Chapter 4:

Chapter 4

My Life with My Twin Sister as Useless Leeches…again?

“Now, let us start the meeting before my good son Kiel leaves again.” Ian smiled while facing Kiel.

That was an obvious attack towards Kiel, however he ignored it pretending as if he didn’t hear anything.

Ahem, so how are all of you doing?”

This was always the first question my father would ask in every family meeting. I didn’t understand why he was asking at first, but I started to understand after quite a while. It was because he didn’t have anything he had to say, so he asked us the most easy-to-be-answered question.

“Fine as usual,” Irona, the politest of all here.

“Oh, I just remembered I burned a few houses.” Ok, maybe not the politest.

“I feel good today.” Kiel, the bastard of the house.

“No one needs to know that.” Marciel the eldest.

“But I feel good today.” Again, the bastard of the house.


“I want to eat...chips.” Airia, my lovely(?) sister.

“I dreamt about eating delicious food in the royal palace… Now I crave it so much.” I said, with a smile. I could feel everyone’s gazes aimed at me.

“Huh?” The head was confused.

“Ah, look how demanding the twins are today, heh. Father asked you ‘how are you’, not ‘what do you want’. Stop acting like spoiled brats already.” Kiel protested.

Marciel glared at him, his eyes telling him to shut his mouth, however Kiel ignored him again as usual and continued to protest.

“The only thing you do is selfishly ask for things, when other people- WOAH!”

Some black aura wrapped around Kiel’s body while lifting him up into the air, although Kiel was shocked he wasn’t scared at all. That was because he was used to Marciel using his powers to punish him.

I couldn’t care less what happens to Kiel, whether it is now or in the future. I was too preoccupied gazing at the aura I haven’t seen in so long, that dark yet magnificent aura, I got so sick of looking at it before to the point it soared my eyes. However, since it’s been so many years since I saw it, I actually missed it. expected of Marciel’s aura.

“Are you gonna act like a kid and complain?” Marciel snorted.

“Fine, fine. I’ll stop, you don’t need to get so physical.” Kiel finally gave in. After being put down by Marciel he obediently went back to his seat with a hateful expression.

Then he glared at Airia.

In response she showed him her teeth.

He is now confused.

I wonder why Kiel needs to act like this, I wouldn’t assume much of myself but if someone else saw this they would think he’s jealous or something.

Of us?

Yeah... I shouldn’t assume too much.

“Now since you’re both done arguing, son, I wonder why the sudden...cravings?” Father asked me with a questioning gaze. I knew very well that what I say now would affect whether I get to go to the palace in the future.

“I missed going to the palace, I have suddenly been thinking of the dishes made by the royal chef I had when I was younger. These days I have been trying to find the right food that would satisfy my hunger, but none could match the ones made by the royal chef.” I explained trying to be serious and sincere.

Would that be too dramatic now?

I glanced at my sister.

She had her head low, face barely visible.

Ah, she’s embarrassed.


After I finished speaking, everyone looked at me weirdly like I just turned into a chicken of sorts.

“Asiel, is something wrong?” Marciel asked me worriedly.

“I’m very healthy and sane, Marciel. There’s nothing wrong with me or my brain.” I answered with my capitalist smile.

Although I could see that he was still worried about me, he decided not to probe any deeper, hearing me replying so resolutely.

“Uhm, the last time you’ve been there is… when you’re...5?” Irona made sure my memory was alright.

“Yes, you are totally correct older sister.”

“Deary, you remember?”

“I do, I do.”

“Hm… since we have absolutely no idea when in the future you will ever say these words to me again, then I shall allow you to go to the palace. Come to think of it, there was a party that I was too lazy to attend, isn’t this perfect?” Father said happily.

In contrast, everyone had blank expressions knowing well what he meant by that.

Translation for everyone inside the room: Wanna be my shield? I don’t want to deal with all those leechy nobles so you go handle them. In fact, it would be great if you go since they don't know who you are.

“Oh yeah sure!”

I can hear everyone in the room gasp.

“You? What makes you think you deserve to go?” Kiel said irritatedly, the table cloth caught on his signature white fire.

As annoying as he is, he is quite powerful, because he has white fire. White fire is different from normal fires, they do not extinguish on their own unless Kiel takes it back and he can freeze anything on his own will that has caught on his white fire.

“Aish, I was just trying to eat. Kiel, take them back. Now.” Irona backed away from the table.

Kiel ignored her, leaving the white fire to continue to burn.

Her glare pierced, smashing him to the ground.

This was Irona’s power, it’s a pretty simple one, but it’s amazingly effective. She’s able to apply immense pressure on anyone or anything that she looks at with focus on her own will. I could tell that she wasn’t using her full powers on Kiel, and he was still unwillfully smashed to the ground.

“I-if I’d get all serious, I would…ugh have taken it back long ago. F-fine, let me go.” Kiel struggled to say his words with all the weight crushing him.

Irona released the poor boy and he kept his words, taking the fire back.

“...” He glanced at the red haired woman, eyes filled with unreadable emotions.

“Well… Looks like this became a battlefield, I couldn’t care less though. I guess that’s that then, Asiel and Airia, it’s settled then. Son no.1, I believe you can deal with the complications and make sure that they don’t cause me any trouble.”

“Yes, father.” Marciel replied immediately.

If Marciel’s the one who will accompany us, then we should be just fine.


On the day of the party

“We should’ve opposed Marciel from accompanying us!” My sister, Airia, complained to me, with a voice clearly filled with nervousness.

“Hahaha...ha... sigh..., if I knew this would happen I would’ve done that, my dear sister.” I could only sigh helplessly and facepalm myself at our current situation.

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