Chapter 6:

Spy Turned Bodyguard

Heartless Overclock

 “Hey, guys, did you know?” Denji asks in a lighthearted manner that causes his friends to pay attention to him while they eat their lunch.

“What is it?” Akio asks.

“Did something happen?” Daichi asks.

“Looks like you want to share something good,” Hibiki remarks.

“Indeed, indeed, it’s very good! Did you know Juusaki can stutter?”

“He can!?” The three boys shout in unison.

“That’s impossible. He is a stone-faced guy!” Akio states.

“Yeah, yeah! Because of that, I am more handsome than him not because of his dark aura or anything. Even if he is more expressive, I am sure that I am more handsomer than him!” Daichi boasts.

The four boys, Denji, Kyou, Akio, and Hibiki, sigh.

“What? It’s true! I’m not joking this time!”

“You know,” Hibiki places his arm around Daichi, “if it was a joke, it would be the first time you made us laugh.”

“Wait, really? No, wait! You are making fun of me if that’s the case!” Daichi complains.

“But back to the topic, there is no way he stuttered. Juusaki is mostly silent, let alone does he shows emotions, and he never stutters,” Akio states.

“Yes, I know, whenever he speaks it is always absolute, but I am really saying the truth!” Denji exclaims.

Suddenly, a dark aura appears behind Denji.

“I knew he was a soft and kind-hearted person! Can’t you believe he can be that cute!? I even hugged him. It’s irresistible!”

“Uh, Denji?” Daichi looks frightened as he looks behind Denji’s shoulder.

But with an oblivious smiling face, Denji asks, “Hm? What is it? Want me to tell me more? I can even draw the scene!”

“Behind you…” Hibiki joins in the fear party consisting of all four of his friends.

Denji still wearing a smiling face slowly looks behind him, “H—hi, Juusaki… Kinda late for lunch, isn’t it…?”

“I did not stutter,” Juusaki says with a stone-cold face.

“Y—yes, yes, you suuuuure didn’t! Ahaha! Definitely didn’t say anything about it though… ahaha!”

Juusaki’s gaze turns towards the four friends in front of Denji, “I invited Kawamoto-san and Itou-san, is that alright?”

“He totally ignored me!” Denji thinks to himself.

“Uh, aren’t you supposed to ask Denji, the host of the table for that?” Akio points out.

“Who? Denji? Never heard of him? Is he here somewhere? Would you be kind to introduce me to his acquaintance?”

The five boys look at him in shock.

“Never knew he had such sarcasm,” Daichi remarks.

“He could be more fun than you,” Hibiki states.

“But this isn’t a joke,” Daichi states.

The three arrivals take their seats, the boys on one side, and the two girls on another.

“Isn’t this seating very awkward?” Akio asks.

“I agree,” Juusaki stands up, “I’ll assign the seatings.

“Woah, he is taking the lead!” The group thinks to themselves.

“Kawamoto-san, please seat over here. Next to her would be Kyou. Alright, you,” Juusaki points at Denji, “here.”

“He pointed and didn’t even mention his name!”

“Next to him, Itou-san, please.”

“Wait, m—me!?” Misaki says in shock.

“Yes, you. Alright, then in this side, we boys seat over here.”

“Whaaaaaaaat!?” Akio, Daichi, and Hibiki say in unison.

“That’s simply unfair!” Akio states.

“I think this is more awkward,” Nana points out as she is seated beside Kyou.

“Is it, though?” Juusaki looks at the group with his face unchanging, but his aura does.

“Yeah, yeah, no! Not at all! W—we like this seating!” Denji nervously complies with Juusaki’s will. “Y—yeah!” The group nervously agrees.

“Alright, that’s settled then.”

“Let’s eat!”

Moments later, the group’s topic turns to Juusaki’s incident.

“When was it? Was it last week’s Sunday?” Misaki asks.

“Yeah! And we played games, watched animes, read mangas and novels until the afternoon!” Denji says.

“Ehhh? Why didn’t you invite us?” Akio pouts.

“Man, that’s not cute,” Hibiki says.

“W—well, I forgot, but I wanted Juusaki for myself anyway,” Denji says.

“E—excuse me? He is my Juusaki!” Daichi wraps his arm around Juusaki, “Isn’t that right, Juusaki? We the best bros for life!”

“Nah, mate, he wouldn’t like you anyway,” Hibiki states.


“Hey, hey, Juusaki, who do you like the most among the boys?” Akio asks.

“C—could you have worded it another way? Someone might mistake this,” Nana states.

“Well…” Akio looks up to the ceiling, “I don’t know what else to word it, but you know what I mean, right, Juusaki?”

Juusaki only nods and the group waits in silence for his answers.

“Man, you taking a long time to answer,” Daichi wraps his arm around Juusaki once again. “It’s settled then! I’m his best bro!”

“Ehhh? No, I am his best bro!” Hibiki argues.

“You guys, it’s probably me, after all, I invited him, and I’m the only one who got a glimpse of his shy side!” Denji boasts, Juusaki shoots a glance at him, “I—I mean, uh…”

“Yep, you can’t be the best bro when you divulged that, ahahaha!” Akio says.

“Well, let’s settle it like this. Juusaki is everyone’s Juusaki!” Hibiki states.

“Yeah, yeah!” Daichi cheered.

“I guess, we can settle with that, I suppose,” Denji speaks in disappointment and defeat. “Ahaha, isn’t it awkward here?” Nana whispers to Misaki.

“I—it sure is!” Misaki replies.

“You know I can hear you both,” Denji cuts in, “I’m literally in between you both as well as Kyou.”

“S—sorry for leaving you out!” Kyou nervously apologizes.

“Kyou, are you alright?” Juusaki asks.

“Yes! I am alright!” Kyou’s pitch goes ever higher.

“Your face is quite red right now,” Juusaki leans over and places his palm on his forehead, “you have a fever.”

“Eh? N—no, you are wrong. T-t-this is just…” Kyou stutters.

“Come with me, I’ll take you to the clinic.” The two of them leave the table.

“Eh? Maybe Kyou is Juusaki’s best bro,” Akio says in uncertainty.

“Probably, yeah,” Denji says in disappointment.

After the school’s dismissal, Denji approaches Juusaki who is seating by the vending machine. “Hey, I’ve been thinking about how to thank you for a while now, but I want to ask if you think this is a nice idea.”

Juusaki faces Denji as he seats beside him, “What is it?”

“I would like you, Itou, and Nana, to come with me and hang out at an amusement park.”

“Amusement park?”

“Yes! I’ve never been to one. This week I was planning to go there by myself, but Nana wouldn’t allow me, and it wouldn't be fun if no one would be there to accompany me.”

“I see, but how about Kyou, Akio, Hibiki, and Daichi?”

“No, I wanted it to be special for you, but we can invite them some other time. Would you like to come this weekend?”

Juusaki contemplates the question and pulls out his phone and interacts with it before answering, “Sure, I’m free.”

“Yay!” Denji stands up to go to his car, “I’ll see you then!” He says as he waves goodbye, and Juusaki only returns a nod.

Fast forward, and it is the weekend. Standing by the amusement park’s entrance is Juusaki who is looking around seemingly searching for something. Hordes of people pass by for it is a busy day for the establishment. People occasionally bump into him, but Juusaki doesn’t falter. “Scan Protocol,” Juusaki says as he wears his eyeglass. “Connection to Target spotted. Primary Objective Beta.” Juusaki flings around and sees Misaki in front of him.

“You are here early,” Misaki says.

“Better than late,” Juusaki replies.

Misaki and Juusaki together scan the area to find their companions for five minutes.

“Hey, it’s better if you line up for the booth or we might take some time to get our tickets,” Misaki suggests.

“Good idea,” Juusaki then queues up for the long line. “Glance Protocol," he says as he taps the handle of his glasses.

Another five minutes pass, and Nana appears. Misaki runs up to her and they both exchange their excited greetings. They meet up Juusaki in the line.

“Still halfway to go, huh?” Misaki says.

“Want to exchange?” Nana offers.

“No, I’m good, and where is Denji?”

“We took different cars that is why we did not arrive together. Knowing him, he might be late by five minutes max. He is known to be quite tardy,” Nana sighs seemingly after recalling something.

Four minutes pass and Denji arrives searching for Juusaki. Misaki and Nana meet up with him. “Gosh, really in the last minute?” Nana says.

“Still got a minute to go! This time— no, all the time I’m always punctual!” Denji says.

“Yeah, right, on your warped time clock,” Nana rolls her eyes.

“Alright, but,” Denji looks over to Misaki, “It’s a surprise seeing you here, Misaki.”

“Just happened to pass along,” Misaki nervously laughs.

A day earlier, Nana’s phone rang, and she opened it, “Juusaki? Wait, what?” Nana answered it and talked first, “H—how did you get my number?”

“I have a favor to ask you,” Juusaki completely ignored the question.

“Hey! I am asking first here!”

“May Itou come along with us tomorrow?”

“Wai— what? Wait, hold on! Firstly, how did you get my number?”

“This is a yes or no question.”

“You are pretty rude for someone asking a favor. I will give you an answer when you answer my question first.”

“Okay, I’m listening.”

“Now you are listening,” Nana muttered.

“What was that? You were mumbling.”

“S—shut up! It’s none of your business.”

“That didn’t sound like a question.”

“If you speak one more time, I will really punch you!”

“I don’t think that’s possible.”

“You are about to piss me off.”

“Anyway, I think I have spent enough time enough. Will you allow Itou to come along tomorrow?”

“Guh, fine, fine, but you had better make sure you tell me how you got my number, you stalker!” Nana rudely ended the call.

Juusaki dials Misaki’s number the moment Nana hang up. “Hello, Misaki?”

“Yes, on the phone. What’s up?” Misaki answered.

“Nana gave you permission to come with us to the amusement park.”

“Really!? That’s great!” Misaki squealed at the other end of the line causing Juusaki to hold it an inch away from his left ear. “So, what’s next?”

“Don’t ask me what’s next. The ball is in your park,” Juusaki then hanged up the call.

“Wai— What?” Misaki removed the phone from her ear and checked the screen, “He ended it!?” This time, Misaki's phone rang, and Misaki answered it immediately. “Hachiko-kun why did you han—”

“This isn’t Hachiko-kun. It’s Nana, yo.”

“Oh— Nana! What is it?”

“Hachiko called me if you can come with us tomorrow. I’m calling to ask if you are coming?”

“Y—yes, I am, but please don’t tell Denji.”

“Why? Oh, you are trying to surprise him?” Nana teasingly asked.

“Y—yes, I guess you could say that.”

“Oh~? You are making your moves finally, huh?”

“W—well… yeah…”

“You can come with us, but I find it weird why Hachiko called me for it. Why didn’t you ask directly?”

“I—I felt shy… I guess…”

“Oh, come on, I’m your best friend. I would most certainly help you to get closer to Denji. Trust me!”

“I will keep that in mind.”

“Well, see ya tomorrow!”

“Yes, t—tomorrow!” and they both hang up the call.

“Hachiko, come over here,” Nana beckons Juusaki over to her, and he follows. “Listen, tell me now how you got my number.”

“What number?” Juusaki asks in a tone of obliviousness.

“Don’t play with me! You know what number! My cellphone number!”

“Ah, that's right. I’ve been looking up model numbers of certain phones from certain brands. The most common phone model number I see is A2406—”

“That’s not what I meant! Goodness, why do you make it even harder for me to ask a simple question! Could it be you are hiding the source from me? Suspicious!”

“To be frank, I do not know what you are specifying to.”

“Stop playing dumb, will you?”

“Then please specify.”

“H—how can I specify when I already specified that it is my cellphone number! I do not know what else to call it! SIM number, model number!? I’m going to go insa—!”

“Ah, your SIM number. It’s—”

“I especially do not need to know from you my SIM number? Gosh, what are you, an old man?”

“Now we have established that it’s the SIM number. What of it?”

“I—I—I’m asking you where you got it!!” Nana shakes with rage.

“From Itou.”

“Finally! Gosh… wait, from Misaki?”

“Do I need to repeat myself?”

“Okay, I’m tired of talking to you." Nana returns to Denji and Misaki who are together in the line. “I…I’m back…” Nana says while panting.

“What happened?” Denji asks in concern, “You seem to have run a mile. Are you fine?”

“Ye—yeah, I’m fine. It’s just one certain guy pissed me off!”

“I—I’m sorry for being late!” Denji bows in apology, “I won’t try to arrive last minute ever!”

“Eh? Why are you apologizing? I didn’t mean you.” Nana casts a glare to the approaching Juusaki, “The other guy…” Nana says with her teeth clenched.

“Guys, let’s not waste any more time,” Denji reminds as Juusaki finally returns to the group. “But we are not even at the counter yet,” Misaki says.

“I have a pass for it. My dad’s company owns the park,” Denji states.

Misaki looks at Denji in amazement; Nana unsurprised, and Juusaki showing none.

As they enter, Denji and Misaki look on ahead side by side, talking about the rides while Nana and Juusaki trail them with their heads scanning the area frantically as if expecting something. “What ride shall we go on first~?” Misaki asks in excitement.

“I do not know— Oh!” Something catches Denji’s eye, “Maybe that pirate ship! It’s rocking back and forth like crazy!”

“Intense rides off the bat, huh?”

“Well, we could go to the carousel first if you want.”

“It’s okay. I’ll go wherever you want, Denji!”

Denji looks back and senses Nana’s unease in her movements as she scans the surroundings. “Na—na! Don’t worry about goons! We are safe in the park. The security is tight here,” Denji assures.

“We can’t let our guard down. This is the perfect opportunity of a kidnapping,” Nana retorts. “Come on,” Denji falls back from Misaki and takes Nana’s arm around his, “relax and enjoy yourself!”

“W—well if you say so…” Nana looks down at the ground while Misaki looks back at the arm-locked couple.

“Let’s go for the bumper cars!” Denji suggests and the group nods except for Juusaki who only shrugs.

After lining up, the group finally takes their turn at driving.

Juusaki looks around and brings out his glasses and wears them. “Suspicious persons found,” Juusaki’s AI tells him, “Proceed with caution. Creating goals. Loading scenarios. Calculating simulations. Scenario 583 loaded. Script 384 executed.” Juusaki locks his eyes at the two hooded individuals as they ride the bumper cars in pairs.

“Let’s pair up, Denji!” Misaki says.

“I’m sorry, Misaki, I have to take this one. I promise I’ll give the next ride to you,” Nana says.

“Geez, fine,” Misaki concedes and goes over to Juusaki’s car, “I’ll drive.”

“I can’t let you.”

“Ladies first, they say. Just give it up like a gentleman, would ya?” Misaki says coldly.

“Fine,” Juusaki concedes his driver seat to Misaki, and the ride starts.

“Hyah!” Denji shouts as he drives into one of the hooded pairs.

“Denji, be careful!” Nana shouts.

“Why? Are you scared?”

“No, I am not! I’m just concerned for you.”

“No need to be! There is no danger after all!”

“Master, you…” Nana sighs.

Meanwhile, Misaki drives into Denji’s car, “Gotcha!”

“I will return the favor!” Denji responds.

The cars both reverse and turn to face each other and accelerate head-on, but before they bump into each other, one of the cars which are driven by a hooded pair goes in between them causing them to be flanked by both cars. The passenger of the hooded pair puts his right hand into his hoodie’s pocket.

“Reverse!” Juusaki orders to Misaki.

“But why?”

Juusaki takes the bumpers yoke into reverse position and forcefully depresses Misaki’s leg onto the pedal.

“Kya!” Misaki turns to Juusaki with a slight blush, “What do you think you are doing? This is sexual harassment you know!”

But before Misaki can finish her sentence, Juusaki from his seat takes the wheel with his left hand causing the bumper car to turn and bump the hooded pair’s car with the backside of Misaki’s car. This causes the hooded passenger to bump his right arm onto the bumper car’s side. “Ouch! What do you think you are doing!” The hooded passenger reacts.

“Sorry!” Misaki apologizes, “he was being reckless. I’ll tell him off.”

“Tch, whatever!” The hooded pair’s car drives off.

“That was awesome!” Denji reacts obliviously, “how did you know to make a move like that!?”

“I was once trained to drive a car defensively,” Juusaki replies.

“But how? Do you now have a license?”

“No, they just taught me when I was eight years old.”

“What!?” The three shout in unison.

After four more minutes of competing with the fellow bumper cars, they get off the ride and go to a sandwich stall as they hang out and eat a hotdog sandwich.

“Men, that was fun!” Denji says enthusiastically.

“I agree, it was intense!” Misaki adds in.

“Denji, you were being so careless, you know?” Nana says angrily.

“C’mon,” Denji replies and turns to serious Juusaki, “how about Juusaki, did you have fun?”

“Yes, it was fun,” Juusaki says flatly.

“At least make it believable,” Denji laughs, “but if you say so.”

“Yeah, I bet you enjoyed it, Hachiko-kun!” Misaki says in between her teeth.

“What was that?” Denji asks.

“It’s nothing!” Misaki replies with a smile as she faces him.

“Shall we go to the swing ride next?” Denji asks.

“Sure!” Misaki says.

“Of course,” Nana answers.

After the swing ride, and a rollercoaster ride, the group takes a restroom break.

“I will go to the bathroom first,” Denji says.

“Okay,” Nana says, “make sure you are safe!”

“Yes, yes,” Denji says as he leaves.

Nana approaches Juusaki and asks, “What you did in the bumper ride, you did it to protect Juusaki right? You have been scanning the area to scout for suspicious persons, haven’t you?” “Nope, I only did that in the bumper ride because I wanted to show off, and I have been scanning to look for a ride. Haven’t found it yet though,” Juusaki replies.

“You don’t have to hide it. After all, you saved us before.”

“Nope. If I did save Denji though, that was only pure coincidence,” Juusaki insists.

“If you say so, I won’t force it further.”

“Hey, hey!” Misaki runs up to the two returning from the restroom, “What is this talk without me?”

“It’s nothing. I was just asking him for suspicious persons,” Nana answers.

“You take your job seriously, huh? I admire you for that.”

“Thank you, Misaki!”

“I’ll go to the restroom,” Juusaki says nonchalantly.

Nana nods and the girls start a conversation to pass the time.

As Juusaki comes upon the door of the restroom, he finds it blocked by a large man in a rider’s outfit. “Sorry, mate, it’s in use,” the man shows his large palm to Juusaki signifying the no entry sign.

“Alright, how long will this take?”

“Stop asking dumb questions, kid. Just go and scoot off.”

“I shall rephrase my question. How long will you stay standing?”

“What do you mean by that?”

Juusaki drops a hand sanitizer from his pocket, and it falls to the ground, “Excuse me,” as he bows sideways to pick it up, his right leg goes to strike the man’s head, but the man catches it. “What do you think you are doing? I can see this coming!”

“Or did you?” As Juusaki says this, he opens the hand sanitizer and squeezes it. From the opening of the bottle, a dart shoots out and pierces the man’s neck.

“Wha—” The man falls to the ground unmoving.

Juusaki plucks the dart from the man and wraps it in tissue. He returns the hand sanitizer from his pocket and brings out an alcohol hand spray. He sprays it on his hand before entering the restroom.

“Huh!? What are you doing here?” A thin man in a rider’s outfit says.

“How’d you get in here?” A man fit in all proportions wearing the same rider’s outfit asks sharply.

Behind the two riders stood Denji trapped. His face is half-scared to death. “B—be careful! They have knives!”

“Alright, now that you have seen this. You ought to get involved!” The thin rider turns and points his knife toward Juusaki.

“Take care of him. I’ll get this guy!” The other man says as he walks slowly to Denji. The thin rider charges his knife at Juusaki, but Juusaki dodges it and takes his hand. Using a technique, Juusaki uses minimal effort of his left hand to disarm the knife on the enemy’s right hand. The knife falls, but Juusaki catches it with his right hand and stabs the enemy’s right hand leaving the knife stabbed.

“Ouch!! What the—!!”

Before the wounded enemy could react, Juusaki raises the hand spray to the enemy’s face and triggers it.

“Ahhh!! My eyes are burning!! Help me, brother!!”

“You—!” The second enemy faces Juusaki, but Denji charges with his elbow raised and hits the enemy’s neck with it. This blow disables the man’s movement and he falls face-first into the ground.

“Wha— What have you done!?” The man shouts as he holds his right hand in pain.

Juusaki brings out the hand sanitizer after putting the hand spray back into his pocket. Juusaki then places another dart inside the hand sanitizer and points its opening at the man’s neck. “Silence, thin man.” The dart hits its target, and the thin man falls to the ground helplessly. “L—let’s get out of here!” Denji rushes to the door and grabs Juusaki’s hand and runs back to the two girls.

“Those two are taking a while in the restroom. What are they, girls?” Nana asks impatiently as she taps her foot rapidly.

“Don’t worry, they’ll be back later,” Misaki assures.

As she was saying this, the two boys arrive. Nana looks at Denji relieved and glances at Juusaki confused. Misaki also looks at Denji and Juusaki, and turns to Nana, “See? I told you not to worry.”

“Did something happen!?” Nana quickly approaches Denji and does a hands-on inspection of Denji’s whole body.

“W—what are you doing, Nana? It’s embarrassing!” Denji gets flustered.

“Just stay put. I’m checking if you are wounded.”

“B—but you say that! Ah!” Denji moans as Nana touches his chest.

“S—stop making weird sounds!” Nana averts her eyes away from Denji but continues on her inspection.

“I tell you nothing happened! Juusaki can attest for it!”

“Then, what took you guys so long?”

“W—we just had a talk.”

“I know when you are lying.”

“T—then go ask Juusaki!”

Nana turns her head to Juusaki, and Juusaki nods slowly. “Fine, I’ll take your word for it, but next time, I will always escort you from now on, even in the restroom!”

“What!?” Misaki squeals.

“N—no! You definitely have to do that! I mean don’t! And will you please stop this now?” “Fine,” Nana retracts herself from Denji and whispers to Juusaki, “thank you, for whatever happened. You protected him right?”

“Who knows? I don’t think so,” Juusaki replies without showing any emotion.

After that moment, Nana becomes more cautious but hides it in the face of Denji as to not worry him, or to annoy herself with his bothers. Juusaki’s eyes take a glance at a person wearing a tophat holding up a newspaper to his face. “Suspicious person marked,” the voice in Juusaki’s head prompts him.

“Well, does anyone need to take a break?” Denji asks.

“Not me,” Misaki states.

“Me neither,” Nana adds in.

“I do,” Juusaki says nonchalantly.

“Wait, really, you?” Denji says in surprise.

“Yes, I would like to sit down somewhere,” Juusaki says.

“Sure,” Denji looks around and spots a café, “Let’s sit over there,” Denji notices Juusaki shivering and wraps his arm around him, “I’ll order you a hot drink, chocolate.”

“Thank you,” says Juusaki with his emotions unchanging.
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