Chapter 17:

Staying here for your whole life!

Who will the Villainess choose?

I looked at the room that was vast and luxurious. Too bad! I would not get the time to enjoy its luxuries. I have to spend the whole day finding a non-existent person around.Bookmark here

I was feeling angry just thinking of it. I sat down near the window, grumbling, looking out of the window. There was a mountain in the distance with a snow cap over it. The place looked like a fairytale. The first ray of sunlight dancing over it, it was shining like a set of pearls in the sunlight.Bookmark here

“Koo koo” I blinked looking at the same bird that had followed me here too.Bookmark here

With a bright smile, and excitement I opened the window and welcomed my one and only friend in.Bookmark here

“Hey birdie. I missed you.” I exclaimed as the bird hugged me. “Bookmark here

I thought you ran away after hearing the voice of that living dragon.” I replied with a contented smile, but the bird seemed to be angry with that. Bookmark here

It used its beak to hurt me.Bookmark here

“Aahh” blood instantly started flowing from my hands. Tears formed with the pain. I could not believe that only her beak was enough to hurt me so much. It was so damn hurtingBookmark here

As if realising its mistake, the bird took out its coarse tongue and started licking my wound, but it only hurts more.Bookmark here

“What happened, why did you scream?” I heard Damien’s voice as he knocked on the door.Bookmark here

“I am fine, nothing much.” I replied but there were still tears in my eyes, so the voice did not come out that confident.Bookmark here

“I am coming in, Lady Akira.” he replied and the bird looked at me with anger again, as if it was all my mistake. And with the last glare it left, while I just kept looking at its wings that were growing farther and farther away.Bookmark here

“What happened to you?” I jerked as I heard the voice just behind me. He was already holding my hand, while I did not hear him at all. Bookmark here

“It is nothing, my hand just stuck in the window nail while I was trying to open it.” I gave a paltry excuse, as my eyes wandered in the distance again.Bookmark here

He looked at the window and then at me with doubtful eyes but said nothing. Closing eyes, he took a deep breath, and then called,Bookmark here

“Pierre” soon the man who had opened the door of the carriage came in with his head bowing low.Bookmark here

“Yes, my lord.”Bookmark here

“Bring the medicine box. I need ointment.” he looked confused when his eyes fell on our entwined hands and he shuddered and ran away, nodding his head.Bookmark here

“Tsk tsk.. Dirty minded!! That man was certainly crazy or he must have watched too many romance movies.`` I mumbled as I knew those expressions too well.Bookmark here

“Did you say something?” he asked looking at me and i noddedBookmark here

“You do not need to worry too much about me. I am fine. And I can take care of myself.`` I replied, taking my hands back and he blinked. As if he finally was free from a spell casted on him. He realized he was taking too much care of me and nodded.Bookmark here

“Of course, though you are still childish! You are an adult physically. You should take care of yourself. Always crying and calling for help does not suit you!” with that he waltzed out of the room, making me stunned!Bookmark here

“Was he for real? When the hell did I call him for help?” I fumed and kicked the table near me to take out my anger.Bookmark here

“Aww awww awww” ‘damn it hurts’ i rubbed my leg as it got injured because of this narcissist prick too.Bookmark here

“My lady, the ointment.” said a lady walking in and I snatched the ointment from her hands.Bookmark here

Realizing I have taken my anger out on someone else, I felt bad, I was not a bad person after all!Bookmark here

“Here, apply it on me.” I said giving it back to her. And the startled girl nodded and cleaned my wound from a clean cloth and then applied the cream and wrapped it.Bookmark here

“My lady, my lord is waiting for you at the breakfast table.” Once done she replied with a tinge of fear. Bookmark here

“I am not hungry.” I replied, with a hmph! When my stomach decided to rebel against me.Bookmark here

It growled at the very same moment. And the girl giggled.Bookmark here

“This place is famous for its seafood, my lady. I suggest that you try crab and shrimp. There are oysters too.” The more names she took, the more I felt my mouth watering.Bookmark here

“Alright, if you insist on me so much.” I replied and she nodded to maintain my false pride.Bookmark here

We both descended the stairs only to reach a large hall where more than 100 people could sit and dine. In the middle of the room there was a large dining table, with the seating of thirty people. Bookmark here

Damien was sitting in the head seat. So as the rule of nobles, I left two seats and sat on the third.Bookmark here

“Why are you sitting there?” he asked, looking at me confused and I blinked.Bookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

“Sit here.” he pointed at the seat next to him and I frowned. Though I was new here, I knew that seat was not mine.Bookmark here

“That would not be proper order, my lord.” I replied , shaking my head.Bookmark here

“Tsk.. I don't care. If two people are having a meal, they should look like they are having a meal together. Come and sit with me.” His voice was telling me that he would not take no for an answer so I nodded and sat beside her.Bookmark here

“So from where should we start looking for that silver haired boy?” I could not even take my first bite when he asked that question.?Bookmark here

“Ummm, looking at the market would be better. We can ask the knights and servants to take the portrait I have prepared in advance. And then ask the traders about him.” I offered and he nodded.Bookmark here

“Then we both should go and meet the chancellor of town and let the market be checked by the staff.” I nodded, as this would be less trifling than trying to check the whole town.Bookmark here

“Let me remind you once again, if the boy was found then we will return that instant with him, but if he was not found then you are going to spend the rest of your life here trying to find him.” he replied with a nonchalant voice and with a blank face.Bookmark here

“.....................”Bookmark here

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