Chapter 1:

Inside the Out-Street Cafe

Haruki- はるき

It’s been a week since the murder of Ken’s parents.

I was preparing for my first day of University. I put my book in the bag, and went to look for my mobile. It was lying on the table as usual. I picked it up as I was about to put it in my bag the notification bell rang. I was surprised that who could text me this early. I opened the lock and scrolled on the notification bar to look at the notification.

It was a voice message from Ken. I haven’t met neither contacted Ken after that incident as I wanted to give him some time alone. I was very curious about the voice text from him. So, I increased the volume of my phone and played the voice message.

“I need you all to come to the same cafe near our College where we last met. Bye”

It was silence in my room for at-least 5 min after listening to that voice text. I could feel the pain his voice. I didn’t wanted to be absent on the first day of my University but I couldn’t leave my friend alone in such time too. I was a bit curious myself too that what he wanted to talk to us about.

“Well Haruki, this curiosity would probably kill you so it’s better to leave a bad impression on the University teachers rather than not helping a friend in time of need”

I made up my mind. I could bring up my reputation in University after getting good grades later on. I threw my phone in my bag, took out my bicycle, paddled as fast as my legs could and rushed towards the Out-Street Cafe. (The Cafe near our College).

It was 9 in the morning when I reached the cafe. I looked towards the cafe and found Ken and the other 4 friends sitting on the same table where we sat when we last met. I rushed towards the cafe and reached the table. Ken and the other friends looked at me as I sat on one of the chairs. In the meantime the maid came towards our table. As she was about to ask for order, Ken stopped her and said “We just need privacy nothing else” The maid seemed to be very nice so she went away from our table”

There was silence for another 5 min and finally I made up my mind to break this silence and said “I am really sorry for your family Ken but I am curious to know that why you called us all here today.” Ken looked towards me. I could see the pain in his eyes. Finally the silence from Ken broke and he begun to speak. “My parents died and I couldn’t do anything. My sister was brutally murdered by those insane people.”

He stopped after saying that for a moment. After sometime he began speaking again

“Although, they can’t ever return but I won’t let their sacrifice be in vain.”

“What are you going to do anyways?” said Kiyoshi.

There was silence once again for around 10 seconds.

Akira broke the silence with his loud voice and said “Relax, I am sure the police will take care of it”

“That won’t bring my family back” said Ken in his painful voice.

I saw this situation going nowhere so I broke my silence.

“Look, I know it’s a hard time for you Ken but you won’t achieve anything by just cursing yourself.” I halted for a moment than continued “If you want to do something than think about a way how can you stop more casualties like these. Those who are gone are gone. What matters is the people that they left behind”

“This world is for Alive People Ken always understand that. If you feel like you can’t do it even than don’t let your guard down so that you can show those wicked enemies that they have not made you weak although they did but still just keep it in yourself and learn to live with it”

I saw a sparkle in his eyes. He smiled for the first time after that incident and patted on my shoulder saying

“You are a good motivator. I like it”

“So, let’s find a solution rather than crying on what already happened”

We all sat on the table where we always sat.

Ken changed his voice accent once again. Now he had a bit wickedness his voice. I was curious a bit. He started speaking

“Let me first be clear, what I am going to say might sound crazy to you all. So if anyone want to leave, now is the right time.”

There was silence.

Ken continued

“Very well, I’ll begin. As I have lost my trust in the police and other organizations. So we are going to make an alliance called the Un-Reveled.

“An alliance?” said Kiyoshi.

“The Un-Reveled?” uttered Hideaki.

I myself was a bit shocked too. Questions aroused in my mind.

“Alliance?” “What Kind of alliance”

“The Un-Reveled”

Everything was so jumbled up in my mind that I didn’t knew what’s happening.

I was about about to speak up when Ken stopped me there and continued.

“Our duty is to kill every culprit out their”

Everyone was shocked after hearing those words.

“Although we would be called murderers, but that’s the only way of winning this un-fair game”

“Everyone said killing people should not be aim of this alliance rather providing justice to the oppressed”

As everyone began to express their views on the idea I stood up and said.

“I fully support you in your decision. If your mind is pure than you will succeed, furthermore if anyone dislikes the idea he can leave or do not participate in it.”

I was curious about how things will go if we actually act upon it. All of them were starring at me with terrified look in their eyes as if they have seen a ghost.

Ken stood up.

“I am very happy that you supported me in this Haruki. I have one last request. It’s about who will be the leader of this alliance”

Everyone was quite. Seeing the situation Kiyoshi spoke.

“Of course it will be you. After all it’s all your plan”

Ken gave him a look of denial. I could look at his confused facial expression as if he wanted to tell something but was not telling due to something.

“Something bothering you Ken?” I asked him.

“Uh, let me finish my last sentence as for the leader of the alliance I have plans for it.”

“Plans? What kind of plans?” Hideaki stood up.

“I have a simple task that I am going to explain to you guys now”

Everyone was eager to listen to this task when Ken continued.

“I have 5 certain objects. Due to some reason I can’t tell anyone about these objects. I will hide these five objects in the Kimono forest which lies just behind our school. Around ten minute walk. The first to find these five shall be the leader”

Five objects? I was curious to know more about them but Ken refused to tell anything about it.

“Well, then it’s settled. I’ll can take a leave tomorrow too and participate in this task. I have no intentions in becoming the leader but rather the objects you are taking about so I won’t be late”

Kiyoshi stood up from his wooden chair and spoke.

“I am free after 3 pm tomorrow. So, I suggest the timing should be around 4.”

“Then ill hide them before and inform you guys about it. I am sorry for causing the trouble today to you guys. Thank you for coming” Ken said to everyone present there.

Akira stood up and asked the same question which was lurking in my mind.

“Can you at least tell us about the objects first? I am eager to know about them and it feels like you don’t trust us with them either”

“It’s his choice Akira. Sooner or later we will come to know about the objects” Hideaki spoke in his quite voice.

“He is right” Ken finally spoke up.

“But I am sorry. I still can’t tell you anything about the objects right now. It’s not about trust issues rather THE OBJECTS ITSELF