Chapter 7:

Villain of Mutants

Villain of Technology

James Gushiken, a failed biologist who study about living organisms. When he was a kid, he had a big dream to become a biologist who will combine the DNA of a living organism to another. He has firm determination on making his dream come true. He study and study to become a biologist. After his hard work he is now biologist but because of his project, he gets discriminated and abused by his co-scientist.Bookmark here

James Gushiken is obsessed in mutation. He wanted to create a human with mix DNA with an animal. A human with cat ears and tails like what he saw on anime. He is obsessed with animal girls like catgirl, foxgirl, bunnygirl, etc. And because of that project, everyone looked pity on him.Bookmark here

"So this is gonna be you work station for your project Sir Gushiken.", head scientist said.Bookmark here

"Wait, this is different than the other scientists office. I can't work with this few materials." Gushiken said.Bookmark here

"If you can't make it work, then you shouldn't be called a scientist.", head scientist responded.Bookmark here

[Head scientist leave]Bookmark here

Gushiken knows that everyone is against him and he accepted it. He wanted to show his co-scientist that he's project is not a joke. He is determined to make his project successful.Bookmark here

After a week of working, a girl approach him and help him.Bookmark here

"You know everyone in this company hated me, right.", Gushiken said.Bookmark here

"Well, I'm not. My name is Jean Obokata.", Obokata responded.Bookmark here

"Thank you Miss Obokata.", Gushiken said.Bookmark here

Gushiken and Obokata work together to perfected his project. They become lovers and after 6 months they get married and gifted a child named Raven Gushiken. After 2 years of trial and error, and researching they finally made a serum that can turn a girl into a mutant. He called everyone for his presentation and present his project. After presenting his project, no one wants to volunteer to try his invention until---Bookmark here

"I'll do it.", Jean said.Bookmark here

"But---", James responded.Bookmark here

"We worked hard on making this project, there should be no problem.", Jean said.Bookmark here

"Ok", Gushiken responded.Bookmark here

Jean goes to the machine and James injected the serum to her. After injecting the serum, Jean started to feel pain. And instead of making her a catgirl, Jean turned into a monster. Every scientist are scared and they killed Jean immediately.Bookmark here

"Jean... Jean...", James is sad.Bookmark here

After that failed project, James gets kicked out the company for causing a trouble and by making a threat. All of his works have been burned so that no one will ever redo that. James is depressed that he lose his wife and his project failed. He just accepted it and he take care of Raven alone.Bookmark here

After a few years, James become a better man and take care of his daughter Raven. Someone approached him and give him a video clip.Bookmark here

[It's when James injected the serum to Jean]Bookmark here

"He turned his wife into a monster.", random scientist said.Bookmark here

"James, it worked but a little different.", Jean said.Bookmark here

"Kill her! She's a monster. This is a threat!", head scientist said.Bookmark here

"James, what are there doing. James stop them. Your project worked. Please... We can perfected the project.", Jean said.Bookmark here

*James is still shocked and frozen in place.Bookmark here

[Bang]Bookmark here

*The head scientist killed Jean.Bookmark here

[Video clip ends]Bookmark here

The guy that gave him the video leave. James realizes that even though Jean is a monster, she still has conscious. That means the head scientist killed her wife. James is angry and wanted to take revenge on the head scientist. He started to make the same serum and go to his old company and injected the serum to the head scientist. It worked differently than Jean. The head scientist doesn't have his consciousness and he become hostile and killed everyone in that company.Bookmark here

James and his daughter Raven go to the island to escape the police. James wanted to perfect the serum that he and Jean started. He wanted to do this so that Jeans death weren't in vein. After a year of researching, he created a different serum. He doesn't have any test subjects to test it on so---Bookmark here

"Raven do you want to try my invention?", James said.Bookmark here

"I don't like pointy things but if it's for you father, I will do it.", Raven responded.Bookmark here

Raven go and sit to the machine and James injected the serum. Raven started to feel pain and transform into a monster without her consciousness. James is shocked again and regretted every single decisions he made. The same guy that give him the video clip came to him.Bookmark here

"You can't stop right now.", random guy said.Bookmark here

"I need to stop this fantasy project that I am doing.", James responded.Bookmark here

"So you're telling me that turning your wife and daughter into a monster was nothing.", random guy said.Bookmark here

"What do you mean?", James asked.Bookmark here

"Your wife and daughter sacrifice their lives to your fantasy project because they believed in you. You already killed your wife, transformed your daughter into a monster and cause a chaos to your company you can't stop now.", random guy said.Bookmark here

"How can I get a volunteers on my project?", James asked.Bookmark here

"You're already a bad guy, you should own it. Villain of Mutants!", random guy said.Bookmark here

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