Chapter 7:

Throw Them Out!

Unethical Service Provider

Upon hearing the reply from his ‘sweet wife’, Salier caressed her body once more that sent shivers down Yin Xia’s spine but she held the emotions and dared not show them as she was afraid of irritating him again.

While Salier was busy educating his ‘sweet wife’, he heard a commotion from outside and then took his hands back from Yin Xia’s body and began walking towards the door.

Reaching the door, he slowly opened it and then walked outside. Looking towards the entrance of the house, Salier saw 4 policemen trying to barge in but No2 and A1 were blocking the door.

As for the No1, he was standing beside him, looking at Salier as if awaiting further orders. Salier gently shook his head in disappointment after seeing this.

Although he had expected the lower intelligence to hinder these 2-star servants a little, never would he have thought that they would become this much dependent on orders and can't act on their own.

Letting out a sigh, Salier signaled No1 and then started to walk downstairs. Reaching the door, he looked towards the policemen who were prepared to take out their weapons and then ordered.

“You two, back off. Let them. What are we? We are not doing something dangerous or illegal here so why stop them? Just let them in.”

Receiving the orders, both A1 and No2 backed off and allowed the policemen to come inside the house.

Seeing the policemen coming in, Pan Bao and Yin Xia’s parents hurried towards them and then hid behind them as if they were afraid of something. Seeing that he was a little safe now, courage returned to Pan Bao as he pointed towards Salier and shouted.

“This is the man I was talking about. He forcefully took my Yin Xia to the room even when she cried and begged, they still took her. Arrest him and save Yin Xia, Please.”

An ambiguous smile crept on Salier’s face and he looked towards the policemen as if expecting to see their reaction and but to his surprise, instead of asking for details, they took out their weapons and pointed them towards him and his servants.

“Raise your hands where we can see them. The same goes for your minions.”

“HOO” Salier made this sound as he looked towards the policemen. To him, all this looked like a very interesting drama and he wanted to play a little so, under the surprise eyes of everyone, he walked towards the sofa and sat down on it.

He sat down with the posture of King and looked towards Pan Bao who was hiding behind the four policemen along with Yin Xia's parents as if he was watching a show and did not care about the guns being pointed towards him.

“You barged into my house without a warrant, then you pointed your guns towards me without hearing my side of the story, I am curious who gave you the courage. Is it him?” Salier pointed towards Pan Bao as he inquired with a majestic voice. Then without waiting for the reply, he continued.

“Anyway, I don’t care about the reason. You can show yourself out or my lawyer will be seeing you soon. As for the reason, you came here. Well, let me tell you that the person in question is my wife and we are legally married. On the other hand, the person who called you is someone who trespassed so take him with you. So are you going out yourself or do you need assistance?”

The policemen who came in were stupefied after listening to Salier and wondered if that was true. While they were contemplating whether to take further action or not, the door on the second floor opened and Yin Xia walked out.

Seeing Yin Xia coming out, Pan Bao seemed to have gained courage again and he hurried towards the stairs but was blocked by A1. Seeing no way of getting to her, he turned towards the policemen while pointing towards Yin Xia.

“Officer, this is the girl I was talking about. You can ask her yourself.”

Hearing this, the policemen turned their attention towards Yin Xia as if awaiting an explanation.

Yin Xia looked towards the policemen and then cast a quick glance at the Salier who was sitting on the sofa leisurely as if all that was happening here had nothing to do with him.

While she was hesitating as to how to respond, Salier’s voice sounded in her ears that woke her up from the trance and she trembled a little.

“Just tell them what you have to say and get them out of here. I don’t think you need to ponder that much about this.”

When Salier’s sounded in the lounge, everyone’s attention became focused on him but he seemed to not care about any of this as he leaned back on the sofa and picked up the remote to watch the T.V.

Seeing the actions done by Salier, the courage that was building up in Yin Xia’s heart vanished and she replied with a trembling voice.

“It’s not what he is saying. I am very happy with my husband. He just wants my attention so he called the police on us. No one has forced me or anything.” Yin Xia explained while pointing towards Pan Bao.

Pan Bao looked at Yin Xia with baffled expressions because everything that she said seemed completely opposite to his expectations.

Still not understanding the situation, he again tried to walk towards her but A1 stopped his attempt, leaving him no choice but to try and get an explanation from Yin Xia from where he was standing.

“Xia, What are you saying? He is threatening you right? Don’t worry, the police are here. You don’t have to worry about anything. Just tell the police what happened earlier, they will protect us.”

While he tried to convince her, Yin Xia’s parents also chimed in and tried to coax her.

“Xia, Pan Bao is right. You don’t need to fear him. The police will protect us.”

Salier watched this performance with interest and then signaled No1 and No2.

“Throw them outside. I am going to have a headache listening to their high-pitched voices. I feel like I am in a zoo.”

Receiving the order, No1 and No2 walked towards Pan Bao and Yin Xia’s parents who hurried to hide behind the policemen.

“So would you guys like to go out yourself or want to receive a letter from my lawyer?” Salier looked towards the policemen and asked with an irritated tone. It was as if he was fed up with them being here.

The policemen looked towards Yin Xia while preparing to leave. They knew that there was nothing they could do here after the supposed victim had confirmed it herself that there was nothing wrong here.

No1 also lifted Pan Bao from the neck and walked towards the door. Pan Bao tried to resist but how could he match a 2-star servant. The same happened to Yin Xia’s parents as they were also thrown out of the house.

Upon seeing her parents being thrown out, Yin Xia’s eyes were filled with tears but she could do nothing but stand as she still remembered Salier’s warning. But as the door was being closed, she could not help but run towards it.

Of course, her attempt was futile as A1 stopped her in her tracks and then a slap sounded in the lounge.

“You bitch, I think I told you to stay not do anything stupid. Looks like you still lack discipline so I will be educating you every night from now on.” Salier spoke while smirking as he squeezed her face hard.

“Take her back to the room and make sure she doesn’t leave it without my instructions.”