Chapter 3:

Chapter 3

Saving the world from kitchen appliances

The smell is strong, it's right near a pillar next to the railway tracks
Nagato pulls out his pistol just in case
They walk towards the source of the foul smell and find the dead body of a young man, blood splattered all around as he's laying in a slightly sitting posture against the pillar,
Nagato covers his mouth in shock and Kofimeka panics as both of them stare at the body
"Who could've done this?"
"How did he die? Are we next?" Nagato stuttered
There's a large hole through the person's chest where the bleeding can initially be seen
Kofimeka starts crying "Was it the washing machine?"
Nagato calms himself down and asserts the situation,
"The bleeding can still be seen, the kill was most likely recent"
"That means the killer is still around!" Kofimeka cries
Nagato holds his pistol and looks around for a moment, he doesn't notice anyone but something's off, It feels like reality itself is fading away
"Kofimeka, I think.. we are being watched"
Kofimeka says "This place doesn't feel right to me either.."
Nagato tries to get over the feeling but remains cautious, he inspects the body and finds a cell phone and a wallet in the pockets
"He might've gotten punched by a kitchen appliance" Nagato states
Nagato tells Kofimeka to retreat to the van
Nagato checks out the place, the railway tracks don't seem familiar, there are birds in the sky,
"How did birds get in to this world?"
He returns to the van to meet up with Kofimeka

"I don't know what's going on with this place but there's something shady going on"
Nagato further states "It was probably the washing machine that killed that man"
"He injured me severely just by punching the ground beneath me!"
Kofimeka tells him "We should get out of this place, maybe drive to the mall?"
Nagato comforts her "I have this gun and we have a van so we can escape at any time"
"The old man was probably right to direct us here, there's something important here but a kitchen appliance is guarding it, the corpse must've been of a person who also came looking"
"You're right, and the mall is probably even worse, having a lot of strong kitchen appliances"
Kofimeka says
Suddenly they start hearing some sounds that seem to be coming from outside the van
Nagato and Kofimeka startled, fall completely silent
Kofimeka is sitting on the passenger's seat and Nagato on the driver's seat
Nagato whispers something in her ears and peeps through the window
He points his gun and takes aim but sees nothing
"There's nothing" Nagato says "No one's there"
Kofimeka then raises her head and asks "Was it the wind?"
"Am I hallucinating? I heard someone.. or rather something, yet I could see nothing"
Nagato says
Kofimeka tries to calm him down,
"Maybe the enemy is just hiding"
Nagato says "You're right, let's keep an eye out for further signs and plan our next move"

Nagato and Kofimeka finally step out of the van and slowly approach the station
There's something important here and they have to find it
It feels creepy and awfully quiet
"Is there a train in this world?" Nagato asks
Kofimeka replies "I don't know"
They look around the entire train station, it's empty, the only thing they find is the dead body
"This is strange, the killer should be around here somewhere" Nagato says
"Maybe they already left" Kofimeka assumes
"We should be careful, it could be a ruse to get us to lower our guard"
Nagato then goes on to take a seat near the railway tracks, it was getting dark
"Let's retreat for now, we can't take on kitchen appliances in the dark" Kofimeka tells him
"Yeah, A lot of lamps might show up right about now"
Right then a bright light suddenly appears in the distance
"What's that?" Nagato exclaims pointing at the light source
Lights start turning on, one after another until the whole station's lit bright as day
Nagato and Kofimeka are surprised
"Who turned all the lights on??"
Kofimeka asks
"That's strange, we're at an almost abandoned, really old railway station, there's no way a place like this could have so many bright lights, and automated too?"
Nagato thinks
Is somebody behind this?"
Suddenly they hear a sinister laughter from the other side of the station across the railway tracks
"You both deserve to die if you actually stayed here despite all the signs of misfortune"
A voice calls out
"Who was that?" Kofimeka freaks out
Nagato points at the the railway tracks "Over there!"
"It's just some plain looking guy."

"Never mind, I don't think it was him" Nagato says
"Hey!! Don't insult me you moron, I'm the microwave" The plain looking guy yells
He then jumps down
"Here he comes" Nagato says
"That washing machine isn't here? where did he run off to?" Microwave thinks
He takes out a control device from his back pocket connected by wire with the device
The microwave then proceeds to press a bunch of buttons
Kofimeka gets pushed towards the railway tracks and the microwave grabs her, Nagato attempts to save her by shooting the microwave but he just can't hit him!
"Let go of her you freak!" Nagato yells at the microwave
The microwave replies "I'll come back for you later"
Right as the microwave was preparing to make an escape, running and pressing some more buttons on his remote control like device Kofimeka spills coffee on the device, malfunctioning it
A giant hole opens in the ground and all 3 of them fall into that hole...

"It's dark, too dark, I can't get a sight of anything"
It's like falling into an endless pit for eternity
"Is it a blackhole?"
"I Don't know..."
Nagato is lying on the ground, his eyes are wide open but he sees nothing
Is it an illusion? A dream?
"Where am I?" Nagato whispers in the darkness
"You're finally awake!" Kofimeka yells
Nagato finally regains his sight
"I feel light, I feel like I'm floating"
"Are you okay?" Kofimeka asks him
"Yeah... What's going on?"
Nagato stands up he takes a look at his hand, they're different
"I don't know much but remember how we fell into that large hole?"
"We are in another reality where.. you became the Microwave!"
"Huh? No Way!" Nagato panics
"Weren't we at the train station just a minute ago?"
"We've been here for a really long time, maybe 2 hours!" Kofimeka replies
Nagato takes a look around his body and finds a remote control in his pocket
"This is the remote control that the microwave used to try and abduct you"
He then mashes the buttons but nothing happens
"It's my fault we are here, I spilled coffee onto that remote, that's why it doesn't work"
Kofimeka cries
"Is this a time machine or something?" Nagato asks her
"I'm sorry, I don't know" She replies

They try to explore the area, it's a vast and empty plain, the ground is slippery and the air is thin
Nothing in particular can be seen in the distance, it's all just rocks and mountains
"Are we in space?? A different planet?" Nagato says
"We're in a different reality altogether, I don't know how but you inhabit the body of the microwave now" Kofimeka tells him
Nagato says with a worried expression "So this broken remote is our only way out of here"
He puts the remote back into his pocket and looks for signs of life or civilization
They walk for a fairly large distance but find nothing
"How do we even get out of here if there is nothing"
The remote.
"We need to fix the remote and open another portal, this may be our only chance to return to the real world, by using this remote!"
Nagato then takes out the remote from his pocket, he manages to open the remote to see what's wrong with it
"I have no idea what I'm doing, I've never fixed a remote before"
They attempt to fix the remote, but Nagato can't get the back to open
Kofimeka and Nagato lie down and stare at the sky
It's a sky, filled with stars, it feels like they're on the surface of another planet
"A shooting star!" Kofimeka exclaims while pointing at the sky
"I think we are in another planet" Nagato says

Meanwhile in the real world..
"Nagato has been missing for over 2 weeks!"
"How has the police not found him yet, he was kidnapped! I'm sure of it"
Nagato's parents are conversing after dinner, they are very sad
"He was last on a call with his friend, he was saying some weird things about kitchen appliances and the phone cut off, we can't reach him anymore, what are the kidnappers doing to him!"
Last seen at 6:30 PM while returning home from the book store
Many people around the area have gone missing in similar ways
Nagato's friend is worried
"I hope he's okay..."

"I managed to get the remote to work.. somehow, but I don't know how to use it"
Nagato sat there, his mind wandering into the distance
The place feels so empty and quiet, yet so soothing, it feels peaceful
No traffic, no pollution, no other human, just quietness and peace
Kofimeka comforts him, telling him everything will be alright
"Maybe we could stay here forever, it's not a bad place right?" Nagato says
Kofimeka then speaks out
"There's no food here, so how will we survive?"
Nagato looks at Kofimeka
"YOU'RE RIGHT!" Nagato exclaims
Kofimeka relieves a sigh
"So.. How did you fix the remote?" she asks him
"It was easy, a pair of wirings were damaged so I just replaced them" Nagato replies
"There were many wires in the back pocket"
Kofimeka takes the remote
"I wonder what this button does" she presses on a green button
Another portal like hole opens and both of them fall through it
After a while they both regain consciousness
"We're back! is this our own world?" Nagato asks nervously
They look around for a moment
"I'm still here, so I think we are back at the kitchen appliance's world" Kofimeka says
"I see.. well I'm glad in a way" Nagato says
They were back where they started, near Nagato's house
"Wait a second, isn't that the microwave!" Kofimeka says while pointing at a plain looking guy who was lying on the ground in the distance, They walk up towards him, sure enough it's him
"So I was inhabiting his body in the 'other planet' like place?" Nagato speaks out
"How does that work? Is it the supposed 'curse'?" Kofimeka asks
"Maybe.." Nagato replies nonchalantly
"He's dangerous, let's kill him right here" Nagato says
"No we might need him to escape... I feel dizzy.." Kofimeka replies
Nagato and Kofimeka both start feeling dizzy
"What is happening?"
"Is the curse of the world effecting us? The fact that it can control anything that happens here?"
Kofimeka falls to the ground losing consciousness
Nagato returns to his senses and looks at Kofimeka
"Kofimeka!! What happened?"
Nagato then tries to wake her up, nothing happens, he carries her over to his house...

Kofimeka wakes up
"So you're finally awake, traitor lady"
"Where am I? Who are you??" Kofimeka exclaims
She can't get off the bed, her body won't move
"What's going on?"
Kofimeka then looks over and sees Nagato lying on another bed next to her, he's unconscious
"Nagato, How did they get you?"
Stop quivering brat, he's in a dream realm controlled by the curse, he will die soon anyway
"What? So it was all a dream?"
The pale man answers, "Yeah, it was all a dream"
"That means when we went to the other planet we were actually dreaming" Nagato thinks
"Let me go!" Nagato exclaims
"Oh we won't let you go that easily, you betrayed us and chose to side with a human, the curse shall judge your fate"
"How did you capture us?" Kofimeka asks him
"It was very easy" He laughs
"You were both lying on the ground near a train station, the dream drugs that subject 43 put in your drinks probably had it's effect" The pale old man adds
"Subject 43?" Kofimeka says
The pale man stands up and removes the strap from her bed, he then holds her hand and carries her away to another room
"Let me go" Kofimeka struggles but was no match for him

Meanwhile in the dream world...
Nagato sits on the chair near his desk, Kofimeka is lying on his bed still unconscious
He is slightly aroused since there's a woman lying right beside him but he mans up and goes out
"So, I think first I ought to destroy this microwave man since he could wake up at any time, I'll take his remote too, just in case"
Nagato pulls out the remote and detaches it from the microwave man's body, he then shoots the microwave man in the head 3 times with the pistol he had in his right pocket
"That should do it" Nagato says
He runs back to his house to aid Kofimeka
"I wonder what's happening to her" Nagato thinks
He looks over and examines Kofimeka and tries to figure out what's going on with her
"If what the old man told me is true she shouldn't die.. wait a minute.. does that mean the microwave man won't die either?" Nagato worries
He then goes out of his house on the street where he left the microwave he shot at, Nagato drags him to his bicycle which he had parked near his front yard, carries him on his back and rides a safe distance away from the house, he then throws the man into a trash can and returns home
"That was nerve-wracking, I hope Kofimeka wakes up soon and we can get out of this place" Nagato thinks to himself
He then goes on to explore his house a bit
"It sure feels like home, but this isn't the home I want, I want to return to the real world"
It's been 3 days since Nagato got transported to this world
"There are other people here too, I have to remember that, I'll let the police know or something"
Nagato goes back to his room to check up on Kofimeka, she's still asleep
"At least she's breathing" Nagato says
He then thinks of going over to the gas station and asking the old man for help
"No, I'd just be too much trouble for the old man, I should try travelling towards the van"
Nagato thinks that there are medical supplies in the van which he could use to help Kofimeka
He goes out, picks up his bike and takes off towards the the train station.. where he parked the van at, where he has to go again for a chance to save Kofimeka...

While Nagato was doing all that in the dream world Kofimeka was fighting the evil kitchen appliances as both of them were captured and brought to their base of operations, it's the mall...
"I can't believe the mall was their base all along" Kofimeka thinks while she's running away from a room that seems to be a 'torture chamber' of some sort, the pale man and 3 small looking guys are chasing her
"You won't get away" The man yells
The man is stronger than Kofimeka but she is definitely faster
"I have to get to Nagato and rescue him"
Kofimeka takes a right turn and a left and then a right, the hall way is narrow and seems endless
She keeps running with the 4 kitchen appliances on her tail, however she comes to stop
"A dead end? I was certain this is where Nagato was being kept" Kofimeka yells
"You foolish brat, How dare you spill coffee on my pants and run away" The man approaches
The 3 small guys go ahead and grab Kofimeka's hands
"Let me go"
The man then punches Kofimeka in the stomach, Kofimeka gets wounded

"I'm finally here" Nagato exclaims
He's tired but he just has to get to the van to be able to save Kofimeka
Nagato goes over to the van
"It's right where I parked it"
He opens the van and looks inside..
"What the hell happened here?"