Chapter 12:

Past 5 - Mission failed

Last Man Alive

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5 years agoBookmark here

1 month after the virus broke outBookmark here

I stood there silently, glaring at the dark sky. It was an open area, no roof or any walls. Bunch of children also stood with me there, glaring at me. I didn't speak anything, neither did they. All we could hear was loud gust of wind. Bookmark here

A sudden burst from behind interrupted that cold breeze. Someone entered in by opening the door.Bookmark here

A familiar voice.Bookmark here

"What is the meaning of this, Raiden?"Bookmark here

It was Sheila.Bookmark here

I didn't react to her appearance.Bookmark here

She closed the distance between us and pulled my left shoulder back, making me face her. Bookmark here

"I asked you what the hell happened here?" She was now shouting angrily.Bookmark here

I simply shook my head and said nothing.Bookmark here

She looked over the group of children which still stood besides me then clenched her fists in anger. Bookmark here

"Let's go in," she said as she turned around to get in where she came from.Bookmark here

I and all the children followed her.Bookmark here

Inside the gate there stood lots of men and women. Some older and some younger. Bookmark here

Toshi was amongst them too.Bookmark here

A man came forward from the big crowd. A old one, above 30 maybe. He had full beard on his face and hairs on his hands. Bookmark here

"Why are the kids back here?" The man asked, he also looked angry.Bookmark here

"The mission failed," Sheila replied. Bookmark here

"What did you say? Mission failed? Are you fucking kidding me?" He shouted.Bookmark here

"You heard me right. The mission failed. We are going back to our base. Now no more questions or I will throw you down with those zombies."Bookmark here

Everyone was speechless. They all just glared at Sheila and me and all the children. And no one asked any questions anymore, not even that angry man.Bookmark here

They all stood in utter silence.Bookmark here

Sheila moved ahead, crossing between the crowd to the other side. And, after a short distance she stopped as she came upon a railing. She leaned ahead and looked down. All she saw was the faces of more than 500 zombies. Bookmark here

We were inside a huge mall consisting of total 7 floors and we stood at the top most floor. All the floors down us were filled with zombies. The only thing that kept those zombies from coming to the 7th floor was the escalator connecting the 6th and 7th floor which was half destroyed from the upper side. Means the escalator couldn't lead those zombies to the 7th floor. Bookmark here

Toshi joined in to Sheila. "I understand the situation but there is no way we could kill all those zombies and get out of here."Bookmark here

Sheila didn't shift her gaze away from the zombies.Bookmark here

"How about using the lift?" said Kingslayer, a boy around same age as me. His hair all yellow and spikey. He had a little long tooth which always came out from the right side of his mouth, making him look like a vampire. Bookmark here

I also crossed the crowd and came towards the railings. "There is no electricity here so now chance of going from lift." Bookmark here

"Actually there is one," Toshi claimed. Bookmark here

Sheila finally looked towards us folding her both hands. "And what it is?"Bookmark here

Toshi stepped away from the railings and walked right. The 7th floor wasn't too big but there was several shops to the left and a little scary house themed room. On the right there was so little space only for the entrance of the lift. There were metal gates blocking the lift, just like in any normal lift.Bookmark here

"If we can open the gates we can just climb down on the ladders."Bookmark here

"Ladders?" I asked.Bookmark here

"Yes. There are always ladders inside the shaft to freely move up and down." Toshi explained. "If we are lucky enough and the lift isn't in our way, we can directly go down.Bookmark here

"But hey! What's the point of going down from there?" Kingslayer asked. "Aren't this whole place filled with zombies? So whatever floor we go, there will be those zombies waiting for us."Bookmark here

"The ground floor," Toshi remarked. "The entrance to the ground floor by the back side of the mall and all these zombies entered through the front side so I doubt there will be any zombie down there."Bookmark here

His idea was certainly correct and our only choice. After thinking about it for a while Sheila agreed and commended the group to take action.Bookmark here

It was Smith to act first. He took a big and sharp dagger and stood in front of the metal gate. Then he impaled the dagger in between the short gap of metal gates. He immediately took his dagger out and put the thick edge of his axe between the gap. He pushed his axe in the gate widened. The point came where he could put his hand through the gap. He held both the gates and pushed them away. The gates opened.Bookmark here

Inside the gates there was nothingness. A pure dark shaft. Smith backed off and Sheila and Toshi surrounded the opened entrance. They couldn't see anything except the dark.Bookmark here

Someone handed a torch over to them. Roshi flicked the switch of the torch. A beam of light reached directly opposite to us. We could see the ladder on the wall in front of us. He little by little followed the ladder down by the light beam. Bookmark here

Then a platform appeared. Roshi focused the beam on the platform. It was the lift, hanging with lots of wires. Roshi observed it's position. "It's on the 3rd floor," he claimed.Bookmark here

"Now what? This shaft is so small there is no space between ladder and lift. How can we get to the ground floor now?" I asked as leaned to get a better look at the situation.Bookmark here

"We simply cut the wires holding the lift." Sheila said and Toshi agreed with her as if they both were thinking the same thing from the beginning.Bookmark here

"Wait! Wait! Wait!" Someone from the crowd said. A face came out of the crowd by which Sheila looked really annoyed. Bookmark here

It was the man who questioned Sheila when she entered in the room. Bookmark here

"Our whole plan is based on the fact that the ground floor is not swarming with zombies but if cut the wires the lift will make a falling sound which will he really loud then the ground floor will be filled with the zombies in no time." Bookmark here

Well this time he really had a good point. Bookmark here

"We won't let the sound of lift go out," Sheila replied.Bookmark here

I was confused with that. Not letting the sound go out? Bookmark here

"Do not trouble yourself too much, Raiden," Toshi said, somehow he always knew what I was thinking. Bookmark here

"Boys! Pick up the guns at aim at those zombies down on the 6th floor. We are gonna cover up the sound from the impact of lift and ground with the sound of our guns." Sheila commanded.Bookmark here

I understand the plan and it looked quite clear to me now. Bookmark here

Everyone took their position. More than half of the crowd stood besides the railing and few of us were at the entrance to the shaft.Bookmark here

I and Toshi both held sharp swords in our hands. Smith and Wilson were right besides us with their big axe in their hands. Bookmark here

"Start cutting the wires. Now!" Sheila commanded. We did as what she said. "Fire at my mark." The others prepared themselves for the gunfire.Bookmark here

Wires were so thick, it was so difficult to cut them with just sword and axe but he made the wound on the wire more deeper.Bookmark here

One of the wires cut down. The lift started to lose it's equilibrium. The second one also cut down. Then Third and fourth wire couldn't handle the weight of the lift alone hence it break down. The lift fell with a sudden velocity. And Sheila gave them the sign to fire.Bookmark here

"Fire!!" She screamed.Bookmark here

Loud sound of gunfire echoed through the whole mall. Some men started shouting by seeing the enthusiasm of Sheila. In the loud noise of scream and gunfire I couldn't notice when did the lift hit the ground. Bookmark here

Toshi focused at the ground and the lift was all messed up. Totally crushed. Bookmark here

We noticed that the deep shaft had a little more depth even after the ground floor's gate. The gate to the ground floor was at least about 5 meter up from where the lift laid.Bookmark here

The gunfire stopped. They weren't given any signal to stop but everyone of them had a idea of the average time taken by the lift to reach ground.Bookmark here

Everyone gathered around that dark tunnel, wanting to take a peek but couldn't.Bookmark here

Now the main question emerged within everyone that who will be going down to check the ground floor?Bookmark here

No one said it out loud but they must be thinking it.Bookmark here

Toshi who had leaned before, stood up. He stood at the every edge of the shaft. And, I was just right besides him. He was about to say something and I knew exactly what he would say. Bookmark here

"I will go down to check the ground floor."Bookmark here

I said it before Toshi.Bookmark here

Last Man Alive

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