Chapter 3:

Basic Lessons in Magic

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

“This is the Grand Library. You can read some of the books here to help you understand the situation.” The Head Knight beamed as he walked around picking thick, hardbound books. Bookmark here

After the audience with King Leon, we went straight to this area of the castle. Bookmark here

The shelves which lined the walls were gigantic enough to crush a person to death if it ever toppled over them. As I examined the place, it is evident that the sleek mahogany shelves were meticulously maintained to preserve various books dating from the Kingdom’s founding. Bookmark here

There were hundreds of collections of colored tomes regarding the knowledge of the kingdom; from its list of successful kings to the tradition and culture of its people. There were also periodicals detailing various exploits and recordings of the fauna and flora around the kingdom. In some gloomy corners were hidden, ancient texts; some almost undecipherable due to torn and missing pages.Bookmark here

Head Knight Grayson seemed to be focusing on the section of the massive library with the journals about magic and martial arts. I can smell the faint vanilla scent emitting from the aged papers as we passed through each aisle. Bookmark here

“There’s no need for all of that. I already know about this place and everything.”Bookmark here

“Oh? Do you know where we are then?”Bookmark here

“Indubitably! We are in the Kingdom of Sol located on the Nevia Continent, the only continent that is occupied solely by humans as well as one of the five continents of this world.”Bookmark here

Naturally, I would know. I watched as these kingdoms rise and fall for eons. I knew everything in this world. Well, except for the personal lives of the living things in it.Bookmark here

“Alright then. How about magic?”Bookmark here

“I also know about-”Bookmark here

Head Knight Grayson placed down the books, interrupting me. He took a blackboard and started writing on it with a piece of chalk. I blinked in surprise as I do not have an inkling where he procured that equipment.Bookmark here

“There are six types of magic. There are the four cardinal elements: fire, water, earth, and air." He drew an icon for each element of magic on the board. He arranged the elements in a square. Bookmark here

"Then we have light and dark." he continued by drawing another two adjacent icons that are separate from the first four. Bookmark here

“Magic is further categorized into ranks. The ranks scale from one to ten, with rank one magic being the weakest and rank ten being the strongest.”Bookmark here

The Head Knight is enjoying his own lecture, isn't he, I thought to myself. I already knew all of this. But seeing him getting worked up about this world's magic system is a little entertaining; therefore, I let him continue.Bookmark here

“Types of magic also have advantages and disadvantages against each type. The four cardinal elements counter each other: water beats earth, which beats fire, which beats air, and then which beats water.”Bookmark here

Drawings of arrows between each cardinal element icon go in a roundabout fashion. The light and dark icons have arrows pointing at each other.Bookmark here

“The last two kind of beats each other. Light beats dark and dark beats light. At this point, I guess the winner would be the one who has a higher rank of magic.” Bookmark here

He continued on about fighting with magic. But I was not paying attention anymore as I already have a grasp of what he was saying: Magic needs mana to work. Magic also needs the person to chant to work.Bookmark here

Oh, but of course, someone like me does NOT need to waste time chanting for my magic to work. My current problem, however, is that my mana supply has become quite limited.Bookmark here

“-and we’ve got cast time to consider and mana concentrations-“Bookmark here

I interrupted him. “Mr. Head Knight, that is enough. Tell me about martial arts instead.”Bookmark here

“Oh, that. It's system is straightforward. Martial arts is quite simple as it's only ranked from one to ten according to its advantages and disadvantages. Unlike the magic system, martial arts don’t require mana and can be learned by anyone given time and diligent training.”Bookmark here

There were now more drawings on the black board. I can see a man engulfed in flames- ah, no. It is apparently Battle Aura. I stifled a laugh. Head Knight Grayson is terrible at drawing.Bookmark here

"Martial arts ranges from physical buffs to offensive and defensive displays of power," the Head Knight said unbothered. “And then there is the last one. Focus on yourself.”Bookmark here

The last one. Ah right, I remember. Unique skills. The overpowered buffs that I graciously bestow upon otherworlders when they get summoned. This is so they can grow powerful in a short amount of time. In my case, I suppose I have just weakened, a.k.a. nerfed, myself.Bookmark here

“You mean my Unique skill, right?”Bookmark here

“How’d you-?" Head Knight Grayson eyes widened for a moment. "Just tell me what skill you have.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I checked my status.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Unique Skill:
Blessing of the Archmage
The person's affinity for cardinal magic increases greatly and their mana capacity expands significantly.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I could not help but sigh. It is a blessing for any other person but in this case, it is a huge seal for me. I had perfect affinity for magic and my mana capacity is supposed to be limitless. And if I remembered correctly, I would not be able to use martial arts with this blessing.Bookmark here

“Blessing of the Archmage”Bookmark here

The Head Knight's face lit up. “Woah, that’s amazing! Only two other people in history have received such a rare blessing!”Bookmark here

“Great, I feel so much stronger.” I mumbled, not even trying to hide the sarcasm in my voice. Bookmark here

I have been jinxed. This day could not possibly get any worse, can it?Bookmark here

Just as I continued to ponder upon such rhetorical question, the floor shakes. I almost lost my footing for a moment. Piles of tomes the Head Knight picked up for reading fell, scattering onto the floor as cement and dust from the ceiling began to sprinkle all over. The ground continued to tremble for a few moments. The Grand Library's walls groaned as something heavy landed on top of the castle.Bookmark here

Head Knight Grayson swiftly unsheathed his sword from its scabbard- a silver longsword that is four feet in length. “That noise-! We’re under attack!”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Oh, of course. We are under attack.Bookmark here

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