Chapter 2:

Are you for real?

I dreamed the dream where I got confessed, will it be a reality?

In the classroom, I sit on my chair, number two from behind at the right rows. In front of me there's Katsuo Fukuhara, my friend since we were middle school.Bookmark here

He is a part of 'go to home club' even though he was at basketball club in the middle school. I don't know why was he doesn't continue it. Anyway it's not my business so just let it be.Bookmark here

"Yo, g'morning Kazuki! Feeling sick?"Bookmark here

"Morning, Katsuo. Nah, I'm good."Bookmark here

"Very well then. Um, what's up? You're looking weird? Anything happen?"Bookmark here

"Ah, it's..."Bookmark here

Damn you Katsuo, you can notice it easily? That's what you got when you are already together since middle school.Bookmark here

"I got confessed."Bookmark here

"Wa- wait what?! Are you for real? Who? When? Where? How? And why?!"Bookmark here

Shocked, Katsuo asking 5 W + 1 H. Is this a language lesson? Eh, it's not the time for that. Bookmark here

Because of the overreacting Katsuo, the other students are looking at us but then return to their business seconds later.Bookmark here

"In my dream."Bookmark here

"Eh, eh, eeeeeeeehhhhhhh!!!!"Bookmark here

They're looking at us again for the second time. But same as before they return to their business again. Huh, they're really easily lose interest huh? Wait, that's not what matter now.Bookmark here

"What do you mean?"Bookmark here

"I mean it just a dream, 'kay. I never confessed in real life, just a dream."Bookmark here

"Owh, dream. Heh." Katsuo holding his head as he has a headache. Bookmark here

"Teehee~"Bookmark here

"Teehee my ass! You just gave me a heart attack!"Bookmark here

"Are you an old man or something?  Um... Anyway, do you know something about a girl, she has a long black hair and skin white as a porcelain?"Bookmark here

"Oh, you mean she?"Bookmark here

"She? Who is she?"Bookmark here

"You don't know her? Shirakawa Yukiko, known for her beauty and cold. She almost ever talk to anyone and no one seems want to talk to her. Also she's realy white as snow, that's why people called her 'The Untouchable Ice'."Bookmark here

"Wow, really? That's really a something."Bookmark here

'The untouchable ice, eh? That'll add up something.Bookmark here

"Um anyway, why did I never saw her before?"Bookmark here

"That's because she rarely to go school. Even she has ever abstain for one period. She just come to the school recently. That's why."Bookmark here

"Oh, that's the reas—"Bookmark here

"Good morning all, homeroom session will be starting. Please return to your seats."Bookmark here

In middle of our conversation, Ichihara-sensei, our homeroom teacher, come to the class.Bookmark here

Wait, I yet ask what class is she and stuff. Well, that's can be anytime later anyway.Bookmark here

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