Chapter 6:

Interlude I

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

“He is going to be fine." The hooded figure uttered as the dragon cut through the skies. Bookmark here

Its wings fluidly sifted through the clouds in its flight. Below, the once chaos-struck city was slowly getting back order. Men gathered together, clearing the wreckages and rebuilding fallen homes and shops with wood and cement. Some of the less fortunate orcs and goblins that were not able to flee from the scene were either incapacitated or captured by the kingdom's knights.Bookmark here

“That’s good to hear," the lady with the four ribbed horns on her head sat down, gently touching the black scales of the dragon. "We should signal the rest of the army to retreat then.”Bookmark here

The hooded figure continued to cast healing spells on the Greater Dragon's wounds. “How about you, Loralei? Are you alright?”Bookmark here

Loralei brushed her silky hair aside and covered her horns with her hood.  Bookmark here

“I am fine. Not even a scratch on me, heh.”Bookmark here

“Who was that Knight? He seemed quite strong.”Bookmark here

“That, my sister, was the only the strongest warrior the kingdom of Sol has to offer. Now what about our dragon’s assailant?”Bookmark here

The hooded figure finished her chant. Silky ebony locks danced out of the hood with the breeze. Her cobalt eyes were now watching the city below.Bookmark here

“The wounds were made by conventional ballistae arrows. What I don’t understand is why the wounds ended up so big, or how they even managed to pierce the scales.”Bookmark here

“My, that sounds troublesome. Looks like we’ve got more interesting people showing up, huh.”Bookmark here

"Indeed..."Bookmark here

The Greater Dragon finally reached the southern border. Loralei fiercely stood atop the dragon's back and commanded the rest of the army of goblins and orcs to fall back at once.
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They've already gotten what they came here for.Bookmark here

Cali Maki
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