Chapter 7:

A Tour of the City

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

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Waking up is impossible. Curse the human body’s need for sleep. Why is it so hard to fall asleep and even harder to wake up?
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As a god, sleep was not mandatory. I miss my old selfBookmark here

After finally getting my body to wake up, I walked over to the balcony. Looks like Iris already left early in the morning.Bookmark here

Looking over the city, a stranger would not be able to tell that there was an attack yesterday. Scaffolding line the damaged areas of the streets, most of the rubble has already been removed. The palace itself is as good as new. Magic is so convenient.Bookmark here

My stomach let out a low growl. It is time for this vessel to replenish its need for nutrients. I also realized I did not eat at all yesterday.Bookmark here

“Ah, master, you’re awake!”Bookmark here

Iris came into the room, tray in her hands.Bookmark here

“What is this?”Bookmark here

“I-I’ve brought you some food. It’s already noon but you still haven’t eaten yet.”Bookmark here

Seriously? I’ve been asleep for that long?
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“That feels nice. The food is not half bad here.”Bookmark here

“I’m glad you like it, master. It’s been carefully prepared by the castle's royal chefs.”Bookmark here

“A change of topic, by the way. Have you seen the Head Knight? I have not encountered him once after the attack since yesterday.”Bookmark here

“H-he’s attending to important matters right now. He said that you should go explore the city on your own for today.” Iris finished cleaning up the tray and headed towards the doorway.Bookmark here

“Wait, Iris.”Bookmark here

She paused in her steps, “Y-yes, master?”Bookmark here

“I need you to show me around the city.”Bookmark here

“E-eh? Right now?”Bookmark here

“Of course not. I still need to prepare myself. Meet me outside the palace in an hour.”Bookmark here

“O-okay.” She quickly turned around and left the premises. Bookmark here

There should be a limit to how shy one can be, I thought. How did she even get a position as a castle maid?Bookmark here

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Outside the castle gates, I got a clear image of how tall the castle is. The walls surrounding it are almost around 10 meters high and the guard towers are even higher.Bookmark here

The castle itself is huge and has several high-rise towers with the tower holding the Level Restriction Device being the highest point.Bookmark here

“It’s magnificent, isn’t it? Even a Greater Dragon could not tear this place down.” One of the nearby soldiers boast about the castle.Bookmark here

“Ha, let the demon army come. This place is impenetrable!” His companion agreed with him.Bookmark here

Ignoramuses. We would all be dead if it was not for my huge contribution yesterday.
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I glanced at the watch tower and thought how Iris was taking a while to arrive. I told her that I would be waiting for an hour, not an hour and a half. I continued looking at the borders.Bookmark here

The kingdom of Sol is built on a plateau with the palace at the top and the city below it. The city itself has four distinct corners, with a river running along the northern borders. Big houses over there, small houses over here, and public places in between. That was all I can observe right now. Seems I do need Iris to guide me around this city.Bookmark here

Now, looking back at the palace, its geography alone makes it hard to attack. You would first have to get through the city which steadily elevates the further you go inland. It is a huge disadvantage for any normal attackers owing to high ground cover. The city is prone to aerial attacks though as the anti-air defenses are few and far between save for the palace itself.Bookmark here

“M-master!” Iris ran toward me. She was wearing a dress that further accentuates her curves, compared to her maid uniform. I am indeed right about her being the silent as well as a kind beauty.Bookmark here

“You took your time.”Bookmark here

“Ah! S-sorry, I had a couple of things I needed to finish first.” She quickly bowed. Bookmark here

I turned around. “Let us proceed then.”Bookmark here

“Okay!”Bookmark here

We visited a lot of places within the city. I got to know a little more about the way the people socialize by approaching some of them. We also ate Sol's street foods, and she recommended me a few places to visit when I had the time. Bookmark here

Hours after the tour of the city, we stopped by a nearby park.Bookmark here

“I fancy this experience. I would not mind going here from time to time.”Bookmark here

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, master.” Iris beamed like the first spring flower after an arduous winter. I could not help but smile back.Bookmark here

“Ms. Iris, admittedly, I liked being called a "master" at first. However, I request for you to call me by my name from now on.”Bookmark here

“A-are you sure a-about that?” Iris's arms were frantically waving.Bookmark here

“I am, so just call me Aelius.”Bookmark here

“Alright then… Aelius.”Bookmark here

Her face went red like roses. Bookmark here

Is it really that big of a deal? Well it is since I am supposed to be their god, but they do not believe that I am one.Bookmark here

The church bell rang. Hold on, a church?Bookmark here

“Iris. Come, we must proceed to the church.”Bookmark here

Iris, seemingly in a trance, quickly snapped out of her flush. “Wh-what? Church?”Bookmark here

“Yes, the church. I have something I need to check there.”Bookmark here

“O-oh, so that’s what you meant.”Bookmark here

She tried to hide her face. Does she not want to go to the church?Bookmark here

“Let us make haste.”Bookmark here

Afternoon mass just finished as soon as we arrived to the Kingdom of Sol's church. Several people lined the entrance, either about to leave or about to enter the sacred place. A large statue of their god Aelius- which is me- stood at the front.Bookmark here

The idea to visit this place did not even occur to me since the day I was summoned here in this world as a human. Which was yesterday... or the day before that. Now, I am about to try to establish a link to the Heaven Realm.Bookmark here

I dragged Iris along as I sauntered inside the church's premises, searching for a priest who will allow me to communicate with the Heaven Realm.Bookmark here

“Excuse me, are the two of you here looking to get married?”Bookmark here

Nice timing. Bookmark here

The priest stared at us in sparkling curiosity, his glasses shining as if to further improve the point. He looked as if he was a little older than us, most presumably someone who just graduated to priesthood. Iris continued covering her face.Bookmark here

“Yes, is there a private place where we can discuss the details?”Bookmark here

Iris suddenly gasped. Her face is a mess of red right now.Bookmark here

“Wh-what-!?”Bookmark here

I whispered to her ear, “Just act along.”Bookmark here

“!" Bookmark here

She then nodded at the priest and embraced my arm. “Y-yes, w-we are.”Bookmark here

“Oh, my. Very well, come, follow me.”Bookmark here

We accompanied the priest into an office-like room.Bookmark here

"Now let us discuss-”Bookmark here

“Pray to Lord Aelius.”Bookmark here

The priest blinked his eyes numerous times.  “Pardon?”Bookmark here

“You heard me. Pray to Lord Aelius, and tell him that Aelius needs to talk.”Bookmark here

The priest looked displeased. “What are y-”Bookmark here

An ice spike appeared near his throat. The priest is shocked. Iris was too, but chose to kept her mouth shut.Bookmark here

“Just do as I say.”Bookmark here

“Alright, alright! I'll do as you say.” The priest clumsily took out his prayer beads and began chanting.Bookmark here

“Lord Aelius, your humble servant calls out to you. A person named A-Aelius requests for your attendance.”Bookmark here

“Good, now tell him that he must command Lady Amaris to speak through you.”Bookmark here

“I can’t jus-”Bookmark here

The ice spike inched closer to his neck. The priest let out a nervous gulp. Bookmark here

“Lord Aelius, please tell Goddess Amaris to speak through me.”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Nothing happened. It seems a calling requires someone of a higher ranking to establish a connection, assuming someone would actually answer. I sighed and beckoned Iris to pack up our satchels and leave the place.Bookmark here

“W-wait I can hear something, no, someone!” The priest exclaimed. Thank Goodness.Bookmark here

“What did she say?”Bookmark here

The priest looked overjoyed, so much that he seemed to have forgotten the hazard placed right on his throat.Bookmark here

“Absolutely. We thank you for gracing us with your presence, o kind and merciful goddess!”Bookmark here

The priest's eyes focused towards me with newfound respect, both his eyes and glasses seemed to be twinkling. He then briskly prostrated himself before me.Bookmark here

“Please forgive this humble servant for being so disrespectful!”Bookmark here

“Eh?”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Captain, it’s useless. They’d die before we get a word out of them.”Bookmark here

“Alright, thank you for your work.”Bookmark here

The knight gave a salute before leaving the room. Bookmark here

Those guys, jeez… Either they’re loyal to a fault, or being controlled. Bookmark here

“I suggest we should proceed to execute them for their brazen assault of our kingdom and citizens. They are useless now for an interrogation anyway.”Bookmark here

A blonde man wearing a similar heavy armor as my own leaned on the cement wall next to the door.Bookmark here

“They will break. Just give it time, Cael.”Bookmark here

The blonde knight named Cael sighed and walked over to me. He’s shorter than me and smaller in frame as well. Nonetheless, it is foolish for anyone to underestimate him; for he is not just any knight. He is Cael, the second strongest warrior of the kingdom of Sol, the Captain of the Third Ray.Bookmark here

He examined the documents I’m reading with his sharp eyes. “What is the situation with the otherworlder? I hear that the hero of the Kingdom of Luna has already finished multiple dungeons runs. Though, it was mostly B-ranks, it is still no small feat.”Bookmark here

“My soldiers said that he managed to injure a Greater Dragon by himself. That’s no small feat either.”Bookmark here

“Oh? I wish I had been there to witness it." His piercing eyes glided over to meet my gaze, "What a peculiar man.”Bookmark here

I shook my head, “It was good that you didn't. The southern border would have been in a more miserable state if you weren’t there.”Bookmark here

Cael sat down in a chair nearby. “And may I also inquire about you? Reports said you fought against a demon in the sixth district’s marketplace?”Bookmark here

“She wasn’t just any demon. Her skin was the same color as us.”Bookmark here

“A female demon, huh. Was she pretty?”Bookmark here

I ignored him and signed the documents. Cael grinned.Bookmark here

“She was, wasn’t she? Your face is too obvious.” He proceeded to chuckle, amusing himself for a moment. I couldn't bring myself to reply. Bookmark here

Cael's chuckle abruptly stopped, and he dropped his tone a little. “But her skin being the same color as humans… you are right. That is very unusual too. I will investigate further on this matter.”Bookmark here

He stood up, still with a small smile on his face,  and walked towards the door. He paused as he held the doorknob, “Oh, a word of advice Grey. From a friend to another. Do not forget. She is an enemy. All demons are a threat to mankind and must be wiped out.”Bookmark here

The door closed before him. I let out a sigh. Bookmark here

Of course, I won’t forget what the demons did to us.Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

I’ve done what I can for today. I think it is time to check on how Al is doing. Iris did tell me that they were gonna go see the city.Bookmark here

I walked towards the castle from the barracks. I plan to just wait for them at the gates. Bookmark here

The knights posted there immediately stood at attention when I arrived. Bookmark here

"At ease soldiers" I gestured at them.Bookmark here

“Captain Grayson Fujihara. What brings you here?” a familiar voice called out.Bookmark here

A woman wearing a formal attire, a captain’s uniform, had also arrived at the gates. The afternoon sun dyed her hair scarlet red. Lines of soldiers and mages were in formation behind her.Bookmark here

“Captain Valerie. It’s nice to see you here. I’m just waiting for someone.”Bookmark here

“Oh? I wonder why you would meet someone at the palace gates by yourself. Also, I take it that the Saintess has been summoned?”Bookmark here

Valerie, Captain of the Sixth Ray. In charge of protecting the outskirts of the territory around Sol. Seems like his Majesty sent a letter to update her on that matter. Except the Saintess part. It would have been better if the hero was a Saintess. No offense Al.Bookmark here

“You’ll understand when you talk to his Majesty. By the way, if you arrived sooner, we could have used your help.”Bookmark here

“Help with what?”Bookmark here

“A Greater Dragon attacked the castle yesterday.”Bookmark here

Valerie lightly gasped, “Oh, how terrible, I’m sorry about that. We got held along the way, a skirmish with some demons invading one of the towns in the outskirts.”Bookmark here

“It is fine. We were able to hold them back," I shrugged. "You seem to be in a good mood though. I’m glad you’re fine.”Bookmark here

“Ha, of course, I’d be fine. Why wouldn’t I be?"Bookmark here

“Haha. Alright, alright. Well then, I shouldn’t take more of your time. You should head inside.”Bookmark here

We nodded our farewells to each other. I watched as her party went through the gates. Everyone hated the demons, but Valerie’s hatred is on another level. It was the reason why she volunteered to join the Sixth Ray, in charge of the defense of the territorial outskirts.Bookmark here

“You’re here. Mr. Head Knight.” Bookmark here

I turned around to see the voice that chimed in behind me. It’s Al and Iris, at long last.Bookmark here

“Yo, did you enjoy your time exploring the city?”Bookmark here

“More or less.”Bookmark here

A boy in priest robes walked up behind them. “Ah, it’s Captain Grayson! The strongest warrior in the kingdom!” Bookmark here

Huh?Bookmark here

“Uh, Al, who is this guy?”Bookmark here

Al looked at the priest, then at me. “I shall tell you once we are inside.”Bookmark here

Cali Maki
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