Chapter 11:

Close Bonds

The Creator

A fine Tuesday early afternoon strikes down upon the many students at Devonshire Academy. To JDG, everyone else is background to the main events of his life. He is too busy worried about getting ahead in this world by any means possible, however that doesn't mean he can avoid everyone forever.

"Hey hotshot!" MLA cried out to JDG as they convene in the hallways, similar to the incident that happened almost a week ago.

JDG then looks up to MLA with a grin as he walks down the vast hallway, "Afternoon loser." JDG waves.

MLA stops in the middle of the hallway and stands tall waiting for JDG to approach the same area. However, JDG passes by MLA.

MLA quickly turns around, "What the hell are you doing?" MLA shouted.

"I am off to the library, I am no longer interested in fighting you." JDG doesn't look back to MLA, however the veins of MLA's neck protrude as JDG stands with nothing more than a little grin.

"What do you mean you are not interested?!" MLA grows frantic with his movement, "You insulted my boxing, you insulted appearance, and you call me a loser!" MLA yelled toward JDG but JDG did not bat an eye.

"Firstly, I never insulted your appearance big guy, next, you should be less offended by a couple of insults from somebody. How dare you let something like that hinder your reputation at this school? I get that you lost your boxing tournament but that doesn't mean the end of the world." JDG turns around to face MLA.

"I want to settle this now." MLA strains his voice as he speaks, "How dare you disrespect my name?!" MLA shouted, hands in a fist, and neck leaning violently toward JDG.

JDG sighs, "All you Creators are the same," JDG makes eye contact with MLA, "You all care more about honor, respect, and authority than anything else." JDG points his left hand at MLA, "I insult you, thus you refuse to interact with me civilly unless there is an authority figure present."

"What are you talking about, you're a Creator too, and you are no different. You are spitting nonsense!" MLA responded.

 Masami had been walking the halls on a subtle search for JDG in order to start the assignment she was given by the headmaster. She is nervous about such a thing–being asked to get friendly with someone is something she never prepared for. She scans the hallways until she hears some distant shouting coming from the right side of the main building on the second floor.

Hastily making her way to the scene–without looking too suspicious–Masami finds JDG and finds him exchanging aggression with another boy.

'What are they doing?' Masami asked herself in her head as she takes a vantage point at the end of the hallway to assess what is going on.

JDG pays no mind to the people around him, he stares intensely toward MLA, "I have more respect for this world than you do." JDG lifts his chin.

MLA throws his arms out, "What in the name of hell are you on about?" MLA shouted in question, "What are we talking about?"

Masami is able to hear somewhat of what they are saying where she is. They are quite loud compared to other students around, therefore they stick out more to Masami's ears, especially since she is trying to listen in.

"'...more respect for this world...'" Masami quietly recited to herself in reference to what JDG had said. 

Masami then thinks of a way to at least make contact with JDG for the first time. Maybe she could break up this fight? She thought about the scenario. JDG seemed uninterested in fighting so maybe if she prevents it from happening would be a good start. Masami does have more authority over JDG and MLA because she is older, she can use that to her advantage.

Masami makes up her mind and starts heading toward the two boys before they brawl. They continue to stare sharply at each other. MLA wears a frustrated expression as the veins in his body protrude. JDG has lost his grin and wears a strange expression that Masami would not expect from this situation.

Masami makes it to the boys, "What are you two doing?" She interrogated.

Both JDG and MLA turn their heads to look at her in harmony and MLA's eyes widen, "A girl?" MLA whispered as his mouth dropped open.

JDG gives Masami a blank expression, "Who are you?" JDG asked.

"My name is Masami and I'm a Semi-Creator here." Masami introduced herself with some confidence in her voice. She attempts to stand tall above the boys but she shares the same height with JDG and is far from sharing height with MLA. However, MLA is still in shock.

"This isn't any of your business Masami." JDG stated. 

Masami's stance is broken and she relaxes her body more as JDG speaks to her. She nearly breaks her act before snapping back, "I have authority over you in this school," Masami starts her rehearsed lecture, "Everything is my business." Masami leans in on JDG's face but JDG is unmoved.

"You're authority means nothing to me." JDG responded which prompts Masami to move away and sigh.

"Come with me!" Masami ordered, "I am taking you to the headmaster." Masami explained.

JDG sighs and then looks back at MLA, "What about him?" JDG points to MLA, "He was the one who started our conflict."

MLA shakes his head and stomps his foot, "No I was not, you started this whole thing!" MLA shouted.

"Both of you, be quiet! I know who you are JDG, you are a repeated offender, thus you are priority to take to the headmaster." Masami pointed toward JDG as she explained the situation to him. JDG just shrugged his shoulders and wore a grin on his face throughout the explanation. Masami waved her hand toward her and JDG rolled his eyes before following her.

Walking down the halls, some of the students look on with some curiosity–Masami is one of only a handful of female students. Though, the curiosity is not as strong as you might think.

"So, you're one of the few girls here on campus?" JDG questioned as they were walking together.

"Yes I am, I worked hard to find a place here." Masami explained as she walked forward.

JDG looks to the side, "I see." He said to himself, "What makes you think you can discipline me?" JDG questioned Masami.

"What makes you think you can talk that way with me." Masami turns her head back.

'This boy is kind of annoying.' Masami thought to herself.

JDG shrugs his shoulder, "You are only a year or two my senior, you don't have the same reputation as someone like a professor." Masami turns her head back to face in front of her. At that moment Masami makes a right turn at a hallway.

"Keep following me this way." Masami ordered.

JDG then tilted his head, "Where are you taking me? This isn't the way to the headmaster's study." JDG became worried.

"We are going to have a little chat." Masami explained looking back at JDG and slowing her pace.

'This girl is very annoying.' JDG thought to himself.

Masami then slows down further in an empty corridor and falls back to be next to JDG. She gives him a look, "What is it that you want in life?" Masami asked.

JDG then lowers his eyebrows, "Where is this coming from?" 

Masami then stops and turns to face JDG, "You are a troublesome student. I hear of the trouble that you get yourself into. What is it that you want?" Masami leaned into JDG's face again.

JDG looks away from her, "I don't understand what you are trying to do here." JDG then looks back at her and tilts his head, "What do you even want in this life, since you want to have this conversation." JDG turns the question around to Masami and she removes her face from his.

Masami stands straight, "I want to have the privilege to learn Creator Magic since most women are not allowed to do so." Masami answered.

JDG grins, "How noble of you, I can see you don't really understand Creators." JDG commented.

"What does that mean?" Masami placed her hands on her hips as she raised her chin to JDG.

"It means that I am sick of the way that the upper caste acts. I was promised from a young age that I could learn magic." JDG lifted his chin as well, "I was never told I had to deal with nothing but authoritative figures and their power complexes. I was a very good student in primary education, however, I became frustrated when I had to go at the same pace as everyone else. I give up trying to make it far in this system." JDG explained.

"You're acting like an ungrateful brat." Masami commented to JDG, "All you have to do is follow the system and then you will be allowed to indulge in anything you'd want. For someone like me, I had to truly stand out above the rest just to attend here."

JDG slow claps, "Congratulations, but you asked about me and I told you about me. I don't get your complaints."

"I asked what you wanted in life, you never even answered that yet." Masami glares deeply at JDG while JDG bears a grin.

"I want to get rid of this stupid system." JDG answered.

"So, this is all to spite the world?" Masami concluded.

"You could say that," JDG looks to his side, "everyone I've met that is part of this school, this nation, and this caste are a bunch of power hungry dictators. Nobody is superior than anyone else!" JDG began to raise his voice, "Yes, I want to spite the world because everything I've seen is so stupid!"

Masami then lowers her chin and relaxes her face more, "How do you plan to do that?" She asked, "At this rate you will never be allowed to learn magic." Masami reasoned.

"I don't worry about what the world will allow me to do. I already have tried to go my own way." JDG grins and lowers his head.

Masami then sighs, "I won't deny that this world is unfair, I won't deny that people are too authoritative and act superior, however I will tell you that this path that you plan to take may not be in your favor. Resistance is futile." Masami looked at the ground.

"I know I was cold earlier, probably since I was spiting you as well. However, I want to say that your goal in life is probably the most genuine one that I've heard from anyone at this damned school." JDG said to Masami and she looks up to him once more.

Masami tilts her head, "Do you really mean something like that?" Masami questioned.

JDG then places his arms crossed on his chest, "I learned that Keepers are not as inferior as many Creators might tell you. They are not barbaric and they are not weak. They have a wonderful culture and their magic is beautiful, as if it were a form of art." 

Masami lowers her shoulders and her eyes widen as she listened, "How did you learn about the Keepers?" Masami realized this is her chance to get significant evidence for the headmaster. Although she is having an internal crisis.

'This boy makes a lot of sense,' she thinks to herself, 'I don't know if I really want to report him, though I know that my attendance could be on the line. The headmaster may be nice to me, but I know he has a cold side to him. He wouldn't think twice about removing me from this school if I do not complete this task in his favor.' Masami sighs before JDG could answer.

JDG then looks Masami in the eyes, "I learned from a friend, and I won't tell you much more than that." JDG answered Masami's question with a weary eye.

"You have a Keeper friend?" Masami presumed from JDG's answer.

"I do," JDG answers, "I am not ashamed to be close friends with a Keeper, he has a better attitude toward life than anyone I know. I would protect our friendship with my own life."

"What has this Keeper friend taught you?" Masami stood straight and returned her shoulders into a tense position. JDG took a step back.

"Why do you want to know?" JDG began to question, "What are you trying to do?" JDG raises his left arm as if he were blocking himself from an attack.

"I'm curious, I never really had a Keeper friend before, nor have I had any friends overall." Masami looks down as she explains. JDG drops his guard with his left arm.

"Well, if I tell you, you have to keep this a secret since I don't want someone like the headmaster stopping me." JDG speaks hesitantly. However, he looks down at Masami as she keeps her head down.

"I'll keep this whole conversation a secret, I just want to learn more about you." Masami replied.

"I have learned some magic, and I was even able to practice that magic myself." JDG explained.

Masami then nearly jumps for joy, however she keeps her feelings internal, 'I got what I needed,' Masami celebrates in her head, 'I am sorry JDG, but I cannot lose my place in this school.' 

"So that's your plan to get back at the world." Masami concludes, "However, Keeper Magic from one person alone cannot take down this system." Masami explained.

"I understand that," JDG grins, "I understand every risk and every impossibility of the dream that I have." JDG replied.

Masami then lifts her eyebrows, "So," she begins, "you plan to become God."

"If being God is what it takes, then yes, I plan to become God."