Chapter 1:

It's just a dream

I dreamed the dream where I got confessed, will it be a reality?

Rrrrrriiiiingggg!!!Bookmark here

I try open my eyes and looking around the situation. There's an alarm ring out loud. Eventually, I just remember something.Bookmark here

'Uehara-kun, I like you!'Bookmark here

Eh, ah, wait...Bookmark here

"Argggghhhhh, 'kuso' alaaaarrrrrrmmmmmmm!!!" I slam the alarm on the floor. It break to pieces. Bookmark here

"Why can't you let me continue my sweet dream, just a little bit, just a little bit, I finally got a girlfriend! Yeah, got a— wait a minute, that only a dream. Arrrghhh, if only it was real."Bookmark here

I look at the broken alarm.Bookmark here

"Nevermind, I'll buy another one. Darn it, another waste of money!"Bookmark here

Tired of babbling myself, I finally get up and go to bathroom. After wash my face and get ready the thing ready for school, I walk down the stairs for breakfast.Bookmark here

It's western theme, fried egg and bacon. I don't why would I eat western style even though I'm Japanese but it is how it is.Bookmark here

Finish my breakfast, it's time to kicking out to school, better hurry for not to late.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

It's morning in the school entrance, as usual I change my shoes to the indoor one at 'genkan'. Suddenly, I saw an unbelievable sight, I don't know if I see wrong, but there's no mistaking it was her. The girl I saw in my dream, who confessed to me in the dream.Bookmark here

Long black silky hair, white skin like a porcelain doll, a good-build up body that fit it well that not to big or small, and an aura that seems it best for not approach her. That's why most of people around here are keep their distance. And incredible figure, even neither famous model or popular actress can't be compare to her.Bookmark here

I stun by her, but same as them, I try to keep my distance not to make any trouble, because it will be weird thing if I call her just because I assume her as a same girl I saw in my dream, even I don't know her name.Bookmark here

'Ding dong dang dong' Bookmark here

The school bell is ringing, time to head out to the classroom.Bookmark here

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