Chapter 2:

Making Reason Out of DEAD Madness

The Land of Maidens and Corpses (Original)

It was a strange sensation. I couldn't quite explain it. I was drifting between a state of consciousness and a state of unconsciousness. I wasn't really asleep, nor was I awake. Was this what severe blood loss felt like? Was I really just unconscious in the back of an ambulance or perhaps at the hospital?Bookmark here

Let's try and reason with this.Bookmark here

I was hit by a truck, broke every bone in my body, and then felt a burning pain. I must've had a severe blood loss and am either dying or have already di-- passed away. . .Bookmark here

There was just one problem with that philosophy. I couldn't be dead, no matter what. Why? If I was dead, would I be able to assume I'm dead? No. Because if I can assume I'm dead, I would still be conscious and therefore not dead.Bookmark here

So, I must be in hell or heaven right? Hopefully, the latter. I wouldn't like to suffer anymore. I've already felt enough pain to fit me a lifetime. Although, why can't I see anything. Or hear, or feel anything for that matter too? Hang on a second.Bookmark here

I tried to move my hand a bit. I couldn't really feel it. It was as if it was there, but wasn't really connected to my body. Come on. . . I continued to struggle with it. Bookmark here

Just a bit more. . . Bookmark here

Suddenly, I felt it move. Well. . . It wasn't exactly the right word. A better fitting one would've been wiggle. Not that I was able to see what it was doing, but I could still feel it "wiggling". So, I'm not entirely paralysed anymore. Guess, that at least is something.Bookmark here

After that I noticed it. A certain feeling. A shady sensation creeping up my back. I could sense it clearly. Someone was watching me. They weren't moving or saying anything, but I knew they were there. I don't know how, but. . . I just knew.Bookmark here

Clank.Bookmark here

Huh? What was that?Bookmark here

Clank. Ow. I knocked into something. But I wasn't moving at all. No, I wasn't moving. My body still was.Bookmark here

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