Chapter 4:

Inescapable and Reasons

The Popular Girl Chases the Loner.

After the day of her declaration, Ikeda, true to word, started to do her best trying to get the attention of Nakajima. In cases where lunch breaks start Ikeda would bring out bento boxes that she had prepared for him, but before she could stand up from her seat, Nakajima would already be gone. Well even if he does run, he would inevitably be already caught by Ikeda’s fan club members that was created out of nowhere.Bookmark here

The Fan club mostly has female members only, this fan club was created and founded by Chibana herself. Of course Ikeda herself doesn’t know this fan club exists. With Chibana as the president and a certain Literature club member that annoys Nakajima as the vice president of the so called fan club. These girls would be working behind the scenes helping Ikeda without her knowledge.Bookmark here

Much to his annoyance, Nakajima can’t escape from the inevitable. With the fan club’s help, Ikeda would always have a very fulfilling lunch time with Nakajima, especially since she cooks two bentos for the both of them. Nakajima would at times try to reject Ikeda’s bento offer but with how her eyes look every time he does so makes him feel a very deep guilt so he always reluctantly accepts them.Bookmark here

This became a routine to them, with Nakajima always trying to escape but always end up getting caught and would always happen to eat at lunch break with Ikeda.Bookmark here

“Right, you never told me why, so I’m going to ask this time. Nakajima-kun, why are you so insistent on rejecting me?” Out of curiosity, Ikeda asked the question she’s been holding inside her head.Bookmark here

“...I want to be left alone. I just want to have a quiet and problem-free school life. You should know yourself, Ikeda-san, you’re a very popular and beautiful girl known to school. How could I possibly have a quiet and alone life at school when a very attractive girl has her eyes set on me?” Nakajima answered, honestly telling Ikeda how he feels about the situation.Bookmark here

Hearing his answer made her squint her eyes, dejected that the person she loves feels frustrated. She knows very well that he doesn’t hate her, it is only that attention is the thing that he doesn’t like very well. Bookmark here

“...Is that how you really feel?” Feeling insecure, she still asked him for confirmation. Wanting to know what faults she could take away to make Nakajima give her the love she wants from him.Bookmark here

Hearing that question made Nakajima conflicted. He had no intention of hurting Ikeda in any way, but upon hearing her tone of voice made him despondent. Bookmark here

“Well even if that’s so, I have no intention of letting you go.” Her words were firm, and her eyes showed no signs of weakness.Bookmark here

Seeing this made Nakajima widen his eyes, fascinated by Ikeda’s determination.Bookmark here

*sigh* Nakajima sighed heavily, realizing it was his mistake from trying to persuade Ikeda into giving up on him. It just shows that no matter what he does, Ikeda would persistently chase up to him just so she could earn his attention and affection.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

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After school came, surprisingly for Nakajima, Ikeda hadn’t asked him to go home together with her. Normally Ikeda would have always persistently asked him to go home together with her. Seeing this as a chance, Nakajima started running out of school...but not before he sees Chibana behind him running with full force chasing him.Bookmark here

“!?” Bookmark here

This made Nakajima startled as he witness a very athletic girl chasing him down outside of school.Bookmark here

“Why are you chasing me!?” He asks, speechless to what was happening.Bookmark here

“I can’t let you go home without Ikeda-chan!?” Chibana replied, her eyes being shown as that of a beast making Nakajima terrified of her.Bookmark here

As expected, Nakajima couldn’t outrun her and he was forced to go back to school grounds towed by Chibana.Bookmark here

“To begin with, why are you even doing this when Ikeda didn’t even ask me to go together with her?” Nakajima questioned Chibana, to which she replies with,Bookmark here

“That’s because some idiot is trying to confess his feelings to her, even though she already has you. So I told her to go ahead and harshly reject the idiot and leave you to me for the time being.” Bookmark here

“Ah, I see but can you let me go now?”Bookmark here

“No, you will try to run again so I don’t think I will.”Bookmark here

“Ugh.”Bookmark here

Their banter continued on, until they saw some guy crying and running past the both of them.Bookmark here

“...What’s with that guy?” Nakajima curiously asked.Bookmark here

“Might have been the idiot who confessed to Ikeda-chan.”Bookmark here

“Chibana-san! Nakajima-kun!” Ikeda loudly called out to both of them. Beside her accompanying Ikeda as they approached was Ejiri.Bookmark here

“Yo, Ikeda-chan. Ejiri-chan. Good job on rejecting the idiot, by the way here’s Nakajima.” Chibana said, as she casually handed over Nakajima to Ikeda. Nakajima just glares at Chibana as she handles him like he was an object(lol).Bookmark here

“Thank you, Chibana-san.” Ikeda just smiled as she received Nakajima from Chibana.Bookmark here

“Ou! No problem.” Chibana replied cheerfully.Bookmark here

“Well, we’ll be going now. Enjoy your time, Ikeda-chan.” Ejiri said as she walked away with Chibana.Bookmark here

“Nn, thanks for your help, Ejiri-chan.”Bookmark here

Having done their deed the both just left the two alone and got on their way home.Bookmark here

“Let’s go, Nakajima-kun.” Ikeda had a bright smile as if the rejection that she just did a while ago was of no concern.Bookmark here

“Haah...alright.” Seeing that, Nakajima could only agree with her and walk their way home.Bookmark here

“By the way, who was that guy who confessed to you?” Curious, Nakajima asked Ikeda.Bookmark here

“Hmmm~~ What’s this~~? Are you perhaps jealous right now, Nakajima-kun?” Mischievously smiling, Ikeda attempts to tease Nakajima but fails embarrassingly.Bookmark here

“You’re trying too hard but it won’t work.” Nakajima said, blankly staring at Ikeda.Bookmark here

“Boo! you’re no fun.” Ikeda replied, pouting her face.Bookmark here

Seeing her cute expression, Nakajima just looked away saying no more word to Ikeda. And so ended another day for them.Bookmark here

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