Chapter 1:


"Death Note: eternal evil" , a Death Note fanfic series

Current year: 2027Bookmark here

"Many of the infamous criminals from around the world, some of which are restrained in prison, have begun dying one after another. The police forces and individual detectives are investigating the mysterious heart attacks that caused the criminals' sudden deaths." 
The broadcast from TV was clear and foolproof. There's no doubt about it; the Death Notes have become the actual death notes. Bookmark here

Am I too lucky?
No. Mere luck can't at all be the reason I became God.
I simply deserved this, even though I was crazy enough to have total faith in this.
I did not fantasize a dream.
I clearly visualized the reality I wanted, the future I deserved to have, and the influence I could make upon the world.
Finally, I have found god. He has touched me, enlightened me, gifted me with his power I've long yearned for.
For 20 years, I never stopped believing. I never let the books get dusty.
I've sacrificed enough time of my life writing down criminals' names in more than ten Death Notes I've bought, and believing in actually gaining this absurd and omnipotent power one day.
Now it's time to put more fresh ink on yellow pages of my Death Note and start eradicating evil with my own hands, without the slightest hesitation.
I shall become known as ... "The Riaru Kira". Bookmark here

20 years before the era of the Riaru KiraBookmark here

Millions of "Death Notes" ,neatly packed together with cool-looking feather pens and sometimes even with the famous shinigami Ryuk's bright red apples, are distributed for Death Note fans throughout the world, who would use these items either to enrich their fandom collections or to relinquish their after-story fantasies. Bookmark here

If there ever was a competition to determine the craziest fan of Death Note fandom, the 17-year old highschool boy Takao was sure to win --and he himself knew it. He has been re-reading the original manga series for the fourth time, not to mention just having finished the anime series marathon for the third time. Plus, he's gotten into countless disputes about the story details and mistakes with many other fans and fanfic writers from online. But these aren't strong evidence of why he is the most fanatic of all Death Note fans worldwide. Bookmark here

Takao is a believer. Since the time he lost both his parents right in front of his eyes and knew that he had to depend on himself to survive and one day hopefully give true justice to the world, he has trained on building a strong mental fortitude and unbreakable willpower, which is why it's no surprising that he not only always stays top in his class but also aces at every hobby he pursues. Now that the Death Note fandom has become his hobby, there's no stopping him from believing that he will one day possess such a power as Death Note for all the efforts he has made in training his mind and soul. Believing that he is even more fond of justice than Yagami Light, Takao has not for once stopped having faith in his ultimate future soon to be gifted by God to let him cleanse the world of evil while also eliminating his mundane daily life loaded with study and meditation, and surrounded by extremely ordinary people that get on his nerves. Bookmark here

Hayashi Naozumi
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