Chapter 6:

Akio loves Miyoko !???

Teenage life isn't supposed to be like this

As we were walking back home Akio stated a conversation about Miyoko.Bookmark here

"Hey what do you guys think about Miyoko."Bookmark here

"Hmmm, Miyoko eh she is good. may be?." Said Akiyoshi.Bookmark here

"No, I am asking whether you guys have a crush on her". Asked Akio with a little reddish face.Bookmark here

"Okay I can see where this is going. Do you have a crush on her." I asked him.Bookmark here

"Yes I like her. I mean I love her."Bookmark here

"So why did you asked whether we like her or not." Akiyoshi asked.Bookmark here

"Well I wanted to know if I had any competition among us if not I want you guys to help me." Akio asked.Bookmark here

"Wait, help, I don't think I can do that." I said.Bookmark here

"Why is that ? because you like her? I knew that you liked her Itsuki-kun. You like her don't you? " He asked while Akiyoshi stood as if he knew nothing.Bookmark here

"What? ,No!" I said.Bookmark here

"No you like her I know it, Okay from now on we are friends but rivals in love. I will compete fair and square so should you. Okay I will be leaving now. " He said and left.Bookmark here

"Oi Akiyoshi why didn't you try to say something and convince him that I am not in love with Miyoko." I said.Bookmark here

"It is because I don't like to tell lies." He said cooly.Bookmark here

"W-why you little?" I said angrily.Bookmark here

"Now what is your problem anyways?" He asked.Bookmark here

"What is my problem you ask?. What if he tells the whole class about this and Miyoko will know that I like her and she will talk to me anymore. It is over. It is all over. The love life I have dreamt of is over before it even Started." I said with a panicked face.Bookmark here

"Now, now, he did say he will compete fair and square right. He won't play cheap tricks like that. Don't worry." Akiyoshi said.Bookmark here

"You think." I said a little calmly.Bookmark here

"Yeah now let's go home now." He said.Bookmark here

"Okay. Yeah I just remembered that I have to go to work in Miyoko's restaurant to work. Bye." I said and ran off.Bookmark here

"His mode changed instantly." Said Akiyoshi.Bookmark here

I reached home, kept my school bag at my room. Ran to take a  bath and came to my room took the uniform and started sprinting to Miyoko's restaurant. Soon enough I reached her restaurant.Bookmark here

"Hey Miyoko I am here." I said happily. Bookmark here

"Woah Miyoko is very cute in her uniform." I thought.Bookmark here

"Welcome Itsuki-kun". She said in a sweet voice.Bookmark here

"Okay you can start by cleaning the table over there." She said as she pointed towards the table.Bookmark here

" Okay " I said and went there.Bookmark here

A few moments after cleaning the table. A customer came sat down. He was old and looked really calm. He then called me. I went to take the order but was a bit nervous though.Bookmark here

"Yes" I said nervously.Bookmark here

" Yes I want a tempura."Bookmark here

"Okay" I said.Bookmark here

I went and gave the order. When I returned another customer came in. He was big man. He looked very angry. He called me out.Bookmark here

"Yes sir." I said. And I was shivering as he looked very angry and I went towards him. Bookmark here

"I want a plate of Sushi." He said.Bookmark here

" Okay sir."I said.Bookmark here

Both the sushi and tempura came on the same time and I walked slowly.Bookmark here

"Come fast" The big man said in a very loud and angry voice. Bookmark here

Miyoko watched me as this happened. When all this happened I panicked and got confused. Bookmark here

"Who ordered sushi and who ordered the tempura." I thoughtBookmark here

"Give it man." The big man said.Bookmark here

"Crap" I thought.Bookmark here

Then I gave the old man the sushi and the loud noisy man a tempura.Bookmark here

"Oi young man I asked a Sushi why did you give me a tempura."Bookmark here

"Oh crap looks like I messed up. Oh no Miyoko is watching me." I thought.Bookmark here

"Sorry, it is my first time here. I got a little nervous." I said to both of them.Bookmark here

"Ohh now I get it. It's ok" said the big man while laughing.Bookmark here

"Don't worry. It's fine." The old man said with a smile.Bookmark here

Then I gave the old man the tempura he asked and the big man the sushi. Everything seemed to become normal now.Bookmark here

The work time was over and I was about to leave I went to talk about the incident.Bookmark here

" Sorry, Miyoko."Bookmark here

" For what ?"She asked.Bookmark here

"For what had happened before."Bookmark here

"Ohh. It isn't a big deal. All kinds of things happen when we are nervous. So it is nothing to worry about. Let me tell you something. I had worked in the kitchen just a few months ago .I was cooking and I had put sugar instead of salt in the foods that I had prepared and it turned into a big mess. And ever since that I only worked as a waitress and this is easy for me also. So it nothing to worry about." She said with a smile.Bookmark here

"Thanks Miyoko. And bye" I said.Bookmark here

"Bye. See you tomorrow." She said.Bookmark here

The Loner
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