Chapter 17:

The cheap Anpan and the funny girl

Having Trouble Coming up With a Decent Story

Every time Koshiro would eat his lunch at the same spot as the first day (a short stair behind the main school building) a hungry Sawada would appear, and he would end up sharing some of his food with her.Bookmark here

“Just so you know, my money for food is counted, okay?” Koshiro told the girl while handing her some Anpan.Bookmark here

“That’s… why… you just buy… this cheap… Anpan?” Sawada replied between munches.Bookmark here

“Hey! Who said that it’s cheap?”Bookmark here

“It isn’t?” the girl tilted her head with puzzlement, “I thought of that because of the quality…” she continued to eat.Bookmark here

“Well… it is cheap…” Koshiro looked away, "But that’s because my family knows the owners, and I can buy it at a lower price…”Bookmark here

“And lower quality?”Bookmark here

“Ugh.” Koshiro frowned. “That’s not it, it gets this way because I buy them in the morning.” the boy explained, “So when it’s lunchtime it isn’t as good…”Bookmark here

“Hmm.” the girl stared at the food. "I know a good bakery..." she murmured.Bookmark here

"If that's the case, why don't you buy your own food there?!"Bookmark here

"I can't..."Bookmark here

"How come you can't?"Bookmark here

"It'd be bad if I went there..."Bookmark here

"Huh? What did you say?" Koshiro asked, but the girl didn't reply. Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

To prevent his food from being eaten by someone else, Koshiro ended up going to the roof sometimes, but the little girl started to find him there as well:Bookmark here

“So here you are!” she said while closing the door to the roof, “We looked for you everywhere!” Bookmark here

“We?” Koshiro glanced at the girl to see that she was dragging Kuma-chan with her, “Hey, what are you doing here, Sawada-san? Why are you following me?”Bookmark here

“I’m not following you, Koshiro idiot!” Sawada sulked at him.Bookmark here

“Aargh.” the boy sighed and smacked his head, “You just said that you were looking for me.”Bookmark here

“Aaa!” the girl took a step back, “It wasn’t me. it was Kuma-chan!” she then put the inflatable bear in front of her.Bookmark here

“Uhum.” Koshiro stared at the bear, “And what do you want?”Bookmark here

“I have to make sure that you do your job!” Sawada pretended to be Kuma-chan, “You need to convince your club to participate in the festival!”Bookmark here

“Aaaah! That’s such a bother!” Koshiro laid on the ground, “My club doesn’t do anything. Going to the festival should be enough for Murakami-san, right?”Bookmark here

“That’s wrong!” Sawada jumped from behind Kuma-chan, “They have to do something as well! You want to see Aika-chan sad?!”Bookmark here

“The president, sad…?”Bookmark here

“That’s right! When she’s sad, she’s terrifying!”Bookmark here

“Terrifying…?” Koshiro gulped and murmured. “How is she normally, then?”Bookmark here

“Yes! And I bet she would blame you!”Bookmark here

“Blame me…?” Koshiro tried to imagine a “terrifying” version of Aika Murakami blaming him. It wasn't a good exercise. “Okay! Okay! I’ll talk to the club members today!” he forced a smile.Bookmark here

“Great! Now…” the girl started but was interrupted by the sound of Koshiro’s phone, “Huh?”Bookmark here

“Huh?” Koshiro looked at his phone, where he had received a message from Nobu:Bookmark here

Nobu: Let’s play tonight! Besides, did you watch the last video I sent you?Bookmark here

Koshiro replied promptly:Bookmark here

Koshiro (replying to Nobu): Playing tonight is fine by me. But why would I watch that 24 hours live? From a not-so-cute Vtuber of all things?Bookmark here

Nobu: Hey, Vtubers are a thing okay?! You know Nyoko loves them! You can’t just look at the cute ones! You have to see the not-so-cute, the ugly, and the males as well! And I only asked you to see a tiny part of the live.Bookmark here

Koshiro: It was 2 hours long.Bookmark here

Nobu: 2 out of 24! Did you watch it? It was pretty funny.Bookmark here

Koshiro: HmmBookmark here

Nobu: So you did watch it! Bookmark here

Koshiro: YesBookmark here

Nobu: ThanksBookmark here

Koshiro: Just send a shorter one next timeBookmark here

Nobu: Do you really mean that?Bookmark here

Koshiro: …Bookmark here

Koshiro: No. Bookmark here

Koshiro: Just don’t send me so early in the morning.Bookmark here

Nobu: Do you really mean that?Bookmark here

Koshiro: ...Bookmark here

Koshiro: NoBookmark here

Nobu: Roger.Bookmark here

“That’s Koshiro’s phone?” a soft voice came from behind Koshiro’s shoulders. He realized Sawada was sitting very close to him while gazing at the phone with her eyes gleaming.Bookmark here

“Hmm…” he looked at the second-year girl whose face was just a few centimeters from his, and was enthralled by the scarlet of her eyes, “Hmm…”Bookmark here

“Hey!” she frowned at him, “You’re thinking of perverted things, right?!”Bookmark here

“No! That’s not it!” Koshiro looked away, “I just think that your eyes are beautiful. The scarlet tone I mean.”Bookmark here

“My eyes?” Sawada crossed-eyed, as if trying to look at the scarlet the boy was talking about.Bookmark here

“Here.” Koshiro used his phone camera to show her.Bookmark here

“Hmm…” the girl grabbed the phone, “Beautiful…?” she murmured.Bookmark here

"Of course. They are so different from everything I've seen. They are very beautiful."Bookmark here

"Not everyone thinks like that..."Bookmark here

"What are you saying? Anyone seeing those eyes would say they are beautiful!"Bookmark here

"Hmm..."  Sawada kept staring at her own eyes. "T-Thanks..." her voice trembled.Bookmark here

"Huh? It's really no big deal, and besides, I have something to ask you."Bookmark here

"W-What is it?"Bookmark here


The girl took her eyes off of the device and sulked: “You weren’t paying attention to me! Koshiro idiot!”Bookmark here

“But I’m pretty sure you weren’t saying anything!”Bookmark here

“It doesn’t matter!” she pouted.Bookmark here

“What is up with this girl?” Koshiro followed the girl’s eyes, “Oh!” “So you want some food, right?”Bookmark here

“Huh?” Sawada deviated her eyes from the Anpan to the boy, “O-Of course not! I am here… I mean, I’m just helping Kuma-chan today!”Bookmark here

“Uhum, I know.” the boy handed her the rest of his Anpan. "It's just a 'cheap' Anpan, but you can have it if you want."Bookmark here

“...” the girl stared at it for a moment. She decided to accept the offer with a low “T-Thank you very much.”Bookmark here

“It’s fine Ny… Su…" Koshiro shook his head, "Sawada-san.”Bookmark here

“Umiko.”Bookmark here

“Umiko...?”Bookmark here

“My name… is Umiko.”Bookmark here

“Hey, hey, hey, wait a minute. I don’t think we’re there yet!” “Okay, Sawada… Sawada.”Bookmark here

“Okay, Koshiro idiot.”Bookmark here

“Totally unnecessary this one.”Bookmark here

While Umiko Sawada was eating beside him, Koshiro glanced at his phone, the girl, and finally the sky. The boy stared at the sky until "Huh?" two things caught his attention. One was a low sound coming from the roof door, Koshiro had the impression of being observed... "No, it's just my imagination... or else..." he turned to Kuma-chan and murmured: "Is it you?"Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"Yeah, I'm crazy. Talking to an inflatable bear like this..."Bookmark here

"Congratulations! You're doing just fine!"Bookmark here

"What? Did you say something, Kuma-chan??"Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"Tamo junto, parça!"Bookmark here

"What the f..."Bookmark here

"Hehehe, this girl is funny!" Sawada was laughing.Bookmark here

"What?" Koshiro looked to his side, "Wait..." his cellphone wasn't on his hand anymore, instead, it was in Sawada's possession. She was seeing one of the dozens of Vtuber videos Nobu had sent Koshiro. "Hey! Give me that back!"Bookmark here

"Aaa! No! I want to see this cute girl saying weird things!"Bookmark here

"Ugh. Give it back already!" Koshiro retrieved his phone, "You should've asked if you wanted to use it!"Bookmark here

"Aaaa!" Sawada raised her hands in the air and pouted, "Koshiro idiot! I wanted to see it!"Bookmark here

"Oh my god! At least finish your food first!"Bookmark here

"Huh!" Sawada turned around and headed to the roof door, dragging Kuma-chan with her, "You better talk to your club right away or I'll tell Aika-chan!"Bookmark here

"Hey, what?"Bookmark here

"For now, I'll just lock an idiot on the roof!"Bookmark here

"Hey! Wait!" Koshiro got up and ran to the girl.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

“What do you guys think of participating in the club festival?!” Hirata was quicker than Koshiro.Bookmark here

“Club festival? Our club does nothing.” Takayama replied to him.Bookmark here

“I think that it is a good idea!” Shimizu got up from her chair and looked at the other members of the group. “‘The best club… is the one led by Hayamichi Takayama!’ she pretended to be an announcer.Bookmark here

“‘Led by Hayamichi Takayama’?” Koshiro scoffedBookmark here

“Do you have something to say to me, Kochiru-kun?” Takayama scowled at him and stood up.Bookmark here

“Yes! I…” he started but stopped when remembering Murakami’s and Sawada’s words… well, it was more because of Murakami’s “gentle” smile, but either way: “... think it is a great idea!”Bookmark here

“Huh?” everyone looked at him.Bookmark here

“Yes! It’s perfect! Takayama-san is, no doubt about it, a born leader!”Bookmark here

“Are you mocking me?” Takayama clenched her fists.Bookmark here

“Of course not! There must be a reason why Sumi… I mean, Suto-Sensei chose you, right?”Bookmark here

“That’s right Hayamichi!” Shimizu gave her a thumbs-up.Bookmark here

“Aargh.” Takayama sighed and sat on her chair, “Whatever.”Bookmark here

“Which means that Yasutake-chan is the only one remaining!” Shimizu declared, and everyone looked at the girl.Bookmark here

“Huh?” Yasutake was spacing out.Bookmark here

“What do you think, Erity-chan? Of our club joining the club festival with Takayama being our leader.” Hirata explained to her.Bookmark here

“Hmm…” the girl stared at Hirata’s eyes and started to blush, she then looked away and murmured: “Takayama-san is strong… so it’s okay…”Bookmark here

“It’s okay!!” Shimizu celebrated, “Thanks, Yasutake-chan!” she gave the girl a thumbs-up, “So, we’re all in agreement!!”Bookmark here

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