"I'd rather die of passion than of boredom."

Htoomyat Naing (Pen name- Hiroyuki Takashi) is an undergrad student from Myanmar who likes programming and writing fictions. Both of these interests stem from his burning desires for innovating and expressing. His dream is to get noticed and appreciated for his works globally.

Currently, he's working on "Death Note: eternal evil", a Death Note fanfic created with completely new characters and plot.

registered at: Jan 31, 2018

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"Death Note: eternal evil" , a Death Note fanfic series

Updated: Feb 06, 2018
Chapters: 2

Takao Ryuudai, a 37 year old virgin and recluse, has been a Death Note fanatic since he was 17, just a year after his parents were murdered. The Death Notes he bought as collectibles lie on his desk till today, filled with so many names of criminals worldwide that there is almost no space left....