Chapter 1:

What The Heck Is Going On?

Unethical Service Provider

In a semi-dark room, many figures were sitting around a large table. The whole room was filled with smoke, while the ashtrays were filled with cigarette ash. The most noticeable thing in the room was that all the figures were looking at one man, the man who was sitting in the most central position, with hatred, anxiety, grief, and fear. It was as if that person was the object of everyone’s contempt, but not one person dared to stand up or say anything to that man.

The man in question had a scar on the left side of his face, and yet this scar, instead of ruining the appearance of the man, gave him a unique charm. To his sides were four bodyguards, who looked tough and cruel. This man let out a very warm smile and looked around the room. He looked completely harmless and seemed like a gentle person, but those who knew him would disagree.

They would say that there was no way that the man who ruled the underworld was kind. They had many nicknames for him, like: “The Butcher”, “Stone Heart", “Not Human”, “Beast”, “Ogre”, etc. Each and every one of them addressed him with a different name, but no one dared to do anything against him.

Because those who did so failed and did not have a good ending. No one has been able to buy people around him. They don’t know how, but he had full control over his men and there has been no one who dared to disobey him.

Seeing him eyeing everyone in the room, many people felt shivers run down their spines, but they tried their best to stay composed and thought about the unlucky person who made The Beast call this meeting.

“You all may be wondering why I called this meeting. You see, someone decided to interfere with my affairs. I must applaud him though, he was quite clever and tried his best to stay hidden, futile as it may be. I was able to find him in short order. Mr. Fiter, would you please stand up. Let everyone take a good last look at you.” The man spoke in a calm voice as if he was stating usual business affairs and there was nothing serious going on.

When his voice fell, everyone turned their heads to look towards the young man who was sitting at the opposite end of the table from The Beast.

Upon hearing this, that young man calmly stood up and looked at the man with a mocking smile. He straightened his suit and then asked.

“You, Ogre, you think you are invincible? Let me tell you, one day you will die a gruesome death and I will feed your corpse to the dogs.”

The Ogre let out a wild laugh and said to Mr. Fiter:

“How can you feed my corpse to dogs when you will die today? If you like dogs that much, then I will feed your corpse to dogs, too.”

After saying this, he looked towards one of his guards, who was standing right beside him and one of his most trusted subordinates, and signaled to him. The bodyguard took out his knife and held it in his hands after receiving the signal.

Fiter still had a mocking smile on his face upon seeing this. The man felt that something was not right and when he turned his head to look at his bodyguard again, he suddenly felt something cold entering his back.

He looked at the face of the bodyguard with a shock and then at the blood that was flowing from his own shoulder.

“Why? Have I not been good enough to you? Why would you betray me?”

The traitor who had been subdued by other bodyguards struggled to free himself and then spoke with a voice full of hatred.

“You really don’t remember, do you? You raped my wife and then she committed suicide. I loved her, she was my everything but you took her from me.”

The man looked at his traitor bodyguard with disbelief and then let out a sigh full of sorrow.

“I think I told this to you before. She was too beautiful to be left alone. I had a lot of fun with her and she enjoyed it too. You should have seen her when she was in bed. She was really enjoying it.”

The traitor bodyguard’s eyes turned red upon hearing this and he tried his best to free himself. Then after a while, he quieted down and started to laugh.

“You think the dagger has not hit any of your vital points and you can live but you forgot my specialty. I am very good at poisons. HAHAHA!!!”

He started to laugh again after saying this.

The Beast’s expression changed upon hearing this and he hurriedly pulled the dagger out from the back of his shoulder. He looked at the blood on the dagger and it was black.

Looking at the blood-on dagger, black due to poison, a look of despair flashed in his eyes but they soon returned to calm.

“Poisoned! Never thought I would die like this.”

Then he turned his attention towards Fiter and a warm smile crept across his face.

“If I am correct, then this drama has all been staged by you. You must be feeling quite happy seeing that I am dying. You plan on controlling my empire after I’m gone, right?”

Fiter did not respond and just smiled at the dying man.

The Ogre looked at his bodyguard turned traitor and then at Fiter and finally took out a smartphone from his pocket. He spoke something in the microphone and then used his fingerprint to unlock it.

After doing that he dialed a number and a deep voice answered the phone.

“What can I do for you, Boss?”

“Have you secured Fiter’s family?” The Beast asked in a calm voice while looking at Fiter who’s complexion was changing at a visible speed.

After a moment of silence, the deep voice sounded in the room again.

“Yes, Boss. What should I do with them?”

Hearing this, the Beast smiled and replied in a soft voice.

“I remember correctly, his daughter is 16 years old, right? Well, she is too young to be involved in this, so just rape her and kill her. Be sure to make a video to show to Mr. Fiter later. As for the wife, let at least 100 men enjoy her, then sell her somewhere.”

He gave all these commands in a normal and soft voice as if nothing was wrong.

“Also, you remember Urem, right? Sell his daughter and son too. Remember to sell the daughter to some brothel where she can’t be found easily.”

Immediately after this, he disconnected the call and placed the phone on the table.

His vision was turning dark and he could feel the strength leaving his body. Before losing consciousness, he saw Fiter running towards him with anger and despair in his eyes, and the traitor who was subdued before also freed himself and lunged towards him.

Even when he was dying he had a warm but cruel smile on his face. Fiter and Urem were trying to wake him up and asking who he called, but The Beast just smiled and closed his eyes.

Everyone else in the room, upon seeing this felt as if they were sitting on the north pole, and their bodies were freezing.

The Beast's original name was not known to anyone, even as he took his last breath. As the light faded and he departed this world, amidst the yelling of Urem and Fiter, who were trying to wake him up, he simply smiled.

In a parallel universe, on the planet Earth, within a dark alley; A man was being besieged by a group of thugs. They were beating him from left and right and from their laughs it could be said that they were truly enjoying themselves.

Suddenly, one of the men took a stick from the ground and bashed the man on his head. Receiving this sudden blow to his head, the man limped to one side and then fell down.

Seeing this situation, the thugs felt that something was wrong and one of them hesitantly went to check his pulse.

The pulse of the man was weakening and after a while, he was no more. Seeing the unexpected outcome of their beating, the thugs grew fearful and all of them ran out of the valley, leaving the cold corpse behind.

A few minutes after their departure, a soft white light landed on the corpse and was absorbed into it. After a while, the corpse laying on the ground suddenly twitched. The corpse moved little by little, until it finally sat up, and opened its eyes.

The man looked around him, then towards his body, and finally tried to stand up. But after the beating the once-corpse had, it was unable to do so. The living corpse limped towards the wall and then with his back against the wall, it sat up.

After doing all this, his mouth slightly moved and a soft voice sounded in the alley.

“What the FUCK is going on?!”

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