Chapter 10:

Good Intentions

Magnum Opus

After talking with her, I spend some time pondering about the situation. Right now, we are at the principal´s house, is there any way the mafia knows about this house? Second, will my family start to look for me with the help of the police? Third, why is she helping me? Is there any connection between her and I? Does she know about the theater incident? Finally, how in the world will I escape from this situation?

She told me to stay here for a while, which from my perspective is a good idea… I guess I will use this time to get to know her better, maybe that way she can tell me why is she helping me. Little by little I will solve these problems.

Ha… how funny.

Since my mother died, I stopped caring about what I enjoyed even a reason to live. I just wanted to live far from my family especially my brother. It´s funny how despite the fact I don´t have any particular reason to live I don´t want to die either or better said, assassinated.

I take off my shirt and look at the scar the knife left in my stomach.

It´s kind of big and deep, I know that because I lost a lot of blood. Who in the world would like to kill me?

I put the shirt on.

I´ve done wrong in my life but I stopped and I don´t know of any cases where wealthy families got attack by someone. In this part of the city, the wealthiest are untouchable, we can do what we want, of course there is the media but we have contacts there to avoid any kind of suspicion. However, there is the rumor that we are a cult or something and that we control everything, that is not a lie but neither a truth. We certainly have power, but in the poorest parts of the city, for example where hope lives, there is a war between gangs and mafias. That always works as a distraction making us look like we don´t control everything.

Anyway, as far as I remember there is no one who hates me. Or maybe… not me… maybe they are trying to get to my family by me.


That makes sense, as I am not a confirmed I am easier to get to, I don´t have protection. Yes, maybe they want revenge against my family… but who?

There is a rule amongst the Confirmed, we shall never do harm to our members, the punishment is dead. Although, no one has ever committed that sin. My family is the most respected, my father Gilbert provides “resources” to all the confirmed and my brother Cain is the right hand of the emperor. I guess there is only one way to know.

I need to talk to my family personally.

I smell shampoo. It seems Hope finished taking the bath.

She sits in the couch in front of me wearing a large blouse and pants.

“What do you want for dinner?”

“Ah?” I wasn´t expecting that.

“Anything will do, I am not picky with food.” That´s true, since I left High grounds I survived by just eating at restaurants and street food.

“Anything…” She seems a little bothered.

“Is that a problem?” I asked.

“No, it´s just that telling me what do you want is easier for me to prepare something.”

“Are you going to cook?” wait a minute, is she for real?

“…If you don´t like, then we can eat outside.” She says. I think I made her a little mad.

“No, it´s not that, your cooking is good. It´s just that I wasn’t expecting such hospitality from you.” I say that to try to calm her down in case she really is mad.

“…mmm…” She looks down and rapidly looks at me again. “Is that good?” she says calmly yet she looks a bit nervous.

“Yes, I honestly never thought you were such a good person.” I speak frankly.

She is astonished, then she puts her hands on her mouth…

Is that a teardrop?

“Are you okay?” I ask trying to grasp what just happened.

She turns back. “… yes…” She takes a deep breath and then says. “Do you think I am a good person?”

She sounds deadly serious, how can something this trivial be so tense?

“… mmm yes, since we met all you have done is help me… and we don´t know each other. For me, only those who are really good people help the others without asking anything in return.”

“something in return…” she makes a pause. “Like what?”

“I don´t know, like money, a favor, things like that.” What kind of questions is she asking me? Isn´t this common sense?

“… how about words?”


“Yes, like hearing words from someone.”

“You mean like thanks?”

“…no… it´s not that…” she makes another pause. “Like what you said to me before.”

“ammm you mean receiving word like “you are good person”?”


“so, that will be recognition.”

“Yes, is receiving recognition something bad?”

“I guess no, after all people who seek recognition do it because they expect that from something good or important they did. Although, that depends on your intention.” I say that remembering what confirmations are.

“My intentions…”

“Yes, did you help me with good intentions?”

“I don´t know… well, I do know. I have a reason that´s for sure.”

“And what´s that reason?” I ask.

“Can´t tell, I´m not ready, but I have one.” She says firmly. Man, how stubborn.

“Hahah.” I laugh. I kind of like that side of her, it´s like a child.

“Why do you laugh?” She asks in a severe tone of voice.

“Nothing nothing! I swear. I just thought you were funny.”

“Are you mocking me?” she says after turning to me again.

“It´s just that you change your behavior so suddenly” I clear my throat. “Let´s go back to the intentions, were your intentions good when you helped me?”

“I don´t know… I acted without thinking.” She looks disappointed.

“mmm and how did you feel after you helped me?”

“… what I felt…” She makes another pause. “Relief…”

I sigh.

If we continue like this, we would never eat. Tough, I think I can get somewhere with this.

“Then that´s your answer. Relief is a sign that your intentions were good, so, thank you for saving me.” I say that smiling to comfort her.

“Umm” She nods and smile back.

What was that?

And then, she heads to the kitchen.

“Hey, you haven´t answer me. How did you find me?” I yelled from the living room.

“Wait, I´ll tell you during dinner.” She yells back.


What a girl.

“Will the mafia find us here?” I yelled again just to make sure before relaxing on the couch.

“No. Well, not for now.” She yells at me.

Not now eh. Well, that´s better than having them right next to us.

In the meantime, I´ll look around the house.

After looking around the house, I discovered a few interesting things, the good thing is that there are plenty of rooms here, three to be precise. There are closets full of clothes. I even took a shower and then headed back to the kitchen.

While on the kitchen she told me how did she find me. She just took a different way riding her bike, she followed us because she refused to leave me alone, she even made sure no one followed her.

Then the diner proceeded as when we had breakfast, we eat in silence and then I thank her and received a smile from her.

How interesting.


Starting from this day, I´ll live with her until things get clearer or worse, whatever happens first,

we´ll see.