Chapter 1:


The Lazy & Carefree Princess

In modern society, teenagers and kids, even adults are pressured by a force known as societal norms. Those who follow it get to live normally, those who don't mostly fail in life. It's a common subject to discuss on. Truth to be told, I'm sick of it. Unfortunately being the weak coward I am, I still couldn't force myself to rebel against it. And so I just continued to live my life normally- boringly.

Eventually I found myself absorbed in those what you call “anime” and “manga”. I found myself turning into an otaku. And I honestly didn’t mind. I enjoyed wrapping myself around these light novels, games and the otaku world. I found myself wishing to be included into many of these stories. Heck! I would love to get teleported or even summoned into another world! I’d choose that over anything in this world even if you were to give me a million dollars.

That was just how much, I simply wanted to escape… it was just how much, I wanted to run away.

But I couldn’t.

Or so I thought.

I called out to god, I tried to make a wish, and it didn’t matter if they heard it or not, I still wanted pray.

“God… if I somehow end up dying… please reincarnate me into a new world, into a different world, one where you would find in those stories that I love. But of most of all… I just want to live a lazy and carefree lifestyle.”

One with no pressures, one where I can be free, that is all I want.

And that is my final wish.

Before long, I graduated from high school. During this time there was a popular light novel series going on. It would be the talk of the city. Every otaku I know, knew it. Although, the story set up was quite cliche, it was still quite popular. Perhaps the characters were the hidden gem was what I thought when I picked it up, but I still couldn’t see the beauty of it.

To me, it was just another main stream cliche. But since I haven’t read the full series I decided to complete it before fully judging it. And as if god has granted me my wish, I found myself getting hit by a truck.

That was the day, I, Mirai Atsuko, Age 19, passed away.