Chapter 0:

What's the Point?

The Classroom Of Misfits

In a world full of wonders of the supernatural, 'Mentals' are one of these wonders and the most common. They manifest the emotions and feelings of the person, asking about their desires, giving them abilities, to destruct, to protect, and to save in need.

Due to the sudden resurgence of Mental users throughout the world, everyone feared them, they call it a curse. With the increase of Mental users appearing in plain sight, the government decides to take action and capture Mental users as experiments to find a "Cure". Throughout 50 years, Mental users have been in hiding, those unlucky ones will be used as slaves for power and pleasure, so basically… satisfying their own needs.

One day, one mental user will be the one to destroy the current system and build a new one where Mental users and humans will live in harmony.

"…How's that for a story? T******-kun?" A beautiful lady in robe asked the little boy.

She saw the excitement in his eyes, patting his head as he's squealing his lungs out in his blanket.

"Hey, hey, onee-san" a young T****** looked "Can I be the one mental user who saves everyone?"

"Don't worry, you can be the one someday and I'm sure, that's your fate" Those lines echoed through as if it's fading away.

"Huh, is that so, Onee-san?" The memory is shattered like broken glass, echoing inside of the brain of the young unstable mind of this child. The only thing he saw in his eternal darkness.

His thoughts are filled with pain and suffering, dark silhouettes circling him, mimicking the ones who cause this misery of his, flooding him into the puddle of his own emotions, consuming him.

"What am I?"

As his thoughts are filling up these questions, the unknown terror that he causes outside in his vision.

"Alpha squad, Open fire!" The alpha squad general takes command as the soldiers firing up their guns. But what they don't know is what kind of being their facing.

Soldiers flying everywhere, like being tossed harder enough to splat a person. The dark aura emitting towards the soldiers as they were killed one by one by these unknown whirling wings.

"Why am I even alive?"

"What's my purpose?"

"Is this my fate?"

These questions repeat themselves in a monotone, it felt like a disease spreading in his brain, he felt that he's in his own world now. Without care what's happening outside in his mind. Like he let his own body being controlled by someone.

Every Mental user needs a desire in order to control their powers, but it's not the case for him.

He's the second Mental user that has their ability without any desire to reach.

Loud sirens from the alarms rang throughout the whole facility, all floors are being contained, blocking any source of exit. More and more soldiers arrive at the scene, passing by the corpses and the bodies of their fellow soldiers.

They all continued to open fire while he's on his back, He has no intentions of dodging them so he took all of the shots, he felt a tremendous amount of pain, but his skin regenerated from where all of the gunshot wounds he got.

"Huh, It's so annoying" He turned his back to the soldiers, looking at the shock and horror forming in their faces, knowing that they're dead as soon they turn around and run.

"This is Team Charlie, we have a Code Black here, I repeat, we have a Code Bla-" The call left distorted to the receiver, assuming whoever is on the other side is dead.

“Princess, this is Code Black, we need to escape” As the soldier turned around, the princess is on her knees, trembling, with a look of deep regret, mumbling the words...

“It’s my fault, I’m sorry”

“Princess, this is not the time to feel regret over something you didn’t do” The soldier held the Princess’ wrist “We have to escape”

Knowing that there’s no way to fix this, neither revert the event of the past. The princess gritted her teeth as she looks back. Everyone thinks that it’s not her fault, cause she’s following instructions. But she knew that she played with his feelings so the majority, it’s her fault.

As she stood up, she held her chest, due to the pain rising from the regret she felt. They ran as the falling debris blocked the way behind them.

“Huh?” The boy annoyingly splats the soldier he’s holding on the ground as the wings do the work for him, scaring the rest of the soldiers in front of him.

The faces of horrors these soldiers face, they’ve begun to question themselves as to why they terminate this unkillable being. The despair of these soldiers felt just enough to make him smile.

The boy laughed maniacally, causing the wings on his back to run wild, as with each flap of the wings, killed one soldier in front of him, splattering the body parts everywhere. The hallway is now covered in red by the unlucky soldiers that died at the hands of this unstable boy.

“Oh yeah,” He looked up, he felt someone's strong presence at the top of the facility as his wings were ready to boost him up out of the facility. “Where’s the princess at?”

He flew out of the bunker facility, creating a loud explosion from the inside, he landed through his feet on the ground, feeling the street for the first time after how many years he’s been captive from the facility, as his anger and rage flow through his body as she saw a silhouette of a girl and a boy in the distance. The smoke cleared to see the princess with the soldier beside her, preparing his M16 to shoot the person in front of him with the Dark wings.

The boy glared at these two individuals in front of him, as his wings prepare to attack them. The soldier open fires his M16 at the boy in front of him but the bullets are being reflected away from the wings. One bullet ricochets back to the soldier’s neck, leaving him fatally wounded that led to his death.

Seeing how deadly the boy has become ever since she captured him, out of her will. She has no choice but to give up. She has no way to protect herself from this situation, so she just smiled with tears flowing down on her cheeks, knowing that she’s the sole reason why this monster, in the boy’s back existed is because of her. She deeply regretted that this happened to him, she kneels down in defeat but as she embraced herself to her fate, she remembered the first time the two of them met, with the warm smile that the boy gave her. The boy started walking slowly towards the princess, while the wings are playing the body around like a ragdoll. The boy looked down at the distressed Princess on the ground kneeling.

The princess just smiled as she remembered the smile of the boy in the past, she’s ready to die in the one who made her human for the first time. But at the cost of making this boy into a monster.

“I’m sorry…” She apologized in a soft tone “Takeda-kun”

The boy didn’t show any signs of expression on his face, the wings tossed the body and prepared to pierce through the princess. With a sigh released on his mouth, the wings did the work themselves, assuming that it killed her.

“What’s the point?”