Chapter 2:

System! WTH?

Unethical Service Provider

Sitting in the alley, Salier, previously known by many nicknames, with the most prominent one being The Beast, tried to stand up again while looking around to see the situation.

He remembered that he was poisoned by his most trusted bodyguard and then died but he was confused by the situation now. He was in a completely unfamiliar environment, in a different body with the most irritating thing being that this body was beaten up pretty badly.

He had a very deep wound on his head and many places on his body were turning black and blue due to internal bleeding.

“What shit is this? It’s great that I reincarnated, but come on! Putting me in this shitty body that has no strength, you are really enjoying this, right?”

Salier muttered as he looked towards the sky.

He had no idea how he reincarnated or the reason for him being pulled into this world in the first place.

Just as he was wondering what was going on, a mechanical voice sounded in his mind.

[The Unethical Service Provider is being bound, please standby.]

Salier looked around and saw no one but he was sure that he heard someone speaking. It was as clear as if he was listening to premium quality songs from the best headphones on the market.

‘I might be hallucinating’ he thought to himself as he checked his wounds again.

[System has been connected to the host.]

The voice sounded again in his mind, but to Salier it was as if someone was speaking right into his ears.

‘Again with the same shit. Is the wound on the head affecting me?’ He thought as he touched the wound on his head with his left hand.

“Are you messing with me? Is it not enough to not let me just die and put me in this beaten-up body? Now you want to play pranks on me. I am telling you, If I ever find you, I don't care who you are. I am going to rape your wife or daughter or even your mother!” Salier roared furiously as he looked towards the sky.

“We did not choose the wrong person. You really are the perfect fit for the system..”

A voice sounded in his head again.

“What the fuck is going on? I am telling you, stop playing with me. It won’t end well for you.” Salier again roared while looking around.

Just when he finished saying this, a skull-shaped emoji appeared in front of him and started to hover in the air. It looked hideous as fuck.

Salier was taken aback upon seeing this and instinctively tried to touch it. But his hand just passed through it. He tried again but the same thing happened.

“Don’t waste your time. I am projecting this image in your mind. You can’t touch me.”

The emoji’s mouth moved and the same voice sounded in his head again.

Salier looked at the emoji for a while and let out a soft voice filled with concern.

“I say, you are really ugly. I bet your creator was ugly as fuck too. Can’t you change the image? Be some beautiful girl or something more interesting. This image makes me want to puke. Who puts lipstick on the lips of a skull? Well, out with it and I'll let you live. Tell me what you are and your purpose in bringing me back to earth again.”

The skull slowly opened its mouth as it wanted to speak but Salier’s voice sounded again.

“Even though I said I can set it aside for now, I really can’t. Change your fucking face right now or just disappear. I am really going to puke out everything that I have eaten.”

The skull frowned a little then suddenly, it let out a hearty smile and disappeared. Then its voice sounded in Salier’s mind again.

“All right, you are the host, so I suppose I must agree to your demands. Anyhow, I believe you asked what I am and why you were sent back to Earth again? Well, I am a system that provides Unethical Services. You can call me the Unethical Service Provider. As for why you are back on earth again? Well even though it’s also called Earth, it’s not the same Earth you were on before. It’s in a parallel universe. It’s the same as Earth from your original universe, with the same history and geography. Just some people that existed on the original earth might not exist here, or events may be different, you understand, right?”

Salier calmly listened to all this and then asked.

“So why choose me? I mean why couldn’t you just let me die? I am a bad guy and God only helps the good guys. He helps them reincarnate. If I remember correctly, in many stories, they were the unfortunate ones. I am not like them. I think it would have been better for the world if I had remained dead.”

A burst of hefty laughter echoed in Salier’s mind and then the voice started to explain.

“Well, when we tried to find the cruelest and most inhuman person in the universe, you were one of our finest candidates. As for why we choose you, a cruel and heartless person, well, you can say that we are different. Though we could synthesize someone artificially, the original thing is wholly superior. Also, you can't call us good people. We have our own interests in doing all this. As for who we are, well you will find out about it in the future. I have answered enough for free. If you want to ask more questions, then use the points.”

Salier looked at the sky with confused eyes because he was unable to digest all this information.

‘Synthesize? Artificial? Choosing someone who is cruel, what the actual fuck is going on?! You think I am stupid. Well, I AM STUPID as I am talking to a voice inside my head and seeing things.’ He muttered while slowly massaging his wounds.

He closed his eyes and remained sitting down against the wall. After a while, he opened his eyes with a firm attitude on his face.

‘Well, I can’t explain this sudden reincarnation too so let's try to believe in this ugly skull.’ Salier thought as he tried to call the skull again.

“Oi, come out, whatever you are. Tell me what this system is you were talking about.”

The moment he said that the skull appeared in front of him again with the same unpleasant makeup. Salier’s facial expressions changed the moment he saw this and then he waved his hand.

“You still look ugly. Go back! Just keep talking inside my head. I prefer audio over the picture.”

The moment he said this, the skull let out a creepy laugh.

“You really are one of a kind. But I am no pushover. You will have to see this face in the future. Well if you beg, then I might reconsider.”

“Me and beg. Even if I was at death's door, I would never beg. What type of idiot are you? Asking me to beg, pfffft!”

Salier immediately retorted when the skull asked him to beg if he wanted his ugly face to disappear.

“Okay, as you wish.” The skull replied and the small emoji started to become larger.

Salier turned to one side and made a puking action and then closed his eyes. While keeping his eyes closed, he spoke.

“Fine, tell me what this system is and what are the points?” He kept his eyes closed as he asked these questions and his face kept making the displeased expressions.

“Open your eyes and look in front of you.” The skull's voice sounded inside his mind.

Salier immediately shook his head and replied in a soft voice.

“Nope! As long as your ugly face is there, don’t expect me to open my eyes.” Saying this, he closed his eyes even tighter.

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