Chapter 5:

That did not go as planned

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

AELIUSBookmark here

The pale light of this world's two moons illuminated my window, casting shadows which continue to fuel my late night fantasy. Bookmark here

In this quiet solitude, the sound of crickets rung around the room like a faint melody
and I began to think that the bed was no longer cozy as it used to be 
as I twist and turn, recalling today's tragedy.
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Yet in the end, the invasion of the kingdom of Sol was repelled along with the assurance of the level restriction device's safety. Annoyingly, however, I reminisced as I did also recall doing all the work by myself.

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---Bookmark here

Bookmark here

The Greater Dragon roared as it continued to lash its body around.Bookmark here

“Captain! There’s a huge number of Goblins and Orcs at the southern walls!Bookmark here

“Then prioritize the evacuation of the citizens on the southern part of the city! Move, move!” Head Knight Grayson ran around barking orders at his men. The Greater Dragon is currently holding on to one of the Guard Towers like there’s no tomorrow. But I do not pay attention to it as I have more pressing matters to attend to.Bookmark here

Time to check on the device.Bookmark here

I clambered up the walls to the highest part of the castle. The climb was slow and tedious. As I placed each foot, I can hear the Head Knight and his men struggling to restrain the raging lizard below. Bookmark here

I could have just used a teleportation spell, but if it were that easy then the demons would have done it already.Bookmark here

“Just a bit further- ugh.“Bookmark here

It was foolish for me to completely overestimate this scrawny frame. Its limbs were quaking like an outstretched rubber band each time I ascend. Bookmark here

Another foolish thought, my previous all-powerful god self would consider, entered my mind; that perhaps, having anti-magic arrays around the tower was a horrible idea after all. Bookmark here

But I brushed the thought away and wiped the accumulating dirt and sweat on my hand onto my shirt, then gritted my teeth as I made every effort to continue my climb to the top. Bookmark here

“Finally-!“ I opened my mouth wide and inhaled deeply, yet it felt like I was still not breathing enough. At last, I am at the entrance at the tower's peak.Bookmark here

crack- CRASH-!Bookmark here

By entrance, I meant the window. Glass shards littered the floor as I trudged towards the device. Bookmark here

A levitating cube that is no bigger than a stone tablet glowed at the center of the room. Tiny cracks can be seen at its surface.Bookmark here

“Gee, it seems you need a little maintenance.”Bookmark here

I have had an otherworlder talk about this curiosity before with me: "Why doesn’t the demon lord kill the hero while they’re still weak after the summoning ritual?"

Good question. Or better yet, why not just destroy the kingdom before they even summon a hero in the first place?
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Why, that is what this floating cube device is for. 

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

The Level Restriction device
Upon activation, releases a field that engulfs the entire continent of Nevia. 
Not a direct barrier. Weakens demons that enter its range.
Weakening effect gets stronger with closer proximity to the capital of Sol.

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“A bit more tinkering here and there...“Bookmark here

The barrier only affects demons though, which explains the massive orc and goblin army outside. The device also requires maintenance every now and then, or fractures like these ones will appear overtime and render the device useless. Maintenance normally would be simple and easy to do, that is if I was not in this frail human vessel right now.Bookmark here

“...and you’re all set!”Bookmark here

The device seemed to be running smoothly once more. Just in time for the floor to shake thanks to a hot-tempered lizard that is bent on obliterating it to hell.Bookmark here

The walls and ceiling of the tower vibrated. Peering out the window, the southern part of the city was covered in smoke. I saw a tiny Head Knight rushing back and forth, desperately attempting to block the tumbling castle parts from crashing into the city below.Bookmark here

You nincompoop, I advised you to find the ones behind the dragon!Bookmark here

I am not in the mood to exhaust myself to descend. As such, I shall wait for my mana to recover. In the meantime, I plan to clarify what this scrambling Head Knight needs to do.Bookmark here

Telepathy. Greetings, Mr. Head Knight. Am I audible on your end?”Bookmark here

“Al, is that you?”Bookmark here

Who else would it be other than me?Bookmark here

“You have not found it yet?”Bookmark here

“I don’t see any crystals or magic circles on the dragon!”Bookmark here

I took a deep breath and exhaled. I did it loudly on purpose so the Head Knight could hear and realize my disappointment in his current situation. Bookmark here

Oh, how difficult is it to heed my instructions? I even granted you the easy part of the plan. Bookmark here

“I meant that you should look for it in the city. I can assure that the culprit who is controlling the Greater Dragon is here in the city.”Bookmark here

“You should have said that earlier! Also, how am I hearing your voice?!”Bookmark here

“Telepathy, my dear. But you would not understand.”Bookmark here

Almost no one in this world knows this spell.Bookmark here

“Tele- what now?”Bookmark here

I cut the line. The walls were not going to hold much longer. My mana also seems to have been replenished.
Bookmark here

Time to drop down and beat some sense into this overgrown lizard.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Birds frolicked in air while singing songs of aggressive courting and avian politics.Bookmark here

I cannot even get some quiet in my solitude. I turned around and grabbed pillows to cover my ears.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Several tiny birds lined the balcony outside my room. The chirping got louder as if to mock me, forcing my sleep-deprived eyes to open wide in an instant.
Bookmark here

The chirping needs to stop.

I rang the bell. A few moments later, one of the doors creaked open.Bookmark here

“Y-you’ve called, master?”Bookmark here

“Yes, uh..."Bookmark here

"M-my name is Iris."Bookmark here

"Ah- yes, Iris, I need your service.” I pointed out to the balcony. “See those birds over there Make sure they don’t come back.”Bookmark here

“Y-yes, right away, master!”Bookmark here

Iris walked over to the balcony. She was the woman who was present inside my room as well as the person who broke the glass cup in my table a couple of hours ago. She works here as one of the castle maids. Iris looks a bit shorter than me, with shoulder-length raven black hair and fair skin. Bookmark here

“Alright, birds. S-shoo!” Iris waved at the tiny birds, who aren’t fazed in the slightest bit. Her personality is a little timid, she’s shy, and lacks some common sense. At least that is my first impression of her.Bookmark here

“G-go away, birds!”Bookmark here

How charming. Getting flustered over some nocturnal birds. If this goes on, I will have to get up from my bed. But I refuse. I have to place my trust in her.Bookmark here

“Iris, see that rod beside the wardrobe? Use it.”Bookmark here

“Okay!” She took the metal rod on the floor, marched towards the birds- and gently poked them.Bookmark here

“At least try to put a little more force with that.”Bookmark here

“R-right!”Bookmark here

Seems like the birds have had enough poking for tonight. They fly off into the night sky.
Finally, no more chirping. Now, where were we?Bookmark here

Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

Bookmark here

The dragon kept on smashing at the wall. I nodded in salute to the Mr. Castle for holding up with it until now, then jumped down.Bookmark here

“You are too loud. Silence!”Bookmark here

The noises stopped. Even the deafening roar of the dragon could no longer be heard. It glanced up at me in confusion. Bookmark here

Looks like I have successfully garnered its attention. Levitate, Gravity Well.Bookmark here

Gravity surrounding my body disappeared and I stopped falling. I was effortlessly floating in mid-air. On the other hand, the area around the dragon felt a tremendous pressure, like an invisible force pushing it towards the core of the world.Bookmark here

All that was left is to get a hold of arrows. I glided over the demolished guard towers. The Greater Dragon shrieked as it squirmed desperately below the intense force of gravity. Bookmark here

Levitate, Duplicate, Enlargement!Bookmark here

The leftover ballistae arrows I gathered glowed in succession and grew in size and number. I placed them a few meters on top of the Greater Dragon. Bookmark here

Alright, pitiful lizard. Time to bite the dust. Levitate: Cancel, Triple Gravity Well!Bookmark here

The arrows dropped at breakneck speeds. The dragon was helpless as the first of the falling projectiles pierced its scales and wings. Bookmark here

However, my innate mana well dried up before the rest of the arrows can hit it.
Bookmark here

The Greater Dragon's roar sounded like a thunderous applause.Bookmark here

“Not good!” I stumbled down on top of the dragon. It was definitely enraged. I barely managed to dodge as it swiped its back with its tail, attempting to remove the foreign rider and the impaled arrows.Bookmark here

As I falter to the ground below, the dragon glowed red hot again. The hot air burned the surrounding area. It was indeed a sign for me to skedaddle. I have no business being fried.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“And then what happened?”Bookmark here

Iris looked at me eagerly, sitting on a chair near the balcony. Crap, was I talking out loud?Bookmark here

“I unleashed a couple more spells forcing it to retreat.”Bookmark here

“Didn’t you say you ran out of mana?”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

That is indeed true. I half-expected it to rush at me, yet it unexpectedly drew its attention towards the city and flew away. Bookmark here

But that is not the point. Why is this maid still here?Bookmark here

“Iris, why are you still staying here in my bedchamber?”Bookmark here

She gets flustered again.Bookmark here

“U-um, you told me to make sure the birds don’t come back.” She tightened her grip the metal rod in her hands. Bookmark here

Fine, she has a point.Bookmark here

Iris was probably around my human body’s age, no, might even be younger. She was very well gifted at such an age to be able to keep up with the constant repair and upkeep of the castle. I am quite sure she has received a lot of confessions throughout her life too, for she was quite a silent beauty.Bookmark here

“Thank you for helping protect the kingdom.” Iris muttered.Bookmark here

I looked at her and smiled. I really appreciate the gratitude, but I wish for this body to rest soon.Bookmark here

“Do not mind it. It was not even that difficult to do so.”Bookmark here

She shook her head. “That’s not what I mean. You had no reason to protect a place you’ve been in for less than a few days. Yet you went as far as to risk your life for it. For us.”Bookmark here

Oh, why, you are mistaken, my fair maid.Bookmark here

If the Level Restriction Device breaks, it shall spell the end of me. The demons would make short work of everyone. I would rather not go back to the Heaven Realm as a holy spirit.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Lord Aelius, heed our call.”Bookmark here

Hm? Who is calling my name?Bookmark here

“Our Lord, we need your help!”Bookmark here

A man dressed in white robes walked into a room. He carried around with him such a sophisticated aura, almost as if there was actually a literal bright aura emanating from his whole outline.
Bookmark here

Oh, I realized. That man is me.Bookmark here

“Aelius! Your people are calling your name again!” A woman also came into the room. She wore the same white robes as the man. Together, their presence was enough to make my dream-self squint.Bookmark here

The man reached out to a holographic list. “Relax, Amaris. I am already on it.”Bookmark here

Amaris looked at a device displaying a holographic 3D map of the Nevia continent. She scrolled around the map with her delicate fingers, zooming in and out.Bookmark here

The human kingdoms and settlements are highlighted in blue. Around the borders of the image are numerous red dots- the demon army.Bookmark here

“Sheesh, can we at least rain a couple of meteors on the demon camp?”Bookmark here

“Do not make myself repeat again, Amaris. It is against the rules for us to interfere directly with the matters of this world.”Bookmark here

Amaris twirled around the room.Bookmark here

“Can you be still for a moment?”Bookmark here

“I am bored, dear Aelius. I already summoned my hero a few days ago and he is taking forever to train~”Bookmark here

Aelius scrutinized a name on the list. Yatsumi Matsunaga. Bookmark here

“This one has a good affinity with Light Magic.”Bookmark here

Amaris scooted over. She tapped the name on the list. “Ohh, she would make a good partner to my hero!”Bookmark here

Indeed it would have been so. The demon lord that spawned this time is of the darkness element. A Saintess and a Holy Knight were perfect for the task. Since Amaris already summoned a candidate for the Holy Knight role, it was my job to summon one for the Saintess role.Bookmark here

“What are you waiting for? Check her details out already!” Amaris fiddled with the holo-device.Bookmark here

A holographic screen appeared, showing a woman walking home from her office.Bookmark here

“She is in her thirties, a dead-end job, and well-versed in Japanese light novels, manga, and anime. Perfect!”Bookmark here

“She is about to get run over by a truck in her attempt to save a kid. Very well, I shall proceed to the summoning hall.” Bookmark here

Aelius walked out the room. Amaris stayed behind and continued tampering with the holo-device. I followed myself.Bookmark here

Aelius entered a hall supported by multiple pillars. At the center of the glistening floor was a massive magic circle glowing in different colors. Runes shifted every second. There was nothing else in the room except for him and a few floating white clouds that act as a misty ambience around the room.Bookmark here

“Alright, Aelius. Recall the crucial incantations.”Bookmark here

The magic circle's glowing intensified. Bright white and gold light filled the room for a split second and then suddenly, a girl in her teenage dream years suddenly stood before him. Bookmark here

“Wha-what’s going on?!”Bookmark here

Aelius raised his hands. “Greetings, otherworlder. My name is Aelius. You have just died.”Bookmark here

The girl touched her face. She glanced at her hands and tried to move it.Bookmark here

“I-I’m young again! Wait! Died?! Is this heaven? Why are you glowing?”Bookmark here

“Being confused with the current situation is valid and understandable, Yatsumi. To start off, this is-“Bookmark here

“How do you know my name?!”Bookmark here

“-…”Bookmark here

A feeling of irritation. I very well knew such a feeling. Bookmark here

“Listen to me first, otherworlder. You have died in your world. But fear not, for you have been chosen to be a hero thanks to your brave actions-”Bookmark here

“Oh, Oh, right. That kid! Is he alright?”Bookmark here

“He is fine now, thanks to you.”Bookmark here

“Thank goodness.” Bookmark here

Impatience built up on Aelius’s face. His features were starting to become dark, unfit for a heavenly god. The girl kept checking out her body.Bookmark here

“Let us make this quick, girl. You have been isekai’ed. A term that is all too familiar in your world. And yes, it is similar to the scenarios in your manga-” Bookmark here

“Oh, then a demon lord?”Bookmark here

“Correct.”Bookmark here

“Do I get some sort of cheat skill?”Bookmark here

“That is also correct.”Bookmark here

“Wow!” She stood up and looked around.Bookmark here

“So, you’re some kind of god?”Bookmark here

“Indeed. But I advise you to postpone your queries for later, for you are about to be sent to the Kingdom of Sol in the Nevia continent. My people are under attack by the demons. Your mission is to defeat the demon lord and save my people. Upon completion, I will grant you any wish you desire.”Bookmark here

She fiddled with her hair, “Any wish?”Bookmark here

“Yes, anything you desire.”Bookmark here

Aelius opened a screen in the walls of the hall. The Kingdom of Sol can be seen from a bird’s eye view. Yatsumi stared at it intently.Bookmark here

“For your Unique Ski-”Bookmark here

Yatsumi raised her hand. “Question: are you a good god or a bad one?”Bookmark here

Aelius brows furrowed. “What do you mean?”Bookmark here

“I’ve read this scenario before; you might be one of those gods that don’t actually really care about their people or the people they isekai’ed.”Bookmark here

“I do not understand.”Bookmark here

She stared at Aelius with a blank expression. “Why don’t you save your people yourself?”Bookmark here

“There are rules forbidding me to-”Bookmark here

“No, you’re a God, aren’t you? Rules shouldn’t be an issue for you omnipotent beings.”Bookmark here

“Quite right, I am omnipotent.”Bookmark here

“Then do something about this yourself!”Bookmark here

“Hearken, young lady. I am telling you; even gods have restrictions binding them.”Bookmark here

The girl mumbled, “So much for your omnipotency.”Bookmark here

“It is not like I can just invoke myself into my own world.”Bookmark here

“Why don’t you give it a try then?”Bookmark here

I do not know what asinine idea went inside my head at the time which lead me to agree to the provocation of a mortal easily.Bookmark here

“Very well. Come see for yourself.”Bookmark here

Aelius stood on the glowing magic circle.Bookmark here

“Stand over there outside the circle.”Bookmark here

“Okay. Wow, you’re really going to do it.”Bookmark here

“After this, you shall have no more questions, alright?”Bookmark here

“Alright.”Bookmark here

Aelius activated the circle. It hummed to life and glowed fiercely in various colors. Then the magic circle stopped glowing. Yatsumi stood agape.Bookmark here

“Woah, you really are saying the truth!”Bookmark here

“Of course, I am. Now let us-”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

The magic circle suddenly glowed brighter than ever. I almost thought I would have gone blind thereafter.Bookmark here

Then I woke up.Bookmark here

Cali Maki
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