Chapter 5:

I hate volleyball.

Teenage life isn't supposed to be like this

"Itsuki it is physical education hurry up" said Akiyoshi.

"Oh crap, I hate physical education. I don't like it. I play really bad at volleyball and nobody picks me as a teammate and even if I get picked I get scolded for missing the shots. And end up staying in the corner of the room and I just run to the sick room." I replied.

"Ahh that's why I want you to learn volleyball but you never really took it seriously. And you even sometimes never showed up when I asked to come so that I could help you train." Akiyoshi said instantly.

"Hey can come along with you guys" Akio Sato said.

He is a shy type of boy who barely speaks to anyone. And I sometimes speak to him out of pity because he really doesn't have any friends to talk to.

"Yeah sure" Akiyoshi and I replied with a smile.

So I, Akiyoshi, Miyoko,Akio and Miyu walked together to the volleyball court.Miyoko and Miyu went to play volleyball with the other girls. And I didn't want to play volleyball because I am horrible at it. Even if I try to play I seem to miss the easiest hits or at least that what others say and I end up getting scolding from my teammates and Akiyoshi has to defend me everytime. So instead of causing trouble to him I thought of going to the sick room after a little acting to my sir. But it didn't seem to work really well though. It also seems that I am really bad at acting he gave me a lecture on how important it is to take care of our health. And I was like "yeah sorry sir." And I had to tell the truth that I can't play volleyball and that my teammates scold me for not playing very well at it.

But my teacher asked me to do something that I didn't want to do.

"Hey, since you don't like to play volleyball and I don't want you to be sitting in the corner. I have gotten a good idea why don't you jog around the volleyball court. Yes, this is a good idea jog around the volleyball court untill your period ends." He said.

"B-But I don't want to . I mean it's big and I will get really tired." I replied.

"Ohh if that's the case then are free to walk the whole court. You are just not allowed to sit. So be on your way now." He said and pushed me to give a boost to my speed.

My real problem wasn't about getting tired or running around the court. But it was about Miyoko and the other girls seeing me running around it will seem as if I was being punished for doing something wrong. We had four volleyball courts two for boys which is at the start of the room and two for girls which is at the end after the boys court.

I walked slowly when I was near the boy's court and sprinted as fast I could so that no girl could see me but I couldn't possibly touch the speed of light so alot of girls did see me but I ran with my face turned away from them so that no one could see my face. I didn't know if Miyoko saw me or not though but I ran fast and as soon I reached boy's court I started to walk very slowly. 

I saw Akio Sato playing volleyball like a pro he literally hit every ball even the toughest. Akiyoshi saw me and said "Don't feel bad because our teacher scolded you everyone gets scolded at times." 

Everyone thinks that I am under punishment. I wanted to explain what happened, but he was in the middle of the game and I didn't want to disturb him. So I just kept walking.

"Crap, I will explain what had happened in lunch." 

And so physical education was finally finished. I thought this would be easy but man my legs hurt.

It was lunch time and we all took our lunch and went to an empty room. We all opened our lunch boxes and Miyoko started the conversation. "Hey, Itsuki-kun why were you under punishment today."

Yeah they totally saw me and thought I was under punishment. I understand why though because I was the only one doing it. So I started to explain what had happened.

"You see I don't like or play very good at volleyball. Even if I played it, I would miss shots and it would make my teammates angry and I would get chased out so I just decided to try and act to make my way to the sick room but the teacher caught me red-handed and explained about body fitness and that's how I ended up going around the Court." I replied with a big exhale.

" Ohh so that's what had happened." Miyoko said.

"Guess we all misunderstood." Akiyoshi said. 

"Yes you all did." I said.

And school was over we walking home together and the girls went on their way home while we three were walking and something unexpected came out.

Nanashima Rito