Chapter 11:

The Baramus' Arrival

Tears of Wars: The Heroes are Born

In the morning, in the Sacred Hawk Kingdom…Bookmark here

One week had passed, but Shinra had not fully recovered, unlike Torto. Monsters healed at a faster rate than humans.Bookmark here

“Yo, Shinra,” Roman greeted.Bookmark here

“Hey, Roman, you look different now. You look cool, but just a little,” Shinra praised.Bookmark here

“Of course, when you were sleeping like a pampered prince, I trained from morning to evening. I’m much stronger than you now.”Bookmark here

Shinra chuckled. “You’re so cocky. Even if I were to sleep for ten years, I’d still beat you, Roman.”Bookmark here

Roman laughed. “We’ll see.”Bookmark here

Terry and Darma watched Shinra and Roman chatting from a distance.Bookmark here

“Roman and Shinra are like brothers now. They became very close,” Terry said.Bookmark here

“Yeah, the situation changed very quickly. I remember the first time I met Shinra near the cave where Kong lived,” Darma reminisced.Bookmark here

Kenue approached Terry and Darma.Bookmark here

“I agree with Shinra. Roman has definitely gotten stronger. At that time, he managed to block Kong’s punch with one hand and the Sharkin’s punch with the other at the same time. I think he’s very strong. In addition, not only did his strength increase, but his defense also increased. I can’t believe that he hardly ever feels tired.”Bookmark here

“Exactly, Ken, I was surprised too. He held off their punches at the same time without even breaking a sweat,” Darma said.Bookmark here

“He trained from morning to evening without stopping. His body was extraordinarily strong. Maybe he’s much stronger than Kong now,” Terry said.Bookmark here

Kong came over to the three of them.Bookmark here

“Hey, you guys keep saying my name like I’m not even here,” Kong said.Bookmark here

“Hey, where have you been, Kong? Sorry,” Terry said.Bookmark here

“The royal army and I are building forts and towers. It’s possible that what the Sharkins said was true, that the Baramus’ army would come! We have to find out before they get into this kingdom. The Sharkins can’t join us in the fight, but they’ll give us information.”Bookmark here

“Good. But I still want to kill that Sharkin with my hands!!” Darma said in annoyance.Bookmark here

“Calm down, Darma. I know it’s hard. I felt the same way. My wife and son were killed by the Sharkins. However, we must be able to control our anger before we’re crushed by it. After all, it seems the two Sharkins really want to help us,” Kong said.Bookmark here

“Right, I don’t mind cooperating with that Sharkin. After all, the matter ten years ago regarding the death of Father and Mother wasn’t entirely his fault. They were only ordered to do so. If they refused, they’d be killed by their leader,” Kenue said.Bookmark here

“Awesome, Kenue, you’ve really changed. The way you think is great,” Terry praised.Bookmark here

“Why did you forget that incident so easily, Kenue?? That Sharkin killed our parents!!” Darma snapped.Bookmark here

“It’s all thanks to Roman, Big Brother. I remember Terry telling me about him coming to her village looking miserable. After that, he was cheerful. I guess he didn’t forget his misery, but he kept moving forward to fulfill his dreams and goals! After all, in the past, I almost killed him because of my uncontrollable anger. From there, I began to understand how to control my emotions. We must defeat ourselves first before we can defeat our enemy!”Bookmark here

“Even though I’m still furious, I’ll try to forget it. And you, Kenue, I’m proud to be your older brother. You’re a great younger brother. I forgot that you’re an adult already.”Bookmark here

“The more you want to forget, the more you remember. Let go and do something else. It’ll make your mind calmer. Learn to accept everything that has happened with a calm heart. My son and wife were also killed by the Sharkins. If I was still lost in my sorrow, I might’ve rotted to death in that cave long ago! Then, Shinra came and got me excited. Don’t carry your burden alone. We’re friends, right?”Bookmark here

“Thanks, Kong.”Bookmark here

Roman and Shinra approached them.Bookmark here

“Hey, what are you guys talking about? Come on, let’s continue training,” Roman said, walking away.Bookmark here

They trained together with the royal army.Bookmark here

“We’re going to do a light exercise because it’s getting late. Don’t force yourself. If you’re tired, take a break!” Roman said.Bookmark here

“Understood!!” the royal army answered simultaneously.Bookmark here

“Well, Kong, this time I’ll fight you. I’ll just use my hands. I want to see the changes in my body,” Roman said.Bookmark here

“Okay, Roman.”Bookmark here

Their fight began.Bookmark here

“Kong, don’t hold back. I want to see how far I’ve progressed.”Bookmark here

“All right.”Bookmark here

Roman kept dodging and warding off Kong’s attacks. Then, just before their fight was over, he accidentally used Inner Power. Kong stepped forward and hit him in the stomach.Bookmark here

“Argh!!” Kong yelped in pain, holding his right hand.Bookmark here

“What’s wrong, Kong?!” Roman asked, looking at Kong’s hand.Bookmark here

Shinra and the royal army approached Kong. They could not believe what they saw.Bookmark here

“Quickly bring Kong in! Let Torto see his injury,” Shinra said, leading Kong into the castle.Bookmark here

Kong’s right wrist was broken. They were all bewildered by what happened.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry, Kong!!” Roman said regretfully.Bookmark here

“What happened, Roman?” Darma asked.Bookmark here

“I don’t know. What have I done? Damn!!”Bookmark here

Puzzled, Terry asked, “Kenue, what happened? Did Kong injure his wrist from hitting Roman?”Bookmark here

“In martial arts, the change in body shape is the most visible. Roman’s body has undergone a transformation,” Kenue replied.Bookmark here

Shinra came from within the castle after escorting Kong.Bookmark here

“I remember there was one person who had such a body. He was my sensei!” Shinra said.Bookmark here

Shinra walked up to Roman and said, “Don’t worry, Roman, Kong is strong. He’ll be fine.”Bookmark here

“I had no idea what I’ve done. I’m sorry, Shinra.”Bookmark here

They returned to the castle while the royal army continued their training.Bookmark here

“All of you, keep on training,” Shinra said, walking away.Bookmark here

“Understood, King Shinra!!” the royal army said.Bookmark here

They trained according to their skills. They all chose to hone their respective skills, be it as archers, spearmen, swordsmen, or bare-handed fighters.Bookmark here

Two weeks later…Bookmark here

“It seems that my body can’t wait to train. I’ve been in bed for too long,” Shinra said, heading to the training ground.Bookmark here

“Hey, Shinra, have you really recovered? I heard from the Torto that you’re ready for training,” Roman said.Bookmark here

“Yeah. Thanks for helping to train the royal army. That means I should try to fight you now,” Shinra challenged.Bookmark here

“Not so fast, Shinra. You could land in your bed if you fought me now.” Roman laughed.Bookmark here

“You really are cocky, aren’t you? I remember the first time I met you.” Shinra laughed as well.Bookmark here

“Yeah, I remember he was thrown a few times when fighting me back then,” Kong said with a laugh, walking up to them.Bookmark here

“Hey, Kong, are you healed yet? I’m sorry, Kong,” Roman said.Bookmark here

“It’s okay, I’m not that weak. Don’t sweat it.”Bookmark here

When they were talking, suddenly there was news that the royal army in charge of guarding the tower were nowhere to be seen.Bookmark here

Roman and Shinra went there to check it out. It was true, there was no one guarding there. However, there were footprints, but no signs of fighting.Bookmark here

“Those are a Rhino’s footprints! However, there are no signs of damage here. All right, I’ll follow these footprints. Roman, you go back and tell the others,” Shinra said.Bookmark here

“Wait, Shinra!! I heard rapid footsteps!”Bookmark here

And sure enough, the one-eyed Sharkin showed up with multiple wounds. He said that the other Sharkin was killed. They saw the kidnapping of the royal army. They followed the royal army, but the Rhinos found out and killed one of them.Bookmark here

“Hey, what are you doing here? The situation is very serious. I saw two Rhinos at the border barrier and fought them, trying to save the royal army, but my friend was killed by the Rhinos. Looks like they let me live. They were too strong and even more terrifying, there was a Baramus too!!” the one-eyed Sharkin said.Bookmark here

“Looks like they didn’t kill you on purpose so you could bring us the news. All right, for now let’s go back and tell the others that the monster army will attack. We have to be prepared,” Roman said.Bookmark here

“All right, let’s go back and treat the Sharkin’s wounds first,” Shinra said.Bookmark here

The three of them came back and reported what really happened. The situation in the kingdom became tense. The monster army was already at the border barrier, roughly a week away from the Sacred Hawk Kingdom. Roman and the others were getting ready to fight.Bookmark here

One week later...Bookmark here

Two Wolfies came to the Sacred Hawk Kingdom and brought news.Bookmark here

“Hey, humans, I delivered a message from the Baramus. He said, ‘Surrender yourselves before many lives are wasted’. He also asked for four people and one gorilla monster in exchange for the hostages: two archers, one spearman, and one bare-handed fighter.”Bookmark here

One of them said, “You guys remember me, don’t you? You guys broke my neck that time!! Now you guys come with me!! Or do you want the Baramus himself to come here?”Bookmark here

The four people and one monster were Roman, Kenue, Darma, Terry, and Kong because at that time Shinra and the Torto had not yet arrived.Bookmark here

“Listen, tell him to release the hostages. Just take me!” Shinra said.Bookmark here

“You can’t, Shinra, you’ll definitely be killed!” Darma said.Bookmark here

“I’m going with him,” Roman said.Bookmark here

“If you go, I’ll go too!” Kenue said.Bookmark here

“That’s right, I’m going too,” Terry said.Bookmark here

“What a wonderful friendship, huh. It becomes easier then,” the Wolfie sneered.Bookmark here

“All right, Kong and Torto, stay here. We’ll be gone for a bit. You guys guard this kingdom while we’re gone!” Shinra said.Bookmark here

“Come back safely,” Kong said.Bookmark here

“King Shinra, please come home safely,” the Torto said.Bookmark here

Then, the five of them went to the border barrier with the two Wolfies.Bookmark here

Along the way, one of the Wolfies kept looking at Terry.Bookmark here

“What are you looking at?” Terry asked, bothered.Bookmark here

“You’re a beautiful human,” the Wolfie said, taking her hand in his.Bookmark here

“Bastard!” she snapped.Bookmark here

She immediately aimed her arrow at the Wolfie, but he quickly moved behind her.Bookmark here

“You’re too slow, girlie!!” the Wolfie said.Bookmark here

It turned out that Kenue’s spear was right next to his neck.Bookmark here

“You’re too slow, Wolfie. If you so much as twitch, I’ll slash your neck right here, right now!” Kenue said, giving him an icy glare.Bookmark here

The Wolfie was startled. Damn, since when did that spear get near my neck? He said, “I’m just joking. Don’t be too serious.”Bookmark here

Finally, they arrived at the border barrier. There were a Baramus, two Rhinos, and six Sharkins. Instantly, Terry and Darma could barely move as the Baramus stood up from his chair and held his weapon: a large axe.Bookmark here

“He’s very dangerous. My body feels it. I’m terrified,” Terry managed to whisper.Bookmark here

“Don’t worry, Terry, we’re all here,” Shinra said.Bookmark here

“Hey, stupid beast, release those royal army. You want us, right? We’re coming now,” Roman said, swearing at the Baramus.Bookmark here

“We’d better have a good talk, even though I want my sword to cut your neck right now!!” Shinra said, glaring at the Baramus.Bookmark here

“You’ve got balls, huh. It’s rare to find a human like you, but I’ve managed to capture one. Know your place, human. If I wanted to kill you guys, I would’ve done it now. I want to talk to the bare-handed fighter the Wolfie saw!!” the Baramus said, looking at them one by one.Bookmark here

“I’m the one. Why are you looking for me?” Roman said firmly.Bookmark here

“Reckless, aren’t you? Listen brat, I really value human martial arts. I want to make strong humans as my subordinates! However, there’s something even better. I’m going to make you into great offerings.” The Baramus laughed.Bookmark here

“You’re indeed a stupid beast. Do you think I’ll accept your offer?” Roman said.Bookmark here

“We always get what we want. I once heard that there was a great martial artist. It was said that my brother couldn’t beat him in a one-on-one duel. However, because he didn’t want to do what my brother asked him to do, my brother looked for another way, which was to capture his children and hold them hostage. Finally, he was helpless and begged for his own death. Now I ask you one more time, brat, be my subordinate!!” the Baramus demanded.Bookmark here

“You jump to conclusions too quickly, you stupid beast!! You don’t even deserve to be my subordinate. I’m much stronger than you!! And whoever that person you were talking about earlier, he was the stupidest person in the world. Because no matter how strong he was, if he couldn’t protect his own childrens, he couldn’t be a great man!! You understand that, stupid beast?!” Roman growled.Bookmark here

Offended, one of the Sharkins near the Baramus rushed forward to bite Roman. However, Roman dodged it sideways and hit him once. He fell, motionless.Bookmark here

“You’re too weak, Sharkin. You’re lucky I don’t intend to kill anyone today,” Roman said, keeping his eyes on the Baramus.Bookmark here

The two Rhinos next to the Baramus charged at Roman, swinging their maces simultaneously.Bookmark here

Everyone was taken aback as Roman managed to block their maces with both his hands protected by the brass knuckles.Bookmark here

“Don’t force me!!” Roman shouted, kicking the two Rhinos until they were thrown about five meters away.Bookmark here

The Baramus stood up and sprang toward him.Bookmark here

“Stop it!! You’re strong, brat. All right, I’ll give you a month to think. After that, come to my kingdom in the large region. I’m waiting for you there. If you don’t come, I’ll destroy your place. I’ll kill everyone in front of you. Go, while I’m still in a good mood.” Truthfully, he was shocked. He’s strong. He looks like that girl. Could the two of them related?Bookmark here

Then, Roman and the others came back along with the royal army. The whole kingdom was delighted by their arrival.Bookmark here

In the Sacred Hawk Kingdom...Bookmark here

“Amazing. You’re so strong, Roman!!” Shinra praised.Bookmark here

“I’m actually not that strong. I used my full strength to withstand the Rhinos’ blow. I didn’t expect them to be so powerful!!”Bookmark here

“I know you can still endure it, so I’m keeping quiet,” Kenue said.Bookmark here

“In the end, we became a strong team,” Darma said with a laugh.Bookmark here

“Yeah, I was worried when the Rhinos attacked. I could barely move there,” Terry said.Bookmark here

“Is Roman really that strong?” Kong asked, taken aback.Bookmark here

“Thank goodness the King and you guys are okay,” the Torto said.Bookmark here

“I’m going to my room for a while. You guys just train, okay,” Roman said, walking away.Bookmark here

Terry followed him from behind. She felt there was something strange.Bookmark here

“But what are we going to do during this whole month?” Darma asked.Bookmark here

“We’ll train. If we’re welcome, then we’ll easily meet the Baramus, right? We can kill him right there!!” Shinra said.Bookmark here

Meanwhile...Bookmark here

“Roman, show me your hand!” Terry said.Bookmark here

“It’s nothing. I want to rest for a while,” Roman said, opening the door to his room.Bookmark here

She walked over to him and grabbed his hand. She was shocked by what she saw.Bookmark here

He suffered a severe injury due to the Rhinos’ attack. There were bruises and cuts around his fingers, to the point that his hands were shaking non-stop.Bookmark here

“Why are you hiding it? No wonder I felt something strange. You kept hiding your hands in your pockets!”Bookmark here

“I’m fine, Terry. I just need a little rest and I’ll be fine soon. Let me rest,” he said in a low voice.Bookmark here

“But your wound must be treated!”Bookmark here

She rubbed some herbal ointment on his bruised hand. It seemed that due to the attacks from the two Rhinos, he expended too much energy, so his body was starting to get tired.Bookmark here

Meanwhile…Bookmark here

“It’s not that easy. We need a diversion,” Kenue said.Bookmark here

Then Shinra, Kenue, Darma, and Kong returned to train with the royal army.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, in the Great Monster Kingdom...Bookmark here

“Hey, girlie, soon I’ll introduce a boy who is as strong as you. Ah, no, it seems you’re still much stronger than him, but he’s as brave as you. I’ll make you and him as my subordinates. I want to see who’s the strongest between you two,” the Baramus said to a mysterious woman.Bookmark here

She retorted, “The stench from your mouth is polluting the air I’m breathing in. Go away, you filthy creature. I’m here because you threatened to destroy my village, you lowly creature!! You wouldn’t have been able to win against my father if you didn’t play dirty!!!”Bookmark here

“I don’t know what you mean. I don’t even know who your father is!! Come on, you don’t have to be angry. Your village will be safe if you don’t fight back,” the Baramus sneered.Bookmark here

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