Chapter 23:

Lemon Vlog: Day 1

Former Magical Girls and their Daily Lives

It was Monday once again, and the Lemons were in their school uniforms and were riding the train to school. They sat together. Yuri read a book, Kasumi slept, and Risa was on her phone. Kasumi had her head leaning on Yuri, but Yuri didn't react to the invasion of personal space.Bookmark here

Suddenly, the train screeched to a halt. The passengers held on to the bars and handles, Kasumi went flying in Yuri's direction. They both fell to the ground.Bookmark here

Already awake, Kasumi got her face off the ground and asked, "The train broke. Didn't it?"Bookmark here

The speaker turned on, and a woman's voice said, "Hello, passengers. The train has run into some technical difficulties, and it won't be moving very soon. As such, may all passengers please wait for assistance? Sorry for the inconvenience."Bookmark here

Risa turned her phone into horizontal mode and pointed the camera at Yuri and Kasumi, who were still on the ground.Bookmark here

"How are you guys doing down there?" Risa said.Bookmark here

"I guess I'm doing fine. Are you recording this?" Kasumi said.Bookmark here

"Yes. This is the beginning of my vlogging series, where we will focus on our daily lives."Bookmark here

Kasumi stood up and looked at the camera.Bookmark here

"I don't think that our daily lives are interesting enough to warrant a video diary."Bookmark here

"It isn't a video diary. It's a vlog. Anyone's life should be interesting if you condense their day into a couple of minutes."Bookmark here

"Are you going to do this every day? Kill me now."Bookmark here

"I rather wouldn't. You could make us a lot of money if you are the main attraction. Think about it. You could be famous."Bookmark here

"If I become famous, then there's something wrong with the world. Yuri, can you get up? You look stupid if you just stay down there for Risa's home video."Bookmark here

Yuri got up from the floor and continued to read her book.Bookmark here

"I'm going introduce everyone," Risa said, "This is Kasumi. She's the mean one, but she is actually quite nice and friendly. Say hi Kasumi."Bookmark here

"Hi."Bookmark here

"This one is Yuri. She's the quiet one. She's great to have around. Say hi Yuri."Bookmark here

Yuri lifted her hand, and she went back to reading her book.Bookmark here

"What are you reading there, Yuri?"Bookmark here

Yuri showed the title of the book to the camera. It was called '100 and 1 ways to procrastinate on your prostate exam'.Bookmark here

"What do you think about it?"Bookmark here

"Interesting," Yuri said.Bookmark here

The camera lingered on Yuri for a while until Kasumi stepped in.Bookmark here

"So, what are your plans for the future of this vlog? All you did was introduce us and ask Yuri what she was reading."Bookmark here

"Hm. I know." Risa turned the camera to herself. "Hey, guys. I'm Risa, and I'm 15 years old. I like to vlog and meet new friends. I'm personally the most popular girl in school, and you'll get to find my tips and tricks into figuring out how to become popular in high school."Bookmark here

"Risa, you aren't the most popular girl in school. You literally only talked to Yuri, Megumi, and me. I was there. Don't sell popularity to your unexpecting viewers."Bookmark here

"I guess you are right. I can't explain how to become popular in high school. I guess I'll have to cut that from the final vlog."Bookmark here

"Wait, how long do you plan to keep that on?"Bookmark here

"As long as I can, we need to catch any potential moment. That's what you're supposed to do here. Catch those blink and you miss it moments. We could find something epic. For example, someone could be running from the police right now!"Bookmark here

She pointed the camera to the window. There wasn't anything remarkable there.Bookmark here

"Well, that didn't work, but we always have to be on the lookout. We have to document everything in this world."Bookmark here

"No offense, but there isn't that much interesting stuff."Bookmark here

"In the past week, we dealt with an explosion of letters and a hostage situation. How can you say that this life isn't that interesting?"Bookmark here

"If you recorded either of those events, I will kill you. I don't want you recording those events."Bookmark here

"Do you want me to record the events that weren't interesting?!"Bookmark here

"Honestly, not really. I don't see the point of having a recorded record of your every move. I'm seeing the long game here. What will happen if people get interested in your daily life? Like really interested. You have these people who expect you to come up with some wild story every day. These people want to pressure you for entertainment. I can't imagine living a life like that."Bookmark here

Risa put down the camera.Bookmark here

"Kasumi, I don't think it has to be like that. You don't really know what will happen. You never tried. Come on. Let's do something fun."Bookmark here

"Sigh. I guess it's better than waiting here for the train to move, but I don't like the potential for disaster."Bookmark here

"If people harass us for some reason, we could delete the videos and go away. Or maybe just stopping the vlogs would be enough. We do decide that."Bookmark here

"I guess so. But what do you even do in a vlog? Tell me."Bookmark here

Risa smiled, and Kasumi smiled back.Bookmark here

"Well, you say what's going on today. Today, the trains stopped, and we are stuck here for a while. So, we are here to do nothing. Honestly, I don't think that this particular moment is that interesting. We might be late for class, but we would have a pass if it was because of the trains."Bookmark here

"Would you have to run to school?"Bookmark here

"I don't think so. Sometimes I have to do that anyway. The world is a weird place. Sometimes we are the only people in the class because we got there too early. Do we have cleaning duties today?"Bookmark here

"I'm pretty sure that we don't."Bookmark here

"Cleaning duties are a pain, but at least I understand them. I remember that I read this book where a kid was class president and his only job was to turn on the lights every day. But one day, he saved a dog and he was late for class. He got inside and the lights were off. His teacher scolded him for not turning on the lights and she told him that she couldn't teach because he didn't turn on the lights. He asked her why she didn't turn on the lights, and she said that it was his job to do it. Then he wasn't class president anymore."Bookmark here

"That's a dumb story."Bookmark here

"I'm sure that it was a children's book. Hey, if anyone watching this knows the book I was talking about, tell us in the comments below. We are aiming for a million subscribers by the end of the year. We can do it. I believe it!"Bookmark here

The train jerked forward and started moving. Risa looked at the camera.Bookmark here

"Oh, that means that the train is fixed. This is the end for now. See you guys next time!"Bookmark here

Video ends.Bookmark here

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