Chapter 1:

Heart Of Revenge

Dark Fantasy

Sitting at desk in class. 
I'm bored so bored. 
Bell rings. 
Yes! I can go home now.

passing through the school gates.
*Someone was watching*

Makes it home to a dark lit house no one else is there. 

Stress out from school Allure goes upstairs to shower. 
The shower was stress reliving. She really enjoyed it. 

Allure in her room now, In her favorite relax wear. 
Her room is a little bit junkey. 
By her bedside is an end table with a digital alarm clock and a Vr headset.
Laying in her bed she reaches for the Vr headset to put on.

[Welcome To Dark Fantasy]
[Game Initialize]

Allure enters the game at her previous location. 
It's within a Forest near a road that leads to the city.
Allure strikes an heroic pose with her sword to the sun. 

"I want to rule this world."

Allure exist the forest to a long path that leads to the city. 
Allure runs towards the city. 

In town she goes through a series of asking players to join her to rule the Vr world.
Many high level players laughed at her and called her noob. 
Many Lower level players looked at her crazy and said "this is just a game."
Allure has a reputation of making a fool of herself. 

Allure left town to try one more attempt.
Allure hid in a bush beside a long path that travels outward from the city. 
An incoming party to the city was coming.

Allure jumps out to stop them.
"JOIN me! On my quest to rule the---" 

Leader of the party dash forward without hesitation to Allure. 
With his blade press to Allure's neck.
"You wish to rule the world"

Allure was startled intimidated and scared. 
Nonetheless Allure still manage to talk. 

" I admire your strength------"

Allure head was cut from her body. 
The head flew away from her body spurting out a lot of blood.  
Calvin's party members began to laugh

[You have died]
[Your level has reseted to zero]
[Respawning in...]
Allure respawn in the city at the respawn portal. 

Allure walks through town feeling defeated. 
Many of the players are laughing at her. 
Some saying now she really is a noob.
Others saying good riddiance, now she'll probably quit the game.
And some saying someone should have killed her sooner. 

Allure runs out of the city with tears in her eyes. 
To her favorite place to logout which is located in the forest. 

Allure is sitting beside a tree in the forest crying.
"I just thought it be fun to try and rule the world"
Allure continues crying--------
she stops suddenly 
"I'll make him pay....I'll make them all pay!"
*Someone was watching* 

 [Logout in]

Allure reaches over to put the Vr device away on the end table beside her bed. 
Allure gets into a comfortable position and  fall asleep almost instantly. 

Dark Fantasy