Chapter 0:


Haruki- はるき [Volume.1]

"So, Uhm we got quite a variety here. What you boys want to order" said Ken Takashi in a cheerful voice. We were out here in the cafe next to our School. Just a normal day weather was quite pleasant though. It seemed like its going to rain soon. Kiyoshi " Anything you guys would like to eat, i really don't care much."

"Than its settled. two Large Pizzas it is" said Akira in a loud voice that i freaked out a little when he spoke. We gave the order and we had to wait for 15 min for the arrival of our food.

As, soon as i was about to eat the first slice of the pizza, a guy in black shirt came running towards our table. As soon as he was near our table, he came near Ken and said something to him in his ear. Ken's face turned pale. He seemed like he had seen a ghost. His face freaked out. I stood up and said "What happened Ken, is everything okay ?" The man in black coat than spoke "Sorry, Sir it an emergency and i would have to take Ken with me" and with that he and Ken left the cafe. I was keen to know what happened.

In this state of curiosity i went home. Threw my bag on the table and turned on the T.V. I kept on changing channel to find something worth my interest. I came to a news channel and what i saw was beyond my worst expectations. "Today, At around mid day Takashi Kamado the owner of Takashi Steel and Co. along with his family was stabbed to death when they were eating Lunch in their courtyard. All of his family members died on the spot which includes his daughter Sakura Ai and wife Yua Takashi. Takashi Kamado himself is in Hospital in life and death situation. People say that the murders maybe done because of Business rivalry. We will take more information from our reporter Asahi." "Enough, T.V for today" i said to myself and turned off the T.V.

Till a certain point in my life I thought that this world is a fair place. The people who commit crime of any nature are declared guilty and are than prosecuted by the law accordingly. Some are jailed, the others are given death sentence depending on the severity of their crime. Well, that was my point of view a long time ago. Now I can just call it as the perspective of some child on how the world works. Then, Everything changed after the incident with Ken's family. To be honest, Equality do not exist. The oppressed are used as devices by the one in power and money is considered as everything. I live alone. My parents died in a plane hijack and since that day i have been living on what my parents left for me behind. My name is Haruki and This is my story.