Chapter 7:

Miyoko's Birthday present.

Teenage life isn't supposed to be like this

It is a month before our summer holidays start and I was in the school and Miyu came running and said to us.

"Hey guys it is Miyoko's birthday day after tomorrow."

"Miyoko's birthday is on June 20". We asked 

"Yes, what do guys have in mind."

"I don't know alot about Miyoko but I know something that everything likes so it should made her quite happy too." Akiyoshi said.

"What are you going to give her." Akio asked puzzled.

"That's a secret. You will know on her birthday." He replied.

"Ehh." Miyu said.

"How about we all meet up after school and think about something that will make her happy." Miyu said.

"Seems like a good idea to me. What will you say to Miyoko." Akio asked.

"Well we will say that we had a little work to do or something." Miyu said.

"Okay then."

School had ended finally. We got homework as usual. And we going to walk out when Miyoko came running and asked.

"Why are you guys leaving without me. Hey about we do some group studies today." 

"Ehh Sorry come along I got so tensed about today's class that I forgot you sorry." Said Miyu.

"I thought we were going to leave without her." Said Akiyoshi.

The he said that Miyu stepped on his feet pretty hard.

" Shut up." Miyu said.

We walking back home and the mood seemed rather dull and silent.

"It's not a big deal anyway we all came just go home and come back dressed okay." Miyu said.

"Hmmm"I said 

We all then agreed and went running to our homes when Miyoko left. I even had to work part time in Miyoko's restaurant so I had to finish everything before 6pm and then go to work there.

So we all went to a shopping mall and we went to do some window shopping before we could do some actual shopping.

I had no idea of what to buy so I sat down and bought some ice cream to eat when Miyu came down a little sad and I had asked what had happened and she this to say "I lost my purse it had ¥1000 Yen in it. I had searched everywhere and I did not find it." 

"Wait.  What ? You lost your purse. Do you we all you have been." I asked.

"I searched for it everywhere." She said almost broke into tears.

"Hey let me call the other and lets look for it together."

Few minutes later Akiyoshi and Akio came to where we were. When they had arrived the had already got their presents gift wrapped for Miyoko.

"Hey crying is not going to do anything." Said Akiyoshi.

"What floors have been to ?" Asked Akio.

"I have only been to the first and second floors." She started crying when she said that.

"Hey we will find it no matter what." I said.

We all looked around for about 20 minutes but we had no luck we even reported it to the staff members but it seems that no one had actually seen it.

We were sitting in the bench and I thought of giving my money to her but if I gave that I couldn't buy anything. But still I didn't want Miyu to keep crying about it though so I did what every generous man would do in this situation. That is I gave my money to her.

"Hey Miyu you can have my money." I said.

"B-but what will you do if you give me your money. You can't buy any presents for Miyoko then." She said sobbing.

"Hey, I already bought my present to her." I lied to her but I had no choice though.

"Really what did you buy." She asked.

" It a surprise though." I said.

So after a minutes Miyu had gift wrapped her present and came back.

" I am back. Huh Itsuki-kun where is your present. You said you had already brought one for Miyoko." She asked.

"It is in my house." I said with a little strain.

"Didn't we agree to buy presents here. There how can you possibly buy one already and it also seems to be in your house. How is that even possible?" She asked. Looked a little sad and and angry.

Seems like I have been caught red handed so I thought it is best to give up and tell the truth.