably running away from something and ended up dead.", Sam responded.Bookmark here

"It's night time, I think we should go.", Eugene said.Bookmark here

"No, if there's other people who's also running away then we might save them.", Alice responded.Bookmark here

"What if we find it hostile?", Eugene asked.Bookmark here

"We won't know if we don't try to find one.", Lizzy answered.Bookmark here

"There must be some sort of structure here where the monster girl run away from. There must be someone that transforming people into a monster.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"Your right, we need to find it and stop who ever is doing it.", Sam responded.Bookmark here

"But we don't have any weapons on us. How are we gonna protect ourselves?", Eugene said.Bookmark here

"We are trained and it's also night time so we gamble that the person who's doing this is asleep.", Hera responded.Bookmark here

"You're right, we need to find it. Lets split up!", Anthony said.Bookmark here

*Leo doesn't said anything.Bookmark here

Everyone agreed to split up by pairs. The pairs are Lizzy and Alice, Eugene and Leo, Hera and Sam, and I am alone. we all go in different direction for an hour and head back home.Bookmark here

[Lizzy and Alice]Bookmark here

"What do you think of all of this?", Lizzy nervously asked.Bookmark here

"I don't know. A villain is probably behind all of this.", Alice said.Bookmark here

"If we find more monster people, can we turn them back to human?", Lizzy asked.Bookmark here

"If we capture a monster people, AVA will do their best to find a way to turn them back to normal.", Alice responded.Bookmark here

"I'm glad.", Lizzy said.Bookmark here

"But if we can't capture them and they appeared hostile, then I'm not gonna hesitate to kill them. That's why you should prepare yourself for killing probably innocent people that turn into a monster.", Alice said.Bookmark here

"You're right but they might be innocent.", Lizzy said.Bookmark here

"That's why you need to prepare.", Alice responded.Bookmark here

[Eugene and Leo]Bookmark here

 "Everything went crazy when we join AVA", Eugene saidBookmark here

"You're right, it will be more crazier in the future.", Leo responded.Bookmark here

"Don't you think that there's a connection between the monster girl and why AVA send us here for vacation.", Eugene said.Bookmark here

"Probably but we're not sure yet.", Leo responded.Bookmark here

"If it's true that AVA send us here not to take a break but to capture a villain then they're insane.", Eugene said.Bookmark here

"How do you know that a villain is behind this?", Leo asked.Bookmark here

"Well, villains do bad things and most of them are scientist so the villain behind this is probably a high tier because he might be building an army of monsters.", Eugene answered.Bookmark here

"You have a point.", Leo responded.Bookmark here

[Hera and Sam]Bookmark here

"Hera! just a question, what's you're relationship with Anthony?", Sam asked.Bookmark here

*Hera turns red.Bookmark here

"Uh... We are.... just friends. Nothing else.", Sam answered.Bookmark here

"Ok.", Sam responded.Bookmark here

"Why did you asked?", Hera asked.Bookmark here

"It's nothing...", Sam answered.Bookmark here

*They become awkward to each other. After a long walk in the forest, they found a abandoned warehouse in the middle of the forest. Hera and Sam both go in to investigate.Bookmark here

 "What is this place.", Hera asked.Bookmark here

"I don't know, lets go in.", Sam answered.Bookmark here

*They both go in and they found---Bookmark here

"Blood everywhere, It smells that someone died in here.", Hera said.Bookmark here

"It's a lab, don't you think a villain is behind all of this?", Sam asked.Bookmark here

"Yes, absolutely but who?", Hera said.Bookmark here

*They explore deeper inside the warehouse.Bookmark here

"Huh, dead cat, rabbit, even fox. They are look like they were tortured.", Hera said.Bookmark here

"You're wrong, this are probably test subjects, I don't know exactly but it feels like a scientist is testing something to them.", Sam said.Bookmark here

*They explore the second floor.Bookmark here

"HUH!!", Hera is shocked.Bookmark here

[They saw a glass room full of monster girls]Bookmark here

"Help us!", "Please, save us.", I don't want to die.", "Please", monster girls.Bookmark here

"There all girls!", Hera said.Bookmark here

"Someone is using those animals DNA to create this monsters girl but why only girls.", Sam said.Bookmark here

"What are we gonna do.", Hera is nervous.Bookmark here

*Someone approached them*Bookmark here

[Anthony]Bookmark here

Someone turned that girl into a monster. A villain is behind all of this. I never heard about a villain of monster in my entire life.Bookmark here

"Margo can you check if there is a villain of monster in the villain lists?", Anthony asked.Bookmark here

"Ok Anth... There's no villain of monster or monster villain in the lists.", Margo aswered.Bookmark here

If there's no monster villain then who could it be. That girl is orange and have fur. Animals have fur. Thus that mean that it's a failed mutation? That's the only option. Someone is combining the DNA of an animal into the DNA of people to turn them into mutants. And it's not random people, only girls. That's right! A sad and funny story of well determined villain that turn girls into a mutants is---Bookmark here

[Back to Hera and Sam]Bookmark here

*Someone approached Hera and Sam.Bookmark here

"Oh! I can't believe that I have more test subject.", random guy said.Bookmark here

*He shoots a tranquilizer dart to Hera and Sam. They both fall and sleep.Bookmark here

[Back to Anthony]Bookmark here

James Gushiken aka the VIllain of Mutants!Bookmark here

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