Chapter 11:


Last Man Alive

"Oh right, you are half Japanese." Raiden said. "So they died before the apocalypse?"Bookmark here

"Yeah. It was a car accident. It happened during one of my missions. I didn't even get to attend their funeral. All that was left for me was a grave."Bookmark here

"Well, you at least got to see their graves and here I don't even know where my parents are? Well of course I know for a fact that they are dead but I don't know how they died. Got bitten by a zombie or got their heads smashed by B-7."Bookmark here

"You don't know? Why?" Joel asked.Bookmark here

"Some days after the virus broke out, I didn't find them at home. And it was impossible to search for them after the number of zombies started growing. We had to take shelter and only care about our own survival. So they are either dead now or roaming around like a zombie."Bookmark here

"That must have been really tough. Didn't you try to find them after the B-7 attack?"Bookmark here

"I did try but it was impossible to identify any dead person whose head has been smashed. And, I gave up on looking through every single zombie."Bookmark here

Joel stopped taking another bite from the can. He must have felt sorry for Raiden. He didn't say anything for next few minutes and only stared down on the table.Bookmark here

"Anyway when are you heading out?" Raiden broke the silence.Bookmark here

"After sunset would be a pleasant time."Bookmark here

"Sure it will be. Also, can I acompony you during your visit?"Bookmark here

"Of course you can. Do you even need to ask this thing?"Bookmark here

Raiden dodged the question with a laughter. And Joel again started digging in his meal. He again enjoyed the sweet flavor of the beans and ate his part quickly.Bookmark here

They spent the whole noon talking with each other about some good memories of their past along with playing cards which Raiden always had with him in case we bump into a survivor.Bookmark here

That room was enlightened by their laughter. Bookmark here

After all the story telling and laughter Joel asked to take some rest until the sunset. He went to another room and waited there.Bookmark here

Raiden warned Joel that it wouldn't be safe to stay out there at the night so they left the building a little while ago from the sunset.Bookmark here

They walked down the straight road which started taking many turns, left and right. They covered their path on their foot, walking nice and slowly. They reached out side of the area which Raiden had claimed to had killed all the zombies inside.Bookmark here

Without making any noises they moved forward. After reaching a certain location Joel showed rushed moments. He looked around in way that things were familiar to him. He started picking up speed. Raiden also had to speed up to keep up with him. Bookmark here

After seeing a certain point, Joel was about to burst into running but Raiden stopped him by holding on to his shoulder. Bookmark here

They both nodded towards each other and Joel came back in hai cool. They both walked slowly towards the point Joel got all excited about after seeing it.Bookmark here

And they reached the point. A graveyard. Bookmark here

They both entered and covered some straight distance then right. Joel was leading the way. Bookmark here

Then Joel stopped ahead of two graves which were placed together. He glared at the stone for some minutes. Then took a praying position. Raiden did the same.Bookmark here

Smiled appeared on Joel's face and rolled backwards facing Raiden. "Let's go," he said.Bookmark here

Raiden followed him out of the graveyard then stopped as Joel had also stopped.Bookmark here

"Going to base now?" Raiden asked as he looked towards the sun which was at the lowest point of the horizon.Bookmark here

"Yeah," Joel replied as he took the final glance at the graveyard and then he moved ahead.Bookmark here

Moon was down and it got dark but moonlit showed them their path. They made their way to the base and lucky didn't encounter a single zombie. Bookmark here

They reached the base. Walking through the staircase they entered the room. Bookmark here

"I bet your parents were happy after seeing you after a long time." Raiden said.Bookmark here

"Yeah," Joel replied with a calm voice. "And thanks for joining me."Bookmark here

"Dude cut the formalities out and here take the key of the next room." Raiden searched inside his bag for the key from the bundle of keys and passed it on to Joel.Bookmark here

"Why a different apartment? This one already has like three rooms to sleep in."Bookmark here

"Ahh room isn't the problem but the toilet is… you know… there is only one toilet in this apartment."Bookmark here

"We can share it right? Can't we?" Joel was confused.Bookmark here

"Well no because there is no water in the toilet so you can't flush it."Bookmark here

"Wait so you mean you don't flush your own shit?" Joel looked a little shocked. "Eww, that's disgusting." Bookmark here

"Huhh? What option do I have? There is like no water in toilets." Raiden defended himself. Bookmark here

"You could totally use bottle water."Bookmark here

"No, I'm against wastage of water."Bookmark here

"That's called cleaning not wastage."Bookmark here

"We have toilet papers in there go clean it with that."Bookmark here

"I'm talking about your shit not butt."Bookmark here

"Yeah? But I don't remember asking for it."Bookmark here

"Bruh! I'm just asking you to clean your shit."Bookmark here

And their silly argument on shit kept going on. In the end joey didn't except Raiden'e way and took a bottle with him in the adjacent apartment. Bookmark here

It was already over 10 o'clock and they both rested on their beds in different apartment. Bookmark here

Raiden looked up at the ceiling as he laid on the bed.Bookmark here

Today was a fun day, Raiden said in his head.Bookmark here

And as usual Sheila responded him. Of course it would be, you finally find a survivor.Bookmark here

Raiden chuckled a little in his mind. I wish I could have searched every part of Russian then maybe I could have found Joel a lot sooner.Bookmark here

Sheila didn't give a response this time.Bookmark here

Oh by the way Sheila, did you feel lonely? I wasn't able to talk to a like usual.Bookmark here

Raiden felt that Shelia shook her head.Bookmark here

Not at all. I was listening to you guys all the time and it was very funny, especially the toilet part, Sheila responded with a laughter.Bookmark here

Oh Sheila you are embarrassing me but I'm glad you are happy.Bookmark here

I'm also glad for you.Bookmark here

Raiden smilied as he closed his eyes and went into infinite darkness.Bookmark here

On the other hand, Joel also laid back on the bed, glaring the stars in big sky from the window which was right beside hid bed.Bookmark here

"Another day is over and I finally found a survivor. I can't express how happy I'm." He said still glaring at the stars.Bookmark here

"I also gave a visit to you. I hope you were happy."Bookmark here

He glared the sky for few more minutes.Bookmark here

"That is all for today I guess. I'm now going to sleep as we have to go to a new journey from tomorrow."Bookmark here

"Good night Mom and Dad."Bookmark here

Joel also closed his eyes. Now they both slept to be ready for departure to Tokyo.Bookmark here

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