Chapter 2:

I Regained My Memories

The Lazy & Carefree Princess

When I was waking up from my slumber I found myself in the body of a young girl in a cute dim lit room. As I slowly regained conscious I realized that I was in bed. Suddenly, a bunch of memories from a person that was supposed to be me, memories of a person that I could recognize but no longer am with,  memories of a person that felt so familiar yet so unknown- Those types of memories kept on pouring in from every possible angle. And that was the moment I regained the memories of my past life. As I went through each and every one of my previous memories over and over again, the more realized…

That god did not fully grant my wish.

Where the heck did my part of living a carefree lifestyle go too? Surely, I was spoiled but I will have to eventually take on the responsibilities of being a princess when I grow older. How does god not realize this? Or perhaps god is playing a trick on me? All I want to do is just lay around in bed while eating food. That's my dream job! Is it really that hard to grant? If god has the power to reincarnate me into a magical world then surely just letting me laze around will be much easier wouldn't it?? It wouldn't even take twice the hassle!

I found myself being disappointed and sighing deeply.
Either way, I do realize that the former Lucilla was a bratty and spoiled princess, I also realize that now I am young kid at the age of 8. I know that I am a princess of country and I am no longer the 19 year old I was from my previous life. However…

How did I turn out acting so spoiled and annoying?? Jesus, even the previous me (Atsuko) would hate the former personality of mine before I regained my memories. I would even consider abandoning myself in lake if that was an option. I mean a girl who acts bossy and treats everyone like crap except for her beloved. Who wouldn't hate that type of person? Having a decent or even pretty appearance still can't excuse the fact that you're still as douche. Even I would hate her and be embarrassed to be related with such a person... Having your own self hating your old personality- now that's a new level. This shall be forever part of my dark history... I hope nobody mentions this ever again.

But wait, why does this, all sound so familiar…?

The reason why I know these bits of information should be because I am Lucillia, so I should I still have these former memories of mine from when I was still a child... However why does it feel so nostalgic? Not only that I also sense that I might be able to see the future...

Before I could continue contemplating on my existence in life, a bunch of maids, my father and mother have barged into my room. The maids were looking worried but it might just be because their jobs could have been endanger if I were to not wake up. They would most likely be fired and charged for not looking after the crown princess. This would be the only logical explanation because I know that I wouldn’t be worried about the person with my former personality either.

And so as expected, most of the maids looked relieved when they saw me awake. My mother, the queen, opened her mouth with rage. “Lucillia how dare you make such a disgrace of the royal family! To think you would run around mocking other people especially when we are the hosts of your coming of age ceremony. To treat guests with absolute disrespect, that is outrageous! Not to mention doing those types of despicable actions when your betrothed is here as well!”

My father tried to calm down my mother’s rage however he only got shot down again by the same person saying “Shut up, my dear! I am not finished.”
My mother continued on with her lecture but I couldn’t pay attention. I already knew what she was going to say anyway. The only thing I couldn’t understand was how I ended up in bed. If we were actually hosts of a tea party, then shouldn’t I be outside? If they wanted to ground me then it would be understandable but why did I end up falling asleep? And where is my betrothed? If they were actually my fiancee then shouldn’t they be here as well? No wait, scratch that. If I was engaged to myself I wouldn’t care or want to be around me either. But most importantly, here comes the most important question-

Why and how… did I just regain my memories?

I understand the the fact that I have regained them, however, what caused this occurrence? Surely I wouldn’t just gain it from falling asleep is it not?