Chapter 19:

Moving On


A tall figure steps into the room, dressed very professionally. He looks like he is in his late 40s, clearly a man of royalty since Leo has seen many similar. Although this man is different, the impression he gives off is strict and disciplined. What’s more was the expression of shock Amber had once she saw him. It’s the face she saw time and time again as a kid, her father, William Zauberei.

“That’s… my… dad…”- Amber struggles to say.

Leo was surprised to see Amber in such a panic, something he hadn't seen before.

“Welcome my good friend!”- Vera said with a bright smile.

“Thank you kindly for having me. To what occasion do I owe the pleasure of being here today?”- William Zauberei asked.

With such a formal conduct and introduction, Leo had the impression that William was someone very nice, but of course, Amber’s reaction doesn't seem to suggest that as she looked quite terrified. Leo braces himself for what’s to come.

“Well, I invited you here today for some talking regarding your daughter over there. I just want to…”- Vera was saying as she was interrupted by William walking away.

Within moments of Vera mentioning his daughter, William walked over to Amber and slapped her. The sound of the slap echoes through the room, shocking everyone.

“Why have you come back here?!?”-William said in anger.

“I have heard from Lorcan that you ran away. How much trouble do you plan to give me? That marriage agreement is not something to be scoffed at. My reputation is on the line.”- He follows up.

The situation has been made very clear to everyone in the room. Vera gave off a sinister grin as she finally understood the situation. The rest of Leo’s party were also shocked, as they all did not know about Amber’s marriage. The reason why Lorcan wanted Amber back so desperately was because she’s his fiancé. Lorcan wanted an heir with Zauberei blood, making them naturally great at magic. Amber once again, could not say a single word in response. This was just like when she was home after leaving the hero’s party. She could do nothing but to follow her dad’s demands.

“You are going back there to apologize to them. I can’t believe you did something so childish as running away.”- William pulls Amber’s hand up, forcing her to stand up.

“I’m sorry for all of the commotion. She will go back before any more problems arise, I assure you.”- He forcefully pulled her towards the door.

Leo tries to intervene, but Natalie stops him.

“This is her personal family problem. We truly have no say in this. Only Amber can do something about it. Believe in her.”- Natalie said, not taking her eyes off Amber.

With a pained look, Leo gave up in trying to stop Amber’s dad.

Amber’s cheek was still glowing bright red from the slap, but she is numb to it. Everything seems to be returning to a gray shade like it had been before for her. She felt hopeless and powerless just like before.

“I have gotten my friends into trouble again. Am I just destined to fail like this? It’s all my fault. I’m sorry.”- Amber’s negative thoughts started flowing back.

“I’ll return and disappear from their sights. This is all for the best.”- She resigns to her fate.


Amber instantly snaps back to reality, way faster than it took her when she was at Abania.

“It’s fine to fail, but one thing I don’t want you to do is run away. Even if you know it’s futile, I want you to take it head on with all of your effort.”- The words by Leo’s mom echoes through Amber’s head.

“I’m an idiot. What’s the point of saying that I will change if I don’t actually do it?”- Amber whispers.

“Hm?”- Her dad turns around, trying to hear what Amber was whispering.

“NO!”- Amber shouts, pulling her hand off of William’s grip.

“What did you just dare say to me?”- William Zauberei inquired in anger.

“You heard me! I said I’m not going back there with that loser Lorcan!”- Amber replies.

“Don’t you DARE talk back to me. I know what YOU should do better than YOU will ever do yourself.”- He said.

“I decide what I do myself. I’m not something that you can control anymore.”- Amber reaffirms her commitment.

“WHY YOU…”- William shouts.

“Now, now. I don’t really want to interrupt a family dispute but, William, your daughter is under Sanc Gladius’ protection at the moment. It might sound out of place, but I’m willing to offer her a spot in the guild. And you know the reputation it can bring to you compared to Lorcan”- Vera interrupts.

William thinks for a moment as he finally calmed down and said:

“You’re right, being in Sanc Gladius is an honor way beyond anything Elqium can offer. Amber, this is your final chance. Accept the invitation.”- He sternly states.

Amber looks over at Vera, then back at her party mates. Leo gave a look of reassurance, signaling that he would be fine regardless of the outcome. It seemed like that for everyone else too. As Amber closes her eyes, she takes a breath, and replies:

“Without my friends, being here would be pointless. Not even in a million years will I want to join Sanc Gladius.”

Vera laughs out loud, intrigued by Amber’s answer. William turned around in silence, saying one last thing as he leaves:

“Then you have made your choice. You are no longer a daughter of the Zauberei family. Don’t let yourself into my sight ever again.”

William walks out to the door, not once looking back at his own daughter.

“Wait! Wait!”- Leo said, running up to William.

“You. The one in her party. What could you possibly want with me?”- William asks.

“Just a minor thing. You see that UFO out there?”- Leo answers, asking William a question.

“UFO? What does that mean?”- William looks up in confusion.

With all of his might, Leo lifts his knee, hitting William right on his donger area.

“This is for being a terrible father.”- Leo laughs.

William collapses in pain on the ground, hugging his private parts.

“This is for hitting a girl!”- Sophia says as she slaps him on the face.

“This is for being rich!”- Natalie says as she kicks him on the side.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but this looks fun.”- Claudius says as hit William with a chair, breaking it.

As he lays on the ground screaming in pain, one of his servants rushes over and escorts him out in a panic.

“You’ll pay for this! I’ll remember all of you! You’ll pay!!”- William grunts in pain as he leaves.

“Farewell, Dad.”- Amber said in a very sad and light tone, looking at her dad being escorted outside.

Leo and the other three laughed at the snoopy royalty man that they just hit. Vera joins in on the laughter.

“AHAHAHAH! THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT!”- Vera laughs so much as Garnet is trying to hold back her laughter.

“I like you guys. How about this? I don’t often reconsider, but I’ll let everyone of you join Sanc Gladius as one of our members. My goal this whole time was to crush Alias United and Elqium.”- Vera admits.

“Thanks for the offer, but I created this party not for recognition or strength. I created this to have fun with my fellow party members.”- Leo confidently replies.

Natalie, Sophia, Claudius and Amber all nod in agreement, walking up behind Leo.

“That’s a shame, but you still have to understand your situation here. I’m not letting you guys leave. You’ll stay here as ‘guests’ until I either finish negotiations or win the war.”- Vera states.

“That’s the end of the discussion for today. If you want to change your mind anytime, talk to me and I’ll permit it.”- Vera says.

Turning behind to Garnet, Vera asks:

“Would you kindly take our guests to their room?”

Garnet nods, and directs Leo, along with his party out to the hallway. What they believed to be safe protection turned out to be a ploy. Leo can only now wait for what’s to come.