Chapter 5:

Chapter 5

Blood Throne

Mihail could reason quickly, his obligation as the heir was to survive, many dreams and hopes of the magical community lay in his being alive.
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He knew it, and yet his body moved to block the shot and save Caleb.Bookmark here

While he expected to feel something sharp anywhere on his body, what he felt was something splashing his body.

The smell of blood reached his nostrils.Bookmark here

But it wasn't his blood. The sturdy hunter's hand lay on the cold ground along with the poisoned dagger, blood spilling around him. Everything was so fast that the same hunter bowed his head realizing the situation.

Then they both turned to the left, a small hooded figure with a katana with fresh blood on it, was standing next to them.Bookmark here

Suddenly Mihail began to feel those pangs of hunger that so ruined his life. Because right now? His senses sharpened more than usual, he could hear every drop of blood that fell from the katana.

The hooded figure turned to look at Mihail, a few seconds later it turned its head again and turned to the sturdy hunter; He raised the katana, but Mihail was faster, he threw the halberd through the hunter's heart.Bookmark here

He could feel the need to drink his blood burning in his being, but a part of him could feel something wrong with his blood. The sight of him began to blur.

He felt the presence of the hooded figure approach; he was a vampire. And then Mihail lost consciousness.Bookmark here

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Victor's POV.

The situation had gotten out of control, what seemed like a night out barely good enough to stretch the legs turned into a massacre.Bookmark here

They discovered Vânători, which they hadn't seen in about 70 years, or something like that; They had lost track of them by leaving Romania and living like humans; Although they were far from the area where they lived hiding, it was a very big coincidence.

They had Mihail and Altair with them that although they were very strong, they had not gone through the surgit, they had to protect them, especially if something happened to Mihail, his head could be considered officially detached from his body.Bookmark here

Although they were a superior race and could easily dominate humans, they got into trouble with these Vânători, who seemed to have experience fighting vampires, and this group of 4, with great abilities, had no experience in fighting firearms. They were moving on instinct; because of the fights they had against each other every day, their fights were always hand-to-hand or with medieval weapons.

Victor used his special ability, the blood whip; It was a skill that he acquired when passing the surgit, it was convenient not to have to load the weapon and use his blood to create a powerful whip that when touching something did greater damage than just hitting, practically gave a shock to the opponent's soul.Bookmark here

But this great ability was useless to him right now; he was only using it to block bullets, he couldn't close the distance with the Vânători, not because he didn't know his location, but because the number of shots was such that all his attention was on deflecting them.

It would be easy to get hit by a few, but there was something strange about them, he couldn't risk leaving Mihail unprotected.Bookmark here

But somehow Mihail got ahead and Victor ended up covering Caleb that he was using his ability, this was also very special, but it left his body unprotected.

Altair, who was normally an excellent fighter, ended up without a weapon because it stuck in the Vânători's helmet and he did not let him retrieve it, he looked stunned and fired random bullets, but he had others to support him.Bookmark here

They lasted about 20 minutes in that impasse.

Then his instinct told her that something was wrong. Something made his hair stand on end.Bookmark here

He let his body move on instinct, and his eyes moved to where he felt something dangerous.He could beat Mihail without moving, but his halberd was stuck in another Vânători.

Someone unknown who emitted a dangerous essence was close to Mihail watching him.Bookmark here

Suddenly Mihail lunged at the unknown figure. He started attacking like a wild beast instead of his usual calm way of fighting; Mihail used to be a tactical fighter, but now he was just using brute force, every blow he did not land on his opponent was wrecking around him without needing to touch anything.

A small Vânători closer to those two; he reacted quickly and started to run away. With his hearing developed, he could hear how said Vânători spoke for what he assumed would be a transmitter.Bookmark here

-The leader fell, we must retreat

The two Vânători fighting Victor threw grenades and ran away. The Vânători was manipulated by the assassin Caleb who was fighting Altair.Bookmark here

Grenades were a problem, the heat was an enemy for vampires, and they would be injured if they exploded from that distance.

Victor and Caleb ran using the trees for support, grabbed Altair who was busy retrieving his weapon, and ran towards Mihail to hunt down the Vânători.Bookmark here

But Mihail was still fighting, as he approached him he attacked them.Victor was busy running so the blast wouldn't attack them, but now that he was close he could tell. The sense of danger came from Mihail and the hooded figure.

-Mihail, we need to reach the Vânători, let's goBookmark here

He did not know what the problem was but Mihail's opponent was a vampire, it was not the time to fight, but to hunt down the hunters.But far from agreeing, Mihail grunted and kicked Victor. The kick sent him flying almost 1 km away.

-YuckBookmark here

Victor spat, that kick was no joke.

Caleb and Altair caught up with him.Bookmark here

-Victor, Mihail is not the same as always, there is something strange about him. We must not leave him alone, but we cannot lose the Vânători- Caleb told himBookmark here

-Then what do we do?

-We have to divide, it is better that you and Altair go for the VânătoriBookmark here

-Let's go fast

Altair was quiet and staring down the entire time.Bookmark here

They ran and along the way, much of the area was on fire, in the middle of this Mihail and the figure were fighting. They constantly leaned against the trees and found themselves in the air, exchanging multiple blows that left traces of blood.

In one of those blows, Mihail managed to tear off the hood of the unknown vampire.Bookmark here

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