Chapter 6:

Chapter 6

Blood Throne

* This touches on suicide issues, proceed with caution if you are sensitive to the issue.
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Victor's point of viewBookmark here

A girl dressed all in tight black leather, black hair in a long braid, and eyes that glowed purple.She certainly is not someone she knew.The girl seemed to change her gaze when she was left without a hood. She turned to see us.

"Go for the filthy ones, I'll take care of Mihail"Bookmark here

She said in a firm voice. But Mihail is my obligation, there is no way that I leave it to a stranger, although she seems to know who he is; but that doesn't say much, all vampires know who the heir is.She could see that we would not move, at this point, she had forgotten about the Vânători, Mihail was more important, and I am his servant.The girl stopped attacking Mihail and recovered her katana, with that she began to defend herself from Mihail's blows but being careful not to hurt him. That couldn't be easy, Mihail was out of control.At one point Mihail spun in the air and attacked Caleb.But the girl threw the katana to drive him away.

"Men, all stubborn and idiots, you haven't changed at all, go for the damn bastards while I'm being nice"Bookmark here

Altair who was quiet the whole time suddenly got upset and yelled at him.

-Who do you think you are to send us?Bookmark here

The girl seemed to want to answer but she was busy keeping Mihail at bay.She stopped at a tall three and with her katana launched an invisible attack similar to my blood whip. That certainly sent Mihail away.She rushed over and appeared in front of us, she quickly hit Altair's stomach with a kick.

"I am your princess, you piece of an idiot, that you are a muscle brain is no reason not to do your duty, which is to take care of the slags, Mihail is safer with me than with you who cannot with a few humans"Bookmark here

Well, that was straight on our ego. But wait a minute, princess, we don't have a princess; or, no, it can't be.

"Ana," Caleb said, his eyes wide but with some recognition in them.Bookmark here

The girl left as fast as she came and she met Mihail in midair.As for the three of us, we were in shock. Forget the hunters. The Ana in our memories was a short, fat girl with zero skills, dark eyes and she never saw anyone's face.This girl had a very good figure and her abilities were on a par with Mihail in a violent state, something that even I, who passes the surgit, I think she can achieve.

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"Caleb"Bookmark here

I spoke to him, he was the smartest and most calculating of us. He surely must have an idea.

"We are faster than humans, we must be able to capture someone, that was our original order, let's go"Bookmark here

"But..."Altair began.

"Mihail's last order was that, let's comply"Bookmark here

Caleb didn't let him say more and ran in the direction that smelled the strongest of humans.After 30 minutes we managed to catch up with the Vânători. Neither noticed we were close, so I used the blood whip to knock one down.

"Urgh"Bookmark here

The other three Vânători turned and fired, but this time we were ready. Caleb shot an arrow and grazed a small hunter. Altair deflected the shots with his mace.And the Vânători no longer had enough ammunition. With the whip, wrap the Vânători that he had thrown down completely. Caleb didn't use his ability and kept shooting, managing to kill 1 and wound 2.

"Flee" - said the Vânători that I had trappedBookmark here

The most injured threw a grenade so we had to move away.But after a few seconds, it was just a smoke bomb.

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"I will chase them"Bookmark here

Altair said and went after them. Caleb reached out to use mind manipulation on the captured Vânători.

"You will never catch us alive you damn weirdoes"Bookmark here

And the Vânători gritted his teeth hard and died.

"He committed suicide, he had a capsule in his mouth. If Altair catches up with them the same thing will happen, they are ready for anything. These are not like the Vânători we know of. They have evolved, we must tell everyone". (Caleb)Bookmark here

"I don't know about you but I don't want to be the one to tell the Emperor, he will surely kill us just by telling him that we lost a squad"

"Yes. But they sent us for puppies, not suicide hunters, we must play our cards right"Bookmark here

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Since Altair was late, we went after him. We found him following traces of blood, he looked angry and when he saw us, I swear he looked like a dog with its tail between its legs.Bookmark here

"You lost them, didn't you?"

Caleb asked with understanding in his eyes.Bookmark here

"They left several traces of blood, I chased them all and caught up with one and committed suicide, I can't find the other. The smell of blood is so strong that it is confusing my senses"

"It's because you haven't passed the surgit, but it doesn't matter if you catch him, he's going to commit suicide, we're going for Mihail, we still don't know what happened to him" (Caleb)Bookmark here


When we arrived by Mihail what we could see was ashes all over the place, the girl was on her knees on the ground, she had multiple bleeding cuts all over her body, and Mihail's head was lying on her. Mihail was sleeping and the girl's hood covered him, it would seem like a romantic scene if it weren't for the environment and the state of her clothes.Bookmark here

When we got closer she looked at us and passed out.

In this way we took two possible unconscious brothers back to the castle at dawn, our spirits were on the ground, we had many doubts, the only good thing is that the probability that they had all gone to sleep was not zero.Bookmark here


Blood Throne

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