Chapter 3:

A Maiden’s Declaration of Committed Love

The Popular Girl Chases the Loner.

After her series of embarrassment at the start of school, her eventful week progressed somewhat embarrassingly. Everytime she was approached by her female classmates, she would be inevitably teased about her sudden confession like introduction on her first day. Positively she was well-liked by the female classmates as she was friendly to them, her seat neighbor especially, Chibana Chitose. Chibana was one of the girls who turned fond of Ikeda on their first meetings. On occasions, such as during lunch break, Chibana would tease and ask questions to Ikeda regarding her love life. Bookmark here

Nakajima however, was looked at with contempt by his male classmates. Knowing that a beautiful girl like Ikeda already had someone on her heart on the first day of school made them frustrated as they had thought they would have no chance of getting close with Ikeda. Nakajima felt uncomfortable and uneasy seeing as he unexpectedly made enemies on his first day.Bookmark here

This continued on, and one such day on the occasional teasing, Ikeda’s eyes met with Nakajima. Ikeda looked away, seeming embarrassed by the situation. Unnoticed by her, Nakajima had called out to her.Bookmark here

“...Ikeda-san.”Bookmark here

“!?...Y-Yes?” Bookmark here

Startled at first, Ikeda managed to answer his call with her face a bit red because of the teasing of Chibana.Bookmark here

“...Can I please have a bit of your time after school?...If possible I want to talk with you in private…” Nakajima continued, asking Ikeda to talk with her.Bookmark here

“O-Oh, that’s fine! I-I’ll see you later after school…” Ikeda replied.Bookmark here

Hearing that, Nakajima left without saying another word. Seeing this from the side, Chibana had a mischievous smile on her face. Hearing what had just transpired in front of her, she couldn’t stop her curiosity from peeking.Bookmark here

“What’s this?~~ Ikeda-chan, your beloved Nakajima just asked you to have a private talk with him after school. Fufufu, He might be planning to confess his love to you~~” Her teasing was getting carried away more than usual making Ikeda be more embarrassed.Bookmark here

“T-That’s not it!!...I...I think he’s planning on rejecting me...again.” Ikeda said, saddened by remembering the first time Nakajima had rejected her.Bookmark here

“Huh!? What do you mean by rejecting you? And again!? Did you already confess to him before?” Chibana couldn’t stop her curiosity from getting the best of her. Hearing Ikeda’s reply was unexpected even from her.Bookmark here

“...Yes. I confessed to him back in the graduation of our Middle School...but he rejected me.”Bookmark here

“Eh!? He rejected you?? Even though you’re this cute?” Chibana is disbelieved from what she just heard. Bookmark here

It is certainly true, Ikeda is cute but even though she was cute she was still rejected.Bookmark here

“He rejected you even though you’re such a cute and kind girl. Okay! I will teach him some lesson, how dare he reject such a bright person like Ikeda-chan.” Her tension is at max the moment she learned about the fact Nakajima had once rejected Ikeda.Bookmark here

“N-No! Chibana-san, don’t do that please!!” Ikeda loudly protested, pulling Chibana’s arm as she tries to stop her from going to Nakajima.Bookmark here

“Why? He rejected you, right? It’s only the right thing to do to teach Nakajima a lesson from hurting my cute Ikeda-chan!!” Chibana said, energetically pumping herself up and wanting to beat up Nakajima for rejecting Ikeda.Bookmark here

“NO! You don’t have to do that!! To begin with, even if he rejects me again. I won’t give up, I have already resolved myself to make him fall for me.” Ikeda strongly insisted. No intention of giving up from a mere rejection of Nakajima.Bookmark here

“O-Ou...for Ikeda-chan to be this determined. I am so moved! Yosh, you have my support, Ikeda-chan. Whenever you need help you can count on me, Ikeda-chan.” Chibana enthusiastically said to Ikeda while giving a thumbs up.Bookmark here

“Thank you, Chibana-san!” Ikeda replied, her face beaming with a really bright smile.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

After school, Ikeda was inside her classroom alone waiting for Nakajima to come. At the moment Ikeda hasn't joined any clubs, Nakajima however was part of the Literature Club. Of course this information was known by Ikeda herself. How does she know? That’s because one of her female classmates that she had befriended, Ejiri Tokimi, was in the same club as Nakajima. Knowing she has a crush on Nakajima, Ejiri would be one of the people who talk and hang out with Ikeda and most surprisingly somewhat annoy Nakajima when they are in their clubroom.Bookmark here

Ikeda is contemplating whether she would join the Literature Club or not. Her hobby is cooking, and loves that she gets to cook various homemade sweets. She is in turmoil whether she should just join the Literature Club to get close to Nakajima or just join Cooking Club, practicing more so she could learn more about cooking (and occasionally delusion about cooking food for Nakajima when they get *cough* married *cough*).Bookmark here

As she contemplated inside her mind, Nakajima had already got inside the classroom.Bookmark here

“Ikeda-san. Sorry, I'm late.” Nakajima called Ikeda, politely apologizing about being late.Bookmark here

“Nn, it’s fine. You had a club anyway, so it’s understandable.” Ikeda replied, not minding Nakajima being late.Bookmark here

“Alright then...Ikeda-san, I’ll get straight to the point.”Bookmark here

Hearing this, Ikeda promptly seated straight as she properly listened to what Nakajima was about to say.Bookmark here

“I admire that you are sincere about your feelings. However, Ikeda-san, I can’t reciprocate your feelings. I ask you to please give up.” With the last sentence, Nakajima bowed once again to her. Asking her to give up her feelings for him.Bookmark here

Hearing this made Ikeda teared up on the inside. Once again feeling the pain of being rejected by Nakajima, but this time was different from that time. Clenching her fists once again, she looked up at Nakajima with resolve.Bookmark here

“No.”Bookmark here

“Eh? Ikeda-san?” Hearing Ikeda’s reply got Nakajima out of his bow, making him look directly at Ikeda.Bookmark here

“That’s something I can’t do. No matter what you say, I’m not going to give up.” Her eyes showed a strong gaze, determined and true to her words.Bookmark here

“I love you, Nakajima-kun. That’s why, no matter what, I will make you fall for me. So prepare yourself, Nakajima-kun. I won’t let you go!”Bookmark here

And so Ikeda declares.Bookmark here

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