Chapter 10:

Shinra Versus the Rhino

Tears of Wars: The Heroes are Born

In the morning...Bookmark here

“Guys, before going to the border barrier, I’ll go to my father’s grave first. I know, he had betrayed humans. However, he’s still my father. At least I want to see his final resting place,” Shinra said, getting ready to leave.Bookmark here

“Okay, we’ll come with you,” Roman said.Bookmark here

Shinra declined his offer. He wanted to go with the Torto. “It’s okay, Roman. You guys just wait here. I won’t be long. It’s only half a day from here. I’ll be here tomorrow morning. I’ll go with the Torto instead. Can you accompany me, Torto?”Bookmark here

“Very well, Young Master. Ah, sorry, I mean King Shinra,” the Torto said, lowering his head.Bookmark here

“It’s okay, Torto, I have to get used to my new title.”Bookmark here

The Torto and Shinra went to the grave, accompanied by several royal soldiers. The journey was quite far. On the way, Shinra asked the royal army.Bookmark here

“Why did you inter him so far from the kingdom?? There seems to be something odd here. Are you guys hiding something from me?”Bookmark here

The royal army replied, “N-No, King Shinra. We interred him far away so the monsters could not find his grave.”Bookmark here

“Weird. Speak the truth. I’m not angry, but if due to your actions something happened to the kingdom, you’d be the first to suffer the consequences,” Shinra said, glaring a little.Bookmark here

The royal army just kept quiet, their heads lowered.Bookmark here

“But whatever it is, I’m sure with them in the kingdom, they’ll be fine,” Shinra said optimistically as he continued walking.Bookmark here

The Torto suddenly sniffed some monster scents. “King Shinra, be careful. I smell several Sharkins and a Rhino!!”Bookmark here

“I knew it!! Stay alert, Torto!!” Shinra said, looking around.Bookmark here

Shinra, the Torto, and the royal army had arrived at a small hill near the lake. They visited King Tertoro’s grave. Shinra tended to it, cleaning the stone and arranging fresh flowers there. Afterward, they rested for a while before continuing their journey home.Bookmark here

Suddenly, the Rhino, who had been injured, came. He had followed Shinra’s scent.Bookmark here

He grinned and said, “Tch. Finally we met, Shinra!! Are you having a good day? Looks like you’re hanging out with your dad, huh? How about I send you over there too, so you two can spend some time together?” He laughed.Bookmark here

“King, go. I will stall him!!” the Torto said, getting ready to fight.Bookmark here

“What do you mean, Torto? You must bring them back to the kingdom safely and wait for me there. I’m the king now. I’ll protect my people!!” Shinra answered, resolute.Bookmark here

“Hoho!! I forgot that your title has gone up one level to become a king. You should be thanking me. If it weren’t for me, you’d still be a prince now!!” the Rhino sneered.Bookmark here

“Hurry up, Torto!! This is an order from your king!!” Shinra said with a serious look.Bookmark here

The Torto replied, “Very well, King Shinra. Please return safely.”Bookmark here

“Hey, Rhino, before I rip your guts out, will you tell me the Baramus’ weakness?? Because I’m going to kill him!!!” Shinra said.Bookmark here

“You won’t be able to fight him now. Even at my best, it’d take more than ten Rhinos to injure him!! Let alone kill him!! Especially a weak human like you!! But if you can beat me, I’ll tell you a little about his weakness. However, it’s still impossible for you to beat him even though you know his weakness!!” the Rhino taunted.Bookmark here

“How amusing. Prepare sweet words for when you explain later!!” Shinra unsheathed his twin swords, getting ready to attack.Bookmark here

The Torto and the royal army quickly left. However, on the way they met two Sharkins. It was a nightmare for them.Bookmark here

The Torto was surprised to see two Sharkins blocking his path. “What?! Why are you here? What do you want? Didn’t we both try to maintain peace between monsters and humans once?”Bookmark here

The one-eyed Sharkin said, “Torto, don’t tell me the meaning of peace!! True peace is when everyone’s afraid of monsters.”Bookmark here

“Sharkin, do you remember when Firouza was still ruling this earth? Wasn’t it so much better then? Do you like humans, even a single human?”Bookmark here

Furious, the one-eyed Sharkin attacked the Torto. “You talk too much, Torto!! You don’t understand anything about me!!”Bookmark here

The Sharkins rushed to attack the Torto, bypassing several royal soldiers.Bookmark here

The Torto was able to withstand the blow from one of them, but his strength was not enough to fight back. He could only block their attacks.Bookmark here

He pleaded, “Please, Sharkin, at least let these humans go.”Bookmark here

“You think I have such a good heart? Ridiculous.”Bookmark here

The two Sharkins launched a series of hard blows on the Torto. They let the royal army go, focusing on him. The Torto endured their attacks, even though the wounds he received was getting worse.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, near King Tertoro’s grave...Bookmark here

“I’ll finish you here, Shinra!!” the Rhino roared, charging forward.Bookmark here

They fought very hard. Even though the Rhino still had not fully recovered from the war a few weeks ago, his strength was indeed extraordinary. Shinra managed to dodge his attacks. A Rhino did not possess a great speed, but its power was more than enough to make Shinra seriously injured if hit by an attack.Bookmark here

“You look so weak, Rhino. Looks like your wound really made you helpless!! Do I have to throw away one of my swords so we can fight on equal ground??”Bookmark here

“Don’t get cocky, brat. Even if you use two swords, you still won’t win against me. Your current strength is only on par with a Sharkin. Maybe you can hurt me, but not kill me.”Bookmark here

“How amusing. Looks like I can get a little serious in this fight!!”Bookmark here

Shinra wielded his twin swords, zigzagging fast toward the Rhino.Bookmark here

The Rhino was taken aback and tried to dodge his attack, but he was too fast. He cut the Rhino’s right arm.Bookmark here

The Rhino lost his right arm, bleeding profusely. Meanwhile, Shinra paused, looking at the Rhino who was falling to his knees.Bookmark here

“Our fight is over, Rhino.” Shinra brandished his twin swords, running toward him.Bookmark here

But it was a mistake. The Rhino dodged his attack and hit him in the stomach with his big club. Shinra fell, both of his swords were thrown away.Bookmark here

“Argh… You think just because I lost one arm I became weak? Ridiculous!!”Bookmark here

“Cough! Argh… Damn. I can’t stand up.” Shinra forced himself to stand up, but the attack was severe enough to break several of his ribs.Bookmark here

The Rhino approached him and lifted him up.Bookmark here

“You’re lucky you didn’t die right away. Normally a human would die instantly!! Look at you, how pathetic you are!! You want to fight a Baramus?! Don’t make me laugh, brat!! Cough!”Bookmark here

The bleeding on his arm was severe enough to cause him to lose a lot of strength. He threw Shinra on the ground.Bookmark here

“You’re a stupid king!! I’ll finish you here!!!” He raised his club with his left hand and swung it at Shinra.Bookmark here

Shinra tried to move his body, but he was too weak.Bookmark here

I’m sorry, friends...Bookmark here

“Now you’ll be able to meet your parents soon, brat!! Ah, let me tell you one thing so that you can die in peace. The one who killed your mother was me!!”Bookmark here

“Bastard!!” Shinra roared.Bookmark here

He took his twin swords, trying to attack from a bent position, but the Rhino managed to kick his hand before he swung the sword. The sword was flung away.Bookmark here

“Oops… You’re a very weak king. You’re as weak as your father!! Take this, brat!!” The Rhino swung his club quickly toward Shinra’s body.Bookmark here

Chomp!Bookmark here

Suddenly the two Sharkins that attacked the Torto appeared and bit the Rhino hard from behind. In an instant, he lost his left arm.Bookmark here

“Argh… Just what do you think you two are doing?! You traitors!!” he shouted furiously.Bookmark here

Shinra was getting weaker and he fainted.Bookmark here

“Hoho, sorry, Rhino, looks like their offer is better than yours. So we’ll save this boy for a while and we’ll finish you here, Rhino,” the one-eyed Sharkin said.Bookmark here

The Rhino, who was helpless from losing both his hands, was immediately attacked by the two Sharkins. He died.Bookmark here

Previously, in the Torto’s fight against the Sharkins…Bookmark here

King Shinra, I’m sorry!! Looks like I’m going to die here.Bookmark here

The two Sharkins stopped their attacks because they sniffed blood.Bookmark here

In a low voice the Torto said, “Sharkin, Shinra is trying to maintain the peace treaty between humans and monsters. You also know that it was Satyr who tried to destroy it!!”Bookmark here

As the one-eyed Sharkin mulled it over, he remembered that there was a human he liked.Bookmark here

The Sharkins like strong humans. That was why they always come to execute disobedient humans. They ceased their attacks.Bookmark here

“I sniffed blood from near the lake!! Let’s go there!!” the one-eyed Sharkin said.Bookmark here

With the last of his strength, Torto pleaded, “Please!! Please save King Shinra!! I’d give anything for you guys!! Please, I beg you!! Only King Shinra can unite all humans and monsters back to how they used to be. Please… I don’t want his friends to be in danger… I’m starting to like humans. I want to understand them: Roman, Terry, Darma, and Kenue. I want to see them together with King Shinra. So please, save him.” Then, he passed out due to his injuries.Bookmark here

The one-eyed Sharkin recalled something. Kenue?? He’s the spear wielding boy, the son of Brahma. Oh, I see. That’s right, I want to see him live and become strong!! He said, “Okay, I’ll grant your request!”Bookmark here

The two Sharkins quickly went to Shinra’s place.Bookmark here

Meanwhile…Bookmark here

In the end, the Rhino was killed by the two Sharkins. They brought the Torto and Shinra to the Sacred Hawk Kingdom. They were unconscious. The tension in the kingdom was palpable. At the same time, Roman and the others were just about to pick up Shinra and instead met the two Sharkins near the Sacred Hawk Kingdom’s gates.Bookmark here

Furious, Kong approached the Sharkins. “Argh! What did you do to Shinra?! Bastard!! I’ll kill you!!”Bookmark here

Kong aimed his fist at one of the Sharkins, but Roman blocked it with only one hand. He fell silent.Bookmark here

Roman also blocked the Sharkin’s punch that was aimed at Kong with the other hand.Bookmark here

In a calm voice, he said, “Kong, calm down. If indeed Shinra fought two Sharkins, he should’ve had a chance to defeat them. Let these Sharkins explain first.”Bookmark here

The royal army cut him off, “King Shinra didn’t fight the Sharkins. He fought the Rhino. The two Sharkins attacked the three of us and the Torto on the way home. Suddenly, the Rhino showed up near King Tertoro’s grave. Then, King Shinra fought him. We were told to leave quickly, but instead we ran into these two Sharkins.”Bookmark here

“Oh, I see. You saved Shinra, huh? How come?” Roman asked.Bookmark here

“It’s just a coincidence. I have no intention of killing the new king because I want to see how you guys beat Satyr!”Bookmark here

The two Sharkins then left the Sacred Hawk Kingdom.Bookmark here

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