Chapter 10:

A Special Move

The Creator

"Good evening." The Keeper of the Bridge greeted JDG as he walks down the steps into the working space that the Keeper himself resides when he is on duty. 

They have been using this space for the Keeper of the Bridge to teach JDG the art of Keeper Magic. The nephew of the Keeper of the Bridge, who is the son of the Keeper of the Council, has spent his days here as well, he usually heads home before JDG arrives, however this time his nephew was already here.

JDG enters the room where he sees the man and his nephew exchanging glances at each other.

"I would like to introduce my nephew," The Keeper looks at JDG and then looks down to the boy beside him, "This is Viserrey."

JDG walks up to the young boy and wears a grin down at him, "Greetings." JDG stated.

"Greetings." The young boy replied with a subtle voice. JDG follows the reply by sticking his hand out to shake with the boy. The boy hesitates before returning a reserved handshake.

"Alright Viserrey, it's time for me to switch gears and work with my new apprentice." The Keeper of the Bridge looks down to the young boy and puts his hands on his shoulders, "Would you be fine heading home now?" The man asked.

"I would be." Viserrey replied looking up at his uncle.

"Good." The man pats his nephew's shoulders and lets go of them. Viserrey then makes his way for the staircase to exit the confined area. JDG holds his hands behind his back and makes the path for Viserrey to follow through.

"He seems a bit reserved." JDG commented once Viserrey had made it a considerable distance up the staircase.

"He does, however, he has a lot of power as a Keeper." The man replied back, "He can caste one of the most unique barriers I've ever seen a Keeper caste." JDG looks at the man and perks his head. 

"What kind of barrier?" JDG asked as he walks slowly toward the man.

"It's hard to explain, however it's a rare type of 'Psychological Barrier.'" The man stands up straight and looks at JDG's approach. "I think it's time I've given you a name." The man blurted while standing even straighter and putting his own hands behind his back.

JDG then finished his walk to the man and stood straight in front of him. JDG copied the stance that the man was using however, JDG had his left eyebrow raised.

"A name?" JDG asked as he leans his head forward.

"Once a master of a Keeper apprentice deems fit, they assign their apprentice a name and thus that is the name of the apprentice as a Keeper going forward." The man explained, "My son did not receive his name until he was the age of seven, I granted his name. Viserrey received his name at the age of five, his father was supposed to be the one to grant his name, however since I teach him, I granted his name."

JDG continued to lean his head, "How do you refer to a Keeper with no name yet?" JDG asked.

"You call them son, you call them apprentice, you can call them young one. There is no set rule for what you can refer to them as, however, they won't have a distinct name yet." The man explained, "Since we are one on one, I haven't needed to refer to you as anything more than my apprentice. However, since I deem you fit to be designated as a real Keeper. I must name you."

JDG returned his head back into position and stood with discipline. "What shall my name be master?" He asked.

"From here on, your name as a Keeper shall be Ysabber." The man stated with a proud voice, "I shall continue to teach you further Ysabber."

"Ysabber," JDG said to himself, "I show you my gratitude for such a name." JDG then bows in front of the man.

"I have something special to teach you." The man said as JDG returns his upper body into position and looks up with a near grin, "There is a few more abilities that Keepers are capable of rather than casting barriers. Unlocking your soul means that you are able to unlock certain voluntary functions within your own body. The soul is an electrical wavelength that allows you to think, feel, and act. Thus, further unlocking it means you are able to delve further into what you can control." The man looks at his right arm. 

JDG puts on a focused face as the man continues his explanation, "Being that you can control more of your body, there is a very universal function that can aid you in many situations, however I warn it is dangerous to use." The man looks JDG in the eyes, "You can control the flow of blood within your own body."

JDG drops his eyebrows and tilts his head to the side, "Control the flow of blood?" JDG questioned.

"Precisely," the man replied to JDG's perplexed expression, "You are capable of controlling where you blood goes to give you more strength, speed, or increase your chance of survival if injured. There are many tricks you can pull with such a stunt, however it is dangerous. You may accidentally take blood away from vital organs for too long, or take them away from limbs causing the need for amputation. Thus, you must only use this kind of move strategically."

"I believe I am responsible to use such a move properly." JDG proposed.

"Thus, I shall teach you how to do so Ysabber." The man then went into the same stance that JDG was taught before to unlock a soul, "The first step to any move as a Keeper is to unlock the soul, this time you are not going to open the soul to drag it out of your body, you are going to enter the soul and take control of it."

Performing the actions that were taught earlier, the Keeper then gets to the part where his right hand is placed back facing the wrist of his left, "Here is where the move changes." He then opens his left hand from a fist, "You are going to want to open your left hand and then slowly lower your arm until it is flat. In your mind, imagine that you are sitting in a throne in your soul, and then tell yourself where you want your blood to focus its flow, in my case, I will tell my body to focus flow in both of my arms." The Keeper lows his left arm with his right hand still placed on top of the wrist.

At that moment, the veins on the Keeper's arms pop out and he spreads his arms apart to show abnormally sized muscles. The Keeper then demonstrates the new speed that his arms can swing with and shows the power of his swings as the air makes much noise as he moves it aside.

"I want you to try the move now." The Keeper instructed JDG.

Back on campus at Devonshire Academy. Masami had witnessed enough evidence to raise suspicion on the actions of JDG. She made her way up to the grand staircase and without a knock she entered into the lobby.

Rosemary was caught by surprise of the sudden entrance, "Ms. Masami." She said with a breathless voice, "What brings you here?" 

Masami looked at her with a neutral expression, "I need to speak to the headmaster." She stated.

"Certainly," Rosemary responded, "I'll go alert him of your presence." Rosemary then walks up to the door of the headmaster's study and knocks on it. She soon walks in to find the headmaster reading some kind of book at his desk, he looks up at Rosemary, "Masami is here to see you."

The headmaster smiled at the words Rosemary said, he closed his book and placed it on his desk, "Send her in." He dictated. 

Rosemary nods and holds the door for Masami. Masami promptly enters the study and the headmaster stands up from his seat. She makes her way to his desk.

"Please take a seat." The headmaster did not instruct which seat to take, Masami just chose the one to his right, the two sit down in tandem, Rosemary then closed the door on them and returned back to her post at the lobby, "What is it that you have for me?" The headmaster questioned.

"That student you had me watch, I already noticed something suspicious with him." Masami replied.

"That delinquent JDG," the headmaster commented to himself, looking away from Masami, "What did you notice?" He looks back to Masami.

"The boy seems to leave campus with one of the Keepers who work at the library." Masami opened up while looking at the headmaster.

The headmaster's eye widen as he is taken back in his seat, he places his right hand on his mouth and then removes it to ask, "Which Keeper?"

"The one of the second level." Masami answered.

The headmaster looks to the ceiling with his wide eyes and then back down but away from Masami, "Why the hell would a person like him spend time with a Keeper?" The headmaster then changes his expression and looks to the side, "I think I might know what he's up to." He commented to himself.

Masami leaned her head in, "What might that be?" She asked.

"He spoke to me about his distress not being able to learn anything 'about being a Creator,' therefore, he might be using the Keeper to learn how to use magic." The headmaster concluded.

"Isn't Keeper Magic inferior to Creator Magic, and is this something that goes against the Doctrine?" Masami questioned as she lowered her eyebrows at such thoughts.

"It seems that JDG doesn't care what magic is better, as long as he learns such magic." The headmaster looks into Masami's eyes again, "I don't know the full rules on a Creator learning Keeper Magic, however, I do know that a Pre-Creator such as JDG is not allowed to learn any magic."

The headmaster looks Masami in the eyes, "Masami, this could mean something really incriminating. I cannot thank you enough. After I study the magical doctrine and learn more about JDG I'm going straight to the council of London with this information." The headmaster smiles at Masami.

"It was my pleasure." Masami responded to the headmaster. Masami then rises from her seat, "My apologies, however, I must return to my dormitory to complete assignments." Masami bows.

The headmaster looks up, and then stands up, "Oh, it's no worries, I don't mean to keep you too long. You are dismissed." The headmaster frantically breaks himself from thought, before Masami could turn around he opens up again, "Actually, there is just one more thing I need to ask from you."

Masami looks up with wide eyes, "What might that be?" She asked.

"If it isn't too much, may I ask you to acquaint yourself with JDG, I want you to look more into his personality to confirm with me my suspicions about his motives." The headmaster places his hands behind his back.

Masami then looks with even wider eyes, "Acquaint myself with him." She spoke her thoughts out loud though softly.

"If it isn't too much to ask." The headmaster places his hands in front of him.

Masami then stands back for a moment. She thinks to herself about such a thing. Masami was never much of a social person, and ultimately she had never expected to become one when she was accepted into Devonshire. However, she wants to keep a high reputation with the headmaster to assure her attendance.

"I will do it." Masami responded.

The headmaster smiled, "Masami, I cannot thank you enough for this work." He praised her, "I knew you were the perfect person to ask." 

Masami nodded and then turned around to exit the room. Once she opened the door and escorted herself out of the study, the headmaster sat back in his seat.

"That damn little Pre-Creator is about to end up in trouble with the Council of London." The headmaster chuckles to himself as he sits relaxed, "Never in my years of disciplinary and administrative work have I met a Pre-Creator with such desires and attitude." The headmaster smiles widely as he looks onward toward the books shelved to his right side.

His smile is then cut short as he thinks further, "Wait," he says to himself, "I forgot about him." The headmaster then sits up straight in his chair and sports a blank face as he now becomes silent. He nods to himself as he picks up the book he was reading before to continue it.