Chapter 2:


Little green apocalypse

Part.1 - Life

I’ve rushed here, head down… But I have no plan.

It was my legs that brought me there.

But I didn’t expect to find myself in such situation.

He told me… He’s his brother, right?

That’s not normal.

It’s not like this time.

How do I feel…

That’s strange.

In my chest… It beats hard.

And my body…

They refuse to back down.

… I will do it.

I have to do it.

Because, if I don’t…

I won’t be a true vigilante.

They must be terrified.

His brother (as he called him) must be two heads taller than me.

I have to get closer.

It will give me a chance to neutralize him.

At least, I hope.

It works well with plants, but I have never done the test with a human being.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to think about this.

I could also try to leave with the boy…

How would I react If a stranger suddenly appeared in front of me, to take me away from my brother?

I haven’t a brother, but I think this isn’t the best choice.

First, I have to be able to restrict him moving.

Even sticking to him, I couldn’t operate if he was wriggling all over the place.

For the rest…

…. I will make it.

Mom has always had more strength than me…

Yet, she never let it show.

Some people in this world have to be the same.

They hide it, their real power.

I must be careful.

I can protect him only if I stay alive.

“Back off!”

His brother finally turns to me.

Great, I got his attention.

It will be okay.

I just have to run to him…

I must note take my eyes off him.

The distance between us decreases as time passes.

He no longer reacts.

He hasn’t moved since I screamed.

Would he be more sensitive to noise?

It’s a hasty conclusion but…

I might as well try. I have nothing to lose.

This is the rock my mother gave me when I was little.

Before, it was big enough to fit in both my hands.

Time has passed and now I can lift her with one.

I never really understood its blue glow.

It breaks my hearts but…

Today again, you’ll be useful to me.

Increasing my stride, I throw the stone as hard as I can.

It comes crashing into a wall, causing a huge loud noise, amplified by the echo.

This sound seems enough to disturb the one in front of me.

I take the opportunity to slip behind his back, before reaching the young boy.

“You’re hurt? We have to get out of here.”

“No! I can’t leave without him… He has to come back to his senses.”


“I have no one left… He’s the last one I have.”

I can try but…

The last one.

… It’s so heavy.

We’re talking about human’s life.

We’re talking about life.

… I have to endure it.

“You allow me to…”

“Trying to cure him?”

“I’ve never done this on a human, I don’t know if it’s a good idea, but it can work.”

“But I won’t… If you don’t agree.”

My words are so heavy.

Assuming that it can work and that’ll will work are two different things.

It’s life…

A line of fate.

It’s the most important choice I have to make so far.

Or rather, it’s his now.

I shouldn’t share this burden but…

I dare not do this without being allowed to.

It is my vision of justice.

“Bring it back to me…”

“I’m begging you!”

The feverish and desperate boy I met turned into someone with fate in me.

I feel his strength.

She carries me.

I must not disappoint him.

“Count on me.”

Part.2 - A light in the dark

I’ve never been in this kind of place before.

It’s dark, damp, and the smell makes me want to run away.

I don’t really like this place.

It lacks light…

But I will not fail for that reason.

It’s now that things get serious.

He’s only seems to react to outside noises.

But I guess there’s a limit to that.

He didn’t react as I ran towards him.

I need to slowly approach him.

But before that.

“Keep still.”

“I’m going to create defenses for you, don’t take them off.”

“But i…”

“Take them off if you really want to, but don’t bother me.”

“Take them off?! But…”


Look out!


He rushed at me for no reason.

Did he scream too loudly?

So, is that the limit of his hearing?

I curse my lack of competence.

If my power had developed further, I certainly could have approached quietly…

He rand towards the exit, not even stopping where the sound came from.

But this time, his reaction is different.

I didn’t make any noise, but…

There is something going on.

“Ah… Ah…”


Their eyes…!

They… just sprouted.

In this case, that’s for sure.

I can do it!

Part.3 – Your name

“Let me heal you, I won’t hurt you, you can believe me.”

“Your brother is worried about you, tell me what happened.”


“They took them…”

“They will pay!”

He can’t control himself at all…

Only rage makes room in his consciousness.

Nothing matters anymore.

“I can change all that, tell me…”

I’m not sure.

“Where are your parents?”

This is not the noblest method.

“I can give you back your life before.”

But I have to do everything…

“But you have to regain your composure.”

He believes in me.

I’ve understood their situation.

I can’t bring them back but…

At least, I can try with you.

… He didn’t show me the extent of his own power.

I don’t know if it will work…

I hope…

It’s time.

I walk towards him, at a slow pace.

Not too fast, but not too slowly either.

It’s hard to concentrate when I move…

But at this speed, it should be okay.

And, if I use my voice…

“Believe in us, you can trust us.”

A little more…

“Calm down!”

Just a little more…

“It’s you…”

“What is…”

“… Your name?”

My name.

Who can forget it?

Certainly not me.

I can’t forget the name my mother gave me.


“That’s my name.”

With that, my arms rested on him.

My embrace seems to calm him down.

His legs are blocked by the ivy I had prepared so far.

And this contact will allow me to withdraw the seed in him…

He seems to have calmed down.

Now I just have to do like the last time.

I put my hands on her body, each tip of my fingers connected.

My palms also posed.

This will allow me to make contact between us.

… It’s unpleasant.

At times like this, I regret not knowing how a male human is made up.

Mom didn’t want me to research their anatomy.

She never explained to me why.

It reacts.

The plants in his body can feel me.

What is that?

They suffer…

So much…

It is at the limit of the bearable.

What made you like this?

I have to take it slow.

Retrace the entry path.

And leave…

“Are you okay?”

“Leave me alone, I can’t concentrate on two things at the same time…”

It should be good.

I used the same technique as before. In direct contact, I manage to communicate with them.

But they seemed much calmer to me than they were.

“It’s okay, he should get up.”


“Why do you say nothing?”


“Hey, Wh…”

“Thank you!!!”

“Without you…”

“Without you… I didn’t know…”


“You suffocate me, calm…”




I was so scared.

Thank you…

After five minutes of crying over each other, we come back to our emotions.

“When will he get up?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never done this for anyone.”

“What’s your name?”

“Me? I’m Lyre”

I thought he would have heard it.

“Lyre? Thank you, I’m Hiko.”

Hiko? What a funny name.

“Alright Hiko. I did all I could, find a shelter with your brother until things calm down, preferably on high construct.”

That way they shouldn’t be too bothered.

“Eh?! You’re leaving?”

“Yes, I will take care of the source of this cataclysm.”

And also find my mother.

« … »

“Why are you still making that face?”

“I cannot…”

“My brother has always looked after me…”

“But today, nothing. I don’t want this to happen again…”

“All my family… Everyone I knew…”

“There’s almost nothing left.”

His gaze points to his brother.

They will slow me down.




“But you will take care of the meals.”


“What? You refuse?”

“… No, no problem!”


Was it the right choice?

This is the first time I have talked to someone else than my mother…

It’s strange.

It’s nice and…


This is what mom would have done.

She kept telling me that.

“In life, make the choices you will never regret.”

I will follow these words.

Thanks to you, I can move forward today.

I’m coming.