Chapter 2:

His Majesty, the King

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

The Head Knight lead our group through a massive corridor. The walls are decorated down to the last detail, with windows spanning the left and multiple doors to the guest rooms on the right.Bookmark here

“How did you learn to do magic?” the Head knight asked without even turning his head.Bookmark here

Trying to make small talk, I see. Fine, I shall humor this man.Bookmark here

“Is it that unusual? I have always had this impression that almost everyone in this world can manipulate magic.”Bookmark here

“But you’re not from this world, are you?”Bookmark here

That is indeed true, but that is not because I am an otherworlder. I really quite expect that the King is reasonable enough to believe that I am their God but with...unfortunate circumstances. I wish to resolve this case and go back without further ado.Bookmark here

“So, I’m right, aren’t I?” Head Knight Grayson finally turned to see me then smirked, "You're from another world and so you're not familiar with our God and culture." He continued to walk, "And you assumed all people in this world can do magic because you have seen our priests perform the magical means to summon you."Bookmark here

He is indubitably begging to have his face flipped. Bookmark here

My patience is both being worn out by the thought of home and the thought of dealing with not only this man but also the irresolute mortals of this land. If anything happens to him, I assure that it is the consequence of his own wrongdoing.Bookmark here

The Head Knight continued to blabber on but my reddened ears have finally refused to discern his words. My hands started to twitch yet stopped upon hearing the echoing sound of footsteps behind us.Bookmark here

Ah. Again, I am reminded that not only am I very weak but I am also surrounded at the moment.Bookmark here

These combined factors are restricting me to do anything suspicious- like hitting him.Bookmark here

“Hey~ come on, why so silent? It'll still be a while before we get there. Let’s talk some more~” His singsong-y voice cut me off from my malicious thoughts.Bookmark here

“Oh, please. Let us just keep walking and finish our business, Mr. Head Knight.”Bookmark here

He raised his hands. "Alright alright~."Bookmark here

My eyes rolled so hard that I almost saw my brain. I will just ignore this mortal.Bookmark here

Sometimes, peace is achieved by caring less and ignoring more.Bookmark here

After the seemingly endless corridor, we crossed some other rooms. There was a garden full of neatly trimmed hedges, fresh blooms of flowers, and a fountain at the center. We also passed by a courtyard where several men in simple white garbs were practicing archery. A few men who just finished their horse-riding training walked past drenched in dirt and sweat. Squires can be seen running around fetching equipment for their superiors.Bookmark here

When we reached the throne room, the Head Knight’s men stopped and stood guard by the entrance.Bookmark here

“They are not going to follow us in?”Bookmark here

“We’re not all going to fit in there.”Bookmark here

"Huh."Bookmark here

The doors opened. What Head Knight Grayson said makes sense now; the room was surprisingly quite small- only small enough to fit around thirty people. It looks like this is not the main throne room after all.Bookmark here

Grayson knelt as soon as we arrived near the seat at the opposite side of the room's entrance.Bookmark here

“So this is the hero this time.”Bookmark here

A man presumably in his fifties, whose face have been worn by exposure to the passing of turbulent times more so than most, placed his discerning eyes at me.Bookmark here

Wearing a rather extravagant attire as well as a distinct glorious bejeweled crown on his head, I can only assume that this is the kingdom's ruler.Bookmark here

“So this is the king.”Bookmark here

“This insolent bastard! Show your respect to his Majesty, and kneel!”Bookmark here

The few people around us, likely the nobles standing attendants to the king, tattled so much that it almost made a vein in my forehead pop out.Bookmark here

The King did not seem to mind the others. "Stand, Head Knight and Captain of the First Ray. Let us hear your voice."Bookmark here

Head Knight Grayson stood upon his command. He turned to me and gestured with an open hand, then faced the king, “Your Majesty, this is Al, the hero who was summoned." He continued, with his hand now emphasizing the wrinkled figure emanating elegance and authority at the seat, "Al, this is his Majesty, King Leon the XVII.”Bookmark here

“Incorrect. My name is Aelius, not Al.”Bookmark here

The nobles scowled but the king simply raised his hand. “I shall permit his name."Bookmark here

King Leon the XVII stared through me with his shrunken eyes. "Well, Aelius. Do you know why you were summoned here?”Bookmark here

“Certainly. I have summoned my indomitable presence in this world due to a certain mishap.”Bookmark here

“Indeed, the reports were not wrong. You do seem to consider yourself as the God Aelius." the king stroked his chin. Bookmark here

"However, do you have any way to prove your claim?”Bookmark here

I straightened my back and spread my arms, then exclaimed whilst tilting my chin up. “Observe this heavenly body, ye mighty, and despair! Do I not resemble myself?”Bookmark here

A moment of silence.Bookmark here

The crowd burst into laughter. The king waved his hand, and a mirror was brought into place by some servants. “Why don’t you take a good look at yourself in the mirror, young one.”Bookmark here

I stared at my reflection. The mirror showed a boy who seems to have just gotten past his teenage years. His hair was that of a short and black fringe, and his body a little bit on the scrawny side. He is wearing an untucked, cloudy gray shirt over his pale skin. His apparel is that from the other world. Average in looks. Wait, is this my reflection? Me?Bookmark here

“Well that explains why I am powerless.”Bookmark here

The king smiled. He then stood up. “Now that you have accepted it, I shall tell you why have been brought here.”Bookmark here

“I reckon your kingdom is slowly being conquered by a demon lord and its minions.”Bookmark here

“Precisely.”Bookmark here

He paused for a moment. “The demon lord this time commands the power of the dark element. Therefore, we prayed to the God Aelius for a Saintess, one who can use the power of light and subdue the darkness. He sent us you.”Bookmark here

I did find them a candidate with a strong affinity for light magic. The same candidate tricked me into invoking myself into this place and is definitely messing around in the Heaven Realm as of this moment.Bookmark here

“Will you help us, Aelius?” The king bowed down to me. Bookmark here

The nobles in the room fell silent.Bookmark here

“Alright, I will help you”Bookmark here

I do not have a choice either way.
Bookmark here

“Good. We are sincerely thankful for your help."Bookmark here

The king pointed at the direction of the Head Knight. "Grayson here will guide you and will help you clarify things if you need help."Bookmark here

"Grayson, bring him to the throne room once he is ready.”Bookmark here

“As you wish, your Majesty.” He placed his hand on his chest, bowing down before the king.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Grayson then ushered me out the room.Bookmark here

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