Chapter 11:


Magnum Opus

It´s this weird dream again. Bookmark here

My father, my brother and I are there. My father hitting my mother with a whip while my brother encourages him. There are times where the object it´s different, sometimes bare hand, shoes, belts, broom sticks and whips like today.Bookmark here

I´m starting to feel anxious, although it´s a dream, this one it´s taking long. I would feel desperate if my mother make any noises, but she usually stays quiet all the time. Right now I´m just waiting for her to see me as always to wake up. Bookmark here

Hmmm from my perspective it looks like my father is taking out a different object from behind. It´s a police club. She screams, for the first time my mother screams… Bookmark here

It´s not my mother…Bookmark here

It´s Hope.Bookmark here

I´m terrified. My heart it´s beating like crazy, my breath starts to shorten, it´s asphyxiating.Bookmark here

My brother is grinning at me, he´s looking at me in my dream not to the other me. That face!Bookmark here

I can´t stand it. I will go there.Bookmark here

As soon as I take another step Hope looks at me.Bookmark here

I froze.Bookmark here

I finally woke up.Bookmark here

My dream has changed perhaps of what has been happening in my life. In the past, I used to think that my dream was a memory of my childhood.But, My father never hit my mother and my brother would never encourage him to hit her. Despite the fact that our family doesn´t show weaknesses (emotions), my brother always loved our mother, on the other hand, I was always distant.Bookmark here

My head starts to hurt so I put my hand on it. Bookmark here

I should stop thinking, after all it´s only a dream.Bookmark here

It´s morning… I ended up sleeping in the nearest room, it appears to be where the principal used to sleep, yet, there are few hints that indicate he lived here. The room it´s pretty much untouched, it´s like he only came to sleep. Bookmark here

I dress up and go look around the house. Bookmark here

Hope is probably still sleeping. Bookmark here

Hmm… I think I´ll prepare the breakfast this time. I look inside the fridge, there are frozen veggies, milk, soda, beer, sausages, ham, and kitchen. I hope they haven´t expire. I take a look to see the expiration date. It seems that everything it´s fine. Did Hope buy this stuff? If so, when did she do it?Bookmark here

After giving it some thought I decide to make some sandwiches, simple yet effective. I go to Hope´s room to tell her breakfast is ready, I would normally yell at her but I don´t want to call attention from the neighbors. Bookmark here

There is one room on the first floor and two on the second, she must probably be sleeping on the nearest one. I go up the stairs, the bedroom´s door is slightly open. My intention is not to see her on her sleep but I have to wake her up. Bookmark here

She´s not sleeping, she´s changing her clothes. I´m not going to lie but this is kind of exciting, I´ve seen her half naked but this time is different. Bookmark here

I swallow.Bookmark here

She hasn´t notice me.Bookmark here

As I watch her slender figure I see her back.Bookmark here

Scars.Bookmark here

She has scars on her back as well as some bruises. When did she get those, the bruises may be from that time at the police station but the scars, they look more recent than the bruises. Bookmark here

I have to get down quickly. Bookmark here

I go down the stairs quietly and head to the kitchen.Bookmark here

Now that I know that she is awake I yell at her to have breakfast.Bookmark here

I wait for her while thinking about what I just saw. How should I address to her about that?Bookmark here

“You prepared breakfast.” She says.Bookmark here

“Yeah, I wanted to pay you back somehow.”Bookmark here

“mmm…” she looks kind of disappointed.Bookmark here

We start eating.Bookmark here

Normally, I would stay silent in a situation like this but my thoughts about her scars don´t let me alone. Bookmark here

“Did you like it?” I ask even though they are only sandwiches. Bookmark here

“Yeah, they are okay.”Bookmark here

“Sorry, the truth is that I am not very good at cooking so I didn´t  cook to avoid burning the kitchen.” I try to sound funny. Bookmark here

“Don´t worry, you don´t have to. I can cook for you.”Bookmark here

“Ah… Okay.” So she WAS disappointed.Bookmark here

“Did you sleep well?” I ask trying to get to the scars thingy.Bookmark here

“Yeah, how about you? I heard you making weird noises again.”Bookmark here

I´m surprise. “How did you know? Was I so loud?”Bookmark here

“Yes, you sounded like a man trying to move car with all his strength. I even got down, but after seeing you were just sleeping I headed back to my room.”Bookmark here

So, she was already up when I woke up. Bookmark here

“What were you dreaming?” She asks.Bookmark here

“Ahh mmm well, it´s just a dream where I´m watching people fighting that´s all, this time I wanted to interfere but I couldn´t.”Bookmark here

“mmm I see. You don´t look like the type of person who would interfere.” She says with utterly confidence in her words, as if she knows me.Bookmark here

“What?! I can defend myself well.”Bookmark here

“You ran when the tuxedo guy tried to kill you.”Bookmark here

“Ah that´s different, I was running for my life.” I´m losing my cool again.Bookmark here

“Literally.” She says sarcastically. And I thought she didn´t have sense of humor. I guess she learned something with the mafia huh.Bookmark here

“Anyway, I´m not good at defending myself but I am certainly sure I would protect someone in need.” Empty words, never in my life have I helped anyone.Bookmark here

“Aham, like back in the police station.” Sarcastic again huh.Bookmark here

Well at least she doesn´t look angry about that. “Speaking of that, what happen there? Did they do something to you?”Bookmark here

“They force me into a room, to make me talk. I only said what was true. I helped you since the hospital and went to the police station. After that, nothing more happened.”Bookmark here

“Did they hurt you?”Bookmark here

“Nothing to worry about.”Bookmark here

“You said you were in the mafia, did you get hurt back then?”Bookmark here

“Sometimes, nothing to worry about.”Bookmark here

This is not going anywhere I have to be more specific.Bookmark here

“Do you have scars? After all, if you are in the mafia you should probably were involved in many fights.”Bookmark here

“… Yes. Some.” She seems uncomfortable. Bookmark here

“Any recent one?”Bookmark here

“Why do you ask that?” Bookmark here

“Curiosity I guess.” I say. She avoids my question, it seems she doesn´t want to talk about that.Bookmark here

“Aren´t you going to change clothes?” She changes the topic.Bookmark here

“mmm no, and I don´t plan to wear the principal´s clothes.”Bookmark here

“We should go to your house for clothes.”Bookmark here

She´s right, I have to change my clothes, I would buy them in the nearest shop but I don´t have cash with me and I don´t want to ask her to lend me money.Bookmark here

“Yeah, let me look for a cap to hide a little my identity.” Bookmark here

She nods.Bookmark here

After looking for a cap, I found one.Bookmark here

“Hey, are we going to your house as well?” I ask her.Bookmark here

“No, there is no need. We´ll stop by an old friend´s place, he usually gives me my clothes.”Bookmark here

“Okay… that´s kind of strange.” Bookmark here

“He is a connection to the mafia, he lives in the suburbs where the burnt theater is.”Bookmark here

“Okay.” I´m speechless. She said that the mafia was trying to get into this part of the city, I guess it´s normal they start with a different part that is not their territory.Bookmark here

And so, we head to my house. Bookmark here

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