Chapter 6:

The Enjoyment!

Unethical Service Provider

Listening to the shouts from Yin Xia’s parents, Pan Bao came out of his trance and rummaged through his pockets to find the phone. Nervousness, fear, anger, the mixture of these emotions made his actions sloppy and the simple task took him a while to complete.

Unlocking the phone, he quickly dialed the emergency number and anxiously waited for the call to be picked while looking towards the door which was being guarded by the two bulky guys.

“This is the police emergency operator. What is your emergency?” The call connected and a calm voice sounded in the speaker.

Hearing this voice, Pan Bao’s panic lessened a little but he still replied in a hasty voice.

“Please come hurry. A man is trying to r*pe someone. He has three guys with him and they have taken my friend to the room, they are goin-. Can you please come hurry?” Pan Bao spoke in a nervous tone and could not even complete the sentence.

It was obvious that he had never encountered such a situation before. Being born in a privileged family, he got everything he ever asked for so how could a young master with a feeble mentality deal with a situation like this.

The operator on the other end of the call immediately traced the call and noted down the address.

“Sir please calm down. I am dispatching the closest unit. They will be there as soon as possible. I need you to stay where you are and try not to provoke the perpetrators as they might cause harm. Before the police officers come, I will stay on the call with you.”

Hearing the reassuring words from the emergency operator, Pan Bao calmed down more and then unconsciously gave a nod even though he was on a call and the other person could not see him.

After all these operations, Pan Bao held the phone near the ear afraid that those bulky gangsters would hear him calling the police and beat him up but when he cast his gaze towards them, he noticed that none of them were paying attention to him.

They held their positions as if they were made of stones without even lifting their heads. Clearly, they took their jobs seriously.

On the other hand, after No1 brought the 'sweet wife' to the bedroom, he stood beside awaiting further orders from his master.

Salier looked at No1 with some interest and then motioned him to place the captive on the bed.

Receiving the order, No1 placed Yin Xia on the bed who seemed to have lost her soul as her eyes looked vacant and her body trembled from time to time. Obviously, all this gave her a little trauma because she was never treated this way before. She was thinking that all this was nothing more than a nightmare that she must wake up from.

Salier took off his shirt and then walked towards the bed with a smirk. He was thinking about the different ways to enjoy the beautiful flesh in front of him. To him, the wife of this body was nothing more than a pleasure tool. He did not even give her the status of a person.

Yin Xia suddenly came back to reality when she saw her previously obedient and weak husband, who now had become a complete stranger to her, coming towards her.

“NO! Stay back! Stay back. Don’t come here. If you let me go now, I won’t file a complaint against you. Just stop this.”

But all her pleas turned out to be ineffective as Salier kept on advancing. Suddenly the pleas turned to cries as tears rolled down her cheeks and she started to beg.

“Please let me go. I beg you, let me go. I will immediately file for a divorce and leave your life so please let me go.”

But none of this had any effect on the man previously known by many names with the most prominent one known as [The Beast].

Amidst the cries, Salier approached Yin Xia and then gently pushed her down on the bed. Although she tried to resist, how could a weak woman match the strength of a man?

Yin Xia tried her best to resist but once Salier choked her with his hands, she immediately became obedient. Even though Salier was having his way with her, he made sure to not leave any kind of wound or mark on her that could later be used against him for abusing his wife.

As for this, no, how could this be a r*pe? It was a normal daily life activity between a husband and a wife.

Salier enjoyed the beautiful body for ten minutes and then got up from the bed. After doing this healthy activity with his wife, he felt refreshed.

After that he walked towards the washroom to take a shower as for Yin Xia, she was laying down on the bed with tears and hopelessness. She would have never imagined that this day would come.

She was pure and no man had ever touched her but now, the man she despised the most in her life, took that purity from her and in a brutal way that is.

Her bare body was lying there motionlessly as her thoughts wandered around thinking and hoping that all this was just a nightmare. But the despair and grief in her eyes grew because no matter how she tried, she could not wake up.

She knew that this was a reality and even the pain from below her waist confirmed this but her heart was not accepting it.

After two minutes, Salier came out of the shower and stood in front of her without wearing anything.

“You were more enjoyable than I thought. I will be using this body of yours often so make sure to stay well and wait for your dear husband. Also, I am sure that the lover of yours must have called the police by now but even the fastest unit will take more than 15 minutes to reach here. So they must be reaching here at any moment.”

Saying this, Salier paused a little, then he suddenly lunged forward and grabbed Yin Xia from the neck, and tightened his grip slightly.

“Remember this, You can complain however you want, but we are still legally married so they can’t do anything to me. But if you did so, I will make sure to make your life hell. No! You will find hell better than that. Also, if you dare to file for a divorce, I will still enjoy this body of yours, but at that time, it won’t be only me but 100 more men too.”

A cruel smile crept on Salier’s face as he said the last part and then he released her neck.

Yin Xia started to cough when he released her neck and then looked at her husband who was a completely different person with fear and horror.

Seeing her silently looking at him while replying, Salier brought his face near her and asked with a warm smile that was overflowing with kindness.

“Baby wife, You understand. Right? Because if not, then remember this, I will not only kill you but all those related to you. Of course, killing would come at last because the enjoyment would come first. So what’s the answer?”

Yin Xia’s whole body trembled after hearing this and somehow her instincts were telling her that this man, who happened to be her husband, would really do what he just said.

Still getting no reply, Salier brought his ear near Yin Xia’s mouth and then inquired once more with the same warm voice.

“Where is my answer?”

When he said this, a weak voice filled with vibration sounded in his ears.

“I- I understand!”