Chapter 16:

The Secret Rendezvous!

Who will the Villainess choose?

“Would you stop glaring at me?” said the man who was looking out of the window from the start. Not even once had he looked at me, then how the hell did he know that I was glaring at me.Bookmark here

“Your bloodlust is too high. The whole carriage is getting filled with your negative mana” he replied, as if he had read my thoughts and I took a deep breath.Bookmark here

“Hmph '' I looked out of the carriage at the stars that were still shining in the sky. It was still night as the moon was peeking from the clouds.Bookmark here

When the man had said that he would come to take me tomorrow I had thought that we would go after breakfast. As it would take time to prepare for a long journey. Who would have thought that he would be here even before the sun could take over the sky.Bookmark here

“I have not even packed the necessities.'' I grumbled as he chuckled.Bookmark here

“State a list of items my lady would need. I will make sure they will be there even before you take a step inside the inn.`` I hated his level of confidence. But I knew he was telling the truth.Bookmark here

Rather than fighting with this dumb man i decided to take the nap when i heard the flapping of wings near the window.Bookmark here

My eyes shone and i took out my head a bit from the window when Damien shouted, Bookmark here

“What do you think you are doing?” His voice was full of fire and anger. Bookmark here

The bird that was smiling looking at me and about to land on my shoulder stopped. As if it sensed the anger of my partner, it stopped right there, looked at me with disappointment and turned and left.Bookmark here

If before I was feeling annoyed, I feel aggrieved now. Bookmark here

“Are you satisfied now?” I grumbled in an abusive tone. That bird started following me whenever I was in the carriage. The way she ‘koo koo’ and hugged me and pecked me, it felt like it was a lost companion who had found me again.Bookmark here

“What are you talking about?” he asked me with a frown too.Bookmark here

“You are a narcissist, hot-tempered, grumpy villain who can never make friends.'' I spat in anger looking at his innocent face as if he did not know what kind of trouble I was facing because of him.Bookmark here

“So? Do you think you are better? You are a haughty, proud and green tea bitch who act innocent to get her things done” Bookmark here

“Did you just say that?” I asked, incredulously shocked, the nerve of this man! How could he!Bookmark here

“Why? you did not know that? You should be thankful that I told you the truth.” he said as if he had told me the biggest reality and opened my eyes to the truth.Bookmark here

‘Damn such a prick!’ Bookmark here

“You can not talk to me like that! I am the future empress of the empire!” I reminded him but he just chuckled.Bookmark here

“It is the first time I have seen someone so happy about her bad luck. You are more idiot than i have thought.'' I fumed as my mouth turned agape.Bookmark here

“I will punish you once I will be the empress!!” I folded my hands in front of my chest as I threatened him but the man just shrugged his shoulders.Bookmark here

“I have more power than the emperor, more resources and my own estate to rule, that is more flourished than the empire.” he replied and i looked out of the window again as i have no way to refute him.Bookmark here

He was more successful than anyone but in the end he and his lineage was going to perish with him. What was he so proud of then? But i did not want to say that, i was not that cruel!
I closed my eyes and decided to take a nap until we reached the town.Bookmark here

“Akira.. You can not run.. You are mine, Akira! No matter how much time passes, I will bring you back. You can not hide.” I heard the same words again and the same chuckle that sounded sinister.Bookmark here

“Ahhhh” I screamed as his hands reached my dress and took it out in one swift motion and held me in his arms.Bookmark here

Tears started flowing from my eyes as I felt violated. My body was trembling as I covered my chest area with both hands.Bookmark here

“Hey, would you stop your drama now?” I heard a voice beside me and I jumped from my seat in fear.Bookmark here

My shivering increased for a second until I realized it was not my dream, it was Damien.Bookmark here

“Hey, are you okay? Akira” he rubbed my back slowly, his movements were awkward. Yet it felt so shooting at that moment. And before I could think of anything, I hugged him.Bookmark here

I could feel him turning stiff in my arms. I hid my head in his chest. He smelled like woods, wet soil, and that calmed me slowly. His touch was warm just like his eyes and I felt so safe and secure there.Bookmark here

Slowly he relaxed and I felt him rubbing my back again. That was all I needed. Since the day I started dreaming, they were increasing, as if the person in my dreams was just waiting for me to close my eyes. Bookmark here

And the moment I did that, he attacked me, taking a step further each time. I shivered once again thinking about it.Bookmark here

“Akira, everything is fine. You are safe with me here.” His words were simple yet it felt so assuring that I nodded unconsciously.Bookmark here

“My lord, we have read…” the man who had opened the door stopped midway looking at us with widened eyes.Bookmark here

Only that did I remember I was still in his arms. His hands were wrapped on my waist and my hands were on his neck. The position was very intimate according to the world I was in.Bookmark here

I cleared my throat as I created some distance, but then I saw the mark of my lipstick on his shirt and fear filled me. Would he kill me for coming close to him?!Bookmark here

I think the servant was afraid for the same reason as he closed his eyes and ran from there.Bookmark here

I was waiting for the declaration of my death sentence too. When I heard his voice.Bookmark here

“Are you feeling better now? Would you be able to walk or shall we stay here for a bit more time?” Surprisingly, his voice was warm and considerate. I could hear a tinge of concern in his voice.Bookmark here

“Umm, no I am fine. I can walk.'' I replied, awkwardly as I did not know how to behave when he was being too sweet. Dealing with glaring and seething Damien was easier than this soft and caring one.Bookmark here

He nodded and then opened the door of his side of the carriage and walked out. I walked only to find the servant kneeling on the ground. He was too afraid to even look up and see us. But Damien ignored him as if he was not even there and walked straight inside the inn.Bookmark here

“Excuse me, two..'' I walked towards the receptionist and asked for two rooms when I saw Damien looking at me with an annoyed face.Bookmark here

“What are you doing? Are you a commoner?” i did not get his words, moreover the change in his behavior in a few seconds was too much for me to handle as if the caring Damien was just a figment of my imagination.Bookmark here

He rolled his eyes as he saw me standing there lost in my thoughts.Bookmark here

“The whole inn is a book for us. You do not need to book rooms.” he replied as he walked towards the stairs standing me there dumbfounded. Bookmark here

“Why in the world do we even need the whole inn?” I spoke out loud without thinking when I heard the reply.Bookmark here

“My lord must have thought of keeping your image intact by hiding their secret rendezvous.”Bookmark here

“!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”Bookmark here

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