Chapter 16:

That’s impressive!

Having Trouble Coming up With a Decent Story

Koshiro was sitting in front of the old lady Suto-san after he brewed some tea for them.Bookmark here

“Hmm…” the old lady sipped the tea and smiled, “That’s impressive.”Bookmark here

“Yes! I told Sumiye you would be impressed by it!” “In your face Sumi-nee! I told you even I can brew some tea.” Bookmark here

“Hoho!” Suto-san sipped more of the tea. “Yes…” she gave a gentle smile, “It’s impressive how it’s bad.”Bookmark here

“Huh...?” Koshiro was left open-mouthed.Bookmark here

“Yes…” the old lady sipped more tea, “...very very bad.”Bookmark here

“Hmm…” the boy composed himself. “If it is that bad, why do you keep drinking it, Suto-san?” he askedBookmark here

“Oh! That!” she smiled and stared at something distant: “It’s because it reminds me of something nice...” Suto-san continued to sip the tea.Bookmark here

“Something nice…?” Bookmark here

“Yes… how is that Daichi boy doing? It was terrible what happened to him.”Bookmark here

“Yes, it was…” Koshiro looked down, “... I haven’t seen him in a while.”Bookmark here

“Oh! That’s too bad Kushiru-kun, you should keep in touch with your friends!”Bookmark here

“Yeah, but he’s not my friend Suto-san.”Bookmark here

“Anyway…” Suto-san suddenly stopped, looked at her tea with a puzzled face, and then to the black cat on her lap: “Oh! It’s Scar-chan! How did you end up there?” she then looked at Koshiro: “Kochin-kun is here as well!”Bookmark here

Koshiro sighed and smiled: “Hi, Suto-san!”Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

While Sumiye slept most of the time, Scar and Koshiro passed the entire day making company to Suto-san. They were lucky she was having one of her most lucid (and least needy) days in a long time… Bookmark here

“Maybe seeing you two again made that impact on her.” Sumiye commented while she was driving Koshiro and Scar home (she insisted on doing so).Bookmark here

“I don’t know, maybe it’s just her daughter being so tending for several days.” Koshiro replied. “Besides that, are you sure it’s fine to leave her alone?”Bookmark here

“It’s never ‘fine’. But after she takes her medicine we have some time to spare...”Bookmark here

“Okay…” a hush fell over them. They could only hear the sound of the vehicle until Koshiro’s phone received two messages:Bookmark here

Nobu: Hey Koshiro, check the link I sent you before! Btw, are you playing tonight? How are Suto-san and Sumiye-chan doing?Bookmark here

Nyoko-chan: Hi Koshiro-kun! Nyoko-chan wants to know how things are going!Bookmark here

“Hmm… Nyoko and Nobu are saying hi to you.” Koshiro told Sumiye, “And they’re asking about you and your mother. What should I say?”Bookmark here

“Just tell them the truth.” she replied.Bookmark here

“Okay!” Koshiro then turned to the phone and started to read while typing: “Sumiye is looking like a weird and broken ventriloquist puppet as always… she’s actually driving me and Scar home right now… ouch!” he held his ear who had just been flicked by Sumiye, “Hey!”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry, but I saw a mosquito on your ear…”Bookmark here

“Not suspicious at all.” the boy continued to type: “Suto-san had a nice day today…”Bookmark here

“Even though she drank horrible tea.” Sumiye completed.Bookmark here

“Even though she had terrible tea.” Koshiro typed and after some time he made a disgusted face towards the new messages:Bookmark here

Nobu: I still remember when we had to drink your tea * - *Bookmark here

Nyoko-chan: Nyoko-chan still remembers when she had to drink your tea * - *Bookmark here

“Is it really that bad?”Bookmark here

“Yes.” Sumiye read his face and mind, “Yes it is.”Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

Since he had the duty to spy on some of his fellow club members, Koshiro started to notice some things regarding them in the next school days:Bookmark here

Takayama and Shimizu were basically inseparable, but the former was the one to get most, if not all, of the attention. Even though Shimizu was always being cheerful and kind to the ones around the two, and Takayama was forcing smiles and laughs left and right. At the club, Shimizu would usually ask Yasutake and Hirata for some drawings, while Takayama and Koshiro tried not to kill each other.Bookmark here

For some reason (or maybe just a miracle) Yasutake and Hirata weren’t always together. In fact, she was the one magically vanishing first, going to an unknown place within the school grounds, while Hirata would wait for a moment, and then, would disappear as well.Bookmark here

“What if they’re having a tryst?!” Sawada commented while elegantly sipping some tea in one of their tea parties, she frowned at it but continued to sip.Bookmark here

“A tryst??!” Murakami exclaimed while almost falling from her chair. “D-Do you really think that??!”Bookmark here

“I…”Bookmark here

“I really don’t think so, and I’ve told you to be careful about Shimizu.” Koshiro stated.Bookmark here

Sawada pouted at him, like a child who lost its candy, and asked with a sulky voice: “And why do you think that?”Bookmark here

“It’s just because there isn’t a change in their behavior towards each other, but Shimizu is always with them at the club.”Bookmark here

“Of course they would hide it! Koshiro idiot!”Bookmark here

“Ugh. This is unnecessary.” he frowned at the girl.Bookmark here

“Idiot! Idi…”Bookmark here

“Anyway!” the president interrupted her, “We have to be sure about it, so you’ll have to follow Yasutake, Koike-kun.”Bookmark here

“Me? Follow Yasutake? But…”Bookmark here

WHAT DID YOU SAY?” Bookmark here

“I-I w-was g-going to ask when you want me to do it, Mrs. President! I mean, Murakami-san! The best president in the world, I love you!” Koshiro was hasty with his speech, and his eyes were wide open, “What the hell is going on with me?”Bookmark here

“Huh?” Murakami tilted her head, not understanding what the boy was saying. “Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be passing through the classrooms announcing the event. You should look into their tryst as early as possible.” Bookmark here

"Oh, so the festival is really happening? How did you manage to convince the principal, Murakami-san?" Bookmark here

"I'm curious as well, Aika-chan."Bookmark here

"Well, it was pretty simple." Murakami sipped some tea, "I just had to sell my body."Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

“Ugh, what is this?" Murakami looked at the tea, "Who did this? How can someone mess this up?”Bookmark here

"Aika-chan."Bookmark here

"Murakami-san."Bookmark here

"Wow, this is really bad... huh? What did you guys say?"Bookmark here

"I might've heard wrong... but did you say you sold your body?" Koshiro asked.Bookmark here

"HUH?"Bookmark here

"O-Oh I knew I heard it wrong, I'm sorry Mrs. President!"Bookmark here

"What? But you heard it right."Bookmark here

"..." Koshiro froze.Bookmark here

"I sold him my body pillow." Murakami explained, "I didn't use it. It had a monster from a game Katayama-Sensei likes."Bookmark here

"Thank god." Koshiro sighed with relief.Bookmark here

"Yep, this character right here..." Murakami quickly showed her phone to Koshiro.Bookmark here

"Oh." the boy looked at the screen, "Oh..." "Is Katayama-Sensei into that stuff?? But after taking a better look I must say..."Bookmark here

"Seriously..." Murakami retracted her phone and sipped more tea, "Why is this so bad?"Bookmark here

“Koshiro idiot did the tea today!” Sawada turned Koshiro in.Bookmark here

KOSHIRO…?” the president turned to the boy with a “nice” smile.Bookmark here

“I-I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I just wanted to try and see if I could make some tea.” the boy replied promptly.Bookmark here

“Have you drunk it?” Sawada asked, “It’s really terrible.” she kept sipping it elegantly.Bookmark here

“No… I was looking forward to an expert opinion.” Koshiro scratched his nape and looked away, “Why do you keep drinking it, by the way? Did I do it at least a little bit right?”Bookmark here

“Definitely not.” Sawada answered him, “It’s just that it’s what we have here…” she murmured.Bookmark here

“Huh?” strained his ears trying to hear: “What did you say?”Bookmark here

“Improve your tea making.” Sawada stated and the conversation ended.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

The president of the student council Aika Murakami was telling class 1-C of the big event that would be happening in the first semester of the school year: “’ll be a historic moment for this school! The Club Day is sure to be a success, I’m counting on your support! Don’t forget that it’ll help with your end-of-term tests!” for some reason, she was always looking at the direction in which Yasutake, Hirata, and Koshiro were, “So, what do you guys think?!”Bookmark here

A hush descended over the class until different murmurs and mutters started to be voiced:Bookmark here

“Some type of Cultural festival? Bookmark here

“Isn’t this sort of thing supposed to be at the end of the year?”Bookmark here

“This story sucks!”Bookmark here

“President Murakami is so scary…”Bookmark here

“Help with our grades?”Bookmark here

“I don’t think we should agree..”Bookmark here

"Bread with banana?"Bookmark here

"What type of person doesn't like pizza?"Bookmark here

"Hey, respect the differences!"Bookmark here

“Hey!” Aika Murakami, who was standing in front of the class, gave her (supposedly) friendly smile and asked with a (supposedly) gentle voice: “What are you guys saying? PLEASE, SPEAK LOUDER, GUYS.Bookmark here

“Great idea president!”Bookmark here

“A club festival sounds great!”Bookmark here

“It’ll leave a legacy, right?!”Bookmark here

"This bread with banana thing doesn't sound so bad!"Bookmark here

“Thank you so much, guys!” Aika shouted. “I’m counting on you!” she bowed.Bookmark here

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