Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Alliance



A classroom bustling with the sounds of youth. Boys wearing blue blazers, necktie, and black pants and girls wearing blue blazers, ribbon, and pleated checkered skirts.

Boys are talking about sports and dirty stuff in the middle of the room. Girls gossiping and talking about the latest fashion trends at the front of the room.

On the left side of back of the classroom, there is a good-looking boy with good grades and good at sports. This person has blonde hair and blue eyes, indicating his foreign blood. His name is Takeshi Kudo.

Takeshi Kudo is talking happily with a friend. The said friend is pretending to listen to this blonde haired beautiful boy but the words just go out of the other ear.

This friend is an average looking boy with eye bags under his eyes and has an expression that make him look like he is always bored, which is what it seems most of the time. This average looking person is named Yuuya Yotsuya.


On the right side which you would describe as the part of the classroom in between the right wall and the middle, there is a group consisting of 3 girls.

Of the 3 girls, there is a girl with the perfect height, beautiful straight waist length natural brown hair and is considered as the most beautiful girl in school. Her name is Kyouko Watanabe.

This beautiful lady, is in fact, looking at the most beautiful boy, Takeshi.

“Kyouko, why don’t just go there? Both are you are very famous, you know? Just approach him and say hi. Isn’t it that simple?”

Another girl from the group urged Kyouko to talk to him. The girl has black shoulder length straight hair. She has earrings on both of her ear lobes. She also has above average looks but unlike Kyouko, she's a mix of beautiful, cute, with a mix of cold spiciness.Her name is Yume Kurosawa.

“N-No, I don’t want to… it’s embarrassing.” said Kyouko while still won't take her eyes off Takeshi.

Kurosawa sighed and shrugged her shoulders thinking that Kyouko should be more aggressive and confident. She is the most beautiful person in school after all.

Then, the last girl of the group;

"Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Yume-chi, don’t give those kinds of advices to Kyouko. Just go to him and confess on the spot! Do it with spirit!”

A hyper girl who has light brown dyed hair in a short one-sided pony tail. Her name is Maki Minami. She is what you would call the cute, lively, and cheerful person of the group. She has many accessories on her wrist and her blazer is wrapped around her waist. She’s always scolded by teachers because of always not following the uniform, but she never learns.

"Maki... I don't think it'll be that easy. Look, she's already frozen just thinking about a confession."

"Kyouko-chi is such a wimp!"


On the other side of the class, where the three girls are looking at…

“Hey Yuuya… let’s go to the arcade later.”

“We just went there last week, I’m still tired. I don’t want to.”

“…Going to arcades tires you for a week?”

Yuuya is the best friend of Takeshi and he is always asking Yuuya to hang out with him. Note that Takeshi only proclaimed him as his best friend, Yuuya didn't really know that he's already his best friend.

Yuuya thought of a way to make Takeshi leave him alone. Yuuya also considers Takeshi as a friend, so he doesn't want him to be alone. He's the type of person who doesn't want to go out and hang out with his friends, but still cares about them.

“…Hey, instead of me why don’t you ask Watanabe to go the arcade?”

“I-Idiot! How can I do that!? She won’t go to the arcade! Do you want her to hate me!?”

Takeshi Kudo turned bright red. He had the urge to turn around and look at Kyouko after being mentioned, but he did his best and rejected the urge to do so.

If I turn my head around, she might find out that I like her.


Yuuya looked at Kyouko’s group. Kyouko is looking at Takeshi like a maiden who is in love. Most students don’t notice how Kyouko looks at Takeshi, Yotsuya just has great observation skills. He is somewhat sure that Kyouko is in love with Takeshi.

Why don’t these two just go out already? It'll convenient if Takeshi stops pestering me every day.

“Hey, Kyouko… look. Kudo is glancing towards you.”

“Y-Yume, you idiot! He won’t look at me for no reason!”

“Hahaha, you’re always fun to tease.

Yuuya noticed Yume teasing Kyouko as well as Kyouko reacting with a panicked face.

…Maybe I’ll get someone to help.

Chapter 1: Alliance

Yume Kurosawa.

A girl with above average looks. Her hobby is teasing her childhood friend, Kyouko, Eepecially when it’s about love.

She teases Kyouko, but she is very willing to support her. Yume has always been taking care of Kyouko ever since they were children.

“Why is it that you can talk to other boys but not to Kudo?”

“W-What are you saying!? He is not just any other boy, he is Takeshi!”

“You call him by his first name when he’s not around?”

“O-Of course not! It just slipped…”

The two are heading towards school. Since their houses are near each other, they walk to school together every day.

Yume looked towards Kyouko’s blind side.

“Did you hear that Kudo-san?”

“…Why do you call me by my first name, Watanabe-san?”

A deep male voice was heard. Surprised, Kyouko turned her head, only to see Mari impersonating Kudo.

“I am Takeshi, the most beautiful boy at school. I love you Kyouko-chi.”

“You two!!!”

“Ahahaha! My morning is not complete without seeing your embarrassed face!”


It was obvious that all the boys are glancing towards Kyouko, but since this was the case every day, the three already got used to it and just ignored the stares.

The three reached the school lockers and went to their respective lockers.
Kurosawa, Yume opened her locker which is eye level. Upon opening it, she saw something placed on top of her shoes.
It was a letter.

A love letter? Sigh… not this again.

Despite being friends with Kyouko, Yume was not overshadowed and is still noticed by boys.

She receives loves letters from time to time.

But being given one just gives her a headache.

This is a bother.

“Another one? That’s the second one in this month. Yume, you’re really famous! I’m so jealous! I have never received one!”

“You’re too close Mari, and don’t just go shouting out things like that.”

“It’s hard on you huh, Yume-chan…”

Kyouko approached Yume with a wry smile.

Such an event is just normal for the three. This is expected since the group had the best-looking girl at school and her cute childhood friend. Boys who find Kyouko unreachable would fall in love with the childhood friend with above average looks.

Yume saw the trashcan and approached it. Noticing her movement, the two stopped by her by grabbing on her shoulders.

“Yume… what are you doing?”
“Huh? Isn’t it obvious?”
“Don’t just throw it! It’s filled with someone’s feelings!”
“Yume-chan, it wouldn’t be right…”
“You receive confessions every other day on average. You actually go to every single confession?”
“Shouldn’t that be the normal thing to do? Yume-chan, you’re the one whose weird.”
“…Well, I don’t really care.”

Yume was about to throw the letter to the trashcan. The letter was bout to go in but was saved by Mari.

“Yume-chi, you’re heartless! We won’t allow this kind of behavior!”
“Mari-chan is right.”
“Sigh, fine…”

Yume took the letter from Mari’s hand.

“Class is about to start, let’s go.”

Lessons are underway. The teacher is the most boring teacher in school. Yume is a studious student, but she also gets bored. She doesn’t want to go to sleep but is doing her best to listen.

Man, this subject is really hard because the teacher has the power to put people to sleep. I need a change of pace to keep me alive. Oh, that letter. Maybe I’ll read it and get a kick out of it.

Yume reached for the letter inside her bag. Without anyone noticing, she opened the letter.
What was written inside, was somewhat unbelievable.

Roof after school.

Only those words were written. Nothing worth mentioning.
Yume was surprised upon seeing it. Yume receive letters on a monthly basis and the letters always contain a wall of text about how they feel which she just throws to the trash upon seeing the wall of text. This is the first time she had seen such a letter which just contains two words.

Well, that sure gave me a kick… Guess I’ll see who this person is. This is somewhat interesting.

Yume returned the letter to her bag.

The afternoon bell rang.

“That’s all for today, class dismissed.”

The sounds of chairs moving were heard inside the room. Some going to clubs, some staying behind to hang out, and some going home.
Yume stood up and approached Kyouko who was beside Mari.

“You two going to your clubs today?”
“Yeah! As the ace of the track and field team, it is my duty to train!”
“I still have something to do at the student council…”
“I see, I’ll be going then.”

The two grabbed Yume’s shoulders.

“Aren’t you forgetting something, Yume-chi?”
“Yeah, yeah… I know, I’ll be going. Sigh…”
“Kyouko-chi, let’s go and follow her.”
“That is disrespectful Mari, but I think such an action is required for Yume.”
“I already said I’ll meet him… why don’t you two trust me? In fact, get going already. Aren’t you two busy?”
“We’ll be hearing the news tomorrow, okay!?”
“Yume, I hope this is the man of your destiny!”
“Just get going…”

Mari and Kyouko went out of the classroom after giving a last glance saying “Do it okay?” before going out.

Guess I’ll just get on with it.

The sounds of footsteps are heard on the stairway towards the door of the roof. Echoes are heard for every step.

Wait, isn’t the rooftop always locked? Why did he ask me to meet here?

Yume Kurosawa reaches for the door knob and opened it. The door creaked and light from the afternoon sun entered her field of vision. After opening it fully, the light of outside blinded her for a second until her eyes adjusted.
There is a boy standing on top of the roof top by the rails. He is sleeping on the edges.
Yume closed the door behind her with a thud.
Hearing the thud, the boy had woken up. He stood up from sleeping and started walking towards Yume.
Yume couldn’t help but be surprised upon seeing the boy. She didn’t expect such a boy to confess. The boy is someone she sees everyday in the classroom. The boy who is the best friend of the boy that is loved by her best friend.

Yuuya Yotsuya.
A boy who is always bored. He is somewhat famous because he is Takeshi Kudo’s friend, but other than that, he has no other things to offer.
After reducing the distance of them to three meters, the boy had stopped walking. Wind passed through their black colored hairs creating an atmosphere.

“I’m sure you already know this based on seeing the letter, but just to make this clear, this isn’t a confession.”

There was no atmosphere after all.

He is right, it was obvious that it wasn’t a confession. Buy why did I think that it was? Is it because the thoughts of those two implanting things on me? Girlishness is too contagious.

“Okay, but what did you call me up here? You could’ve just told me in the classroom.”
“I don’t want Watanabe to hear it.”
“…Are you going to ask for my help? Do you like her?”
“I’m going to ask for your help, but it’s not because I like her.”
“Then what is your motive?”
“I’m just going to make this clear, what I’m going to say is a secret between the two of us. But I’m pretty sure that you already know this because it’s pretty obvious.”
“…What is it?”
“Takeshi likes Watanabe.”

No, it’s not obvious.

That guy Kyouko likes, likes her back? No, wait… why am I being surprised? Kyouko is the most popular girl in school. Of course, that guy will also be interested.
But why is this person telling me this?

“And I’m pretty sure Watanabe likes Takeshi as well, you don’t need to give me confirmation since it’ll be rude as a friend to divulge their secrets.”

How did he know? Oh, that girl always was looking at him. In fact, why hasn’t anyone noticed it yet? Is it because they are too engrossed at appreciating her beauty that they forget how to observe her properly? Then that means this guy doesn't care about her. What an unusual fellow.

“…Why are you telling me this?”
“Help me out, I want the two of them to get together.”
“So that guy won’t bother me anymore.”

…This reek of trouble between friends...

“Do you hate Kudo?”
“What? No, I’m his friend after all.”
“Then why do you think of him as a bother then?”
“Even though he’s my friend, I do not want to hang out with him all the time. He also knows this, I always decline his invitations to hang out. As a friend I feel sorry for him. If she gets a girlfriend, then he will have someone to hang out with and my life will be comfortable again.”

Oh, he is a good guy after all. No, he’s not… he just wants to have more free time for himself.

“Well, what do you say? Will you help me get them together?”
“First things first, why do you think I want Kyouko to be with that guy?”
“Hmmm… based on my observation, Watanabe likes him and he likes him back. It’s mutual love meaning its what they want. Of course, you will be worried as a friend because you’ll have lesser time to spend with your friend and your friend might get hurt, but…”
Yotsuya looked at Yume’s eyes with a serious glare.
“Can you really call yourself a friend if you do not take this chance to help your friend gets what she wants? Would your relationship still be the same with you having the guilt of not supporting her? How Watanabe gets hurt, or how she manages her boyfriend and her friends depends on Watanabe herself. Don’t you trust her enough as your friend?”

This guy likes to run his mouth, but what he’s saying is true. I’m not really opposed to the idea, but I really am worried. Kyouko will be entering into a relationship for the first time, I won’t be able to help her out if that is the case because I am inexperienced myself. This is an opportunity for me to help her, but after this it will be all be on her and I’ll just be on the sidelines of her life. But as a friend, I should have her go through this experience, even if she slightly forgets about me.

The other side is thinking…

Wow, I gave a weird speech that I thought up on the spot trying to sound smart... She looks like she's deeply thinking about it. I'm so sorry, those are actually just obvious things and I just felt like talking like a know-it-all. They are all empty. But, do please be convinced.

...Though, I guess I won't be able to convince her with just flashy sentences, I guess I’ll tell her about the facts so she will realize how beneficial this is for her friend.

Seeing Yume quiet for a while, Yuuya decided to continue talking.

“Watanabe is a girl which attracts most guys but also has a docile attitude. Being inexperienced even after finishing high school will leave her defenseless for the future, and will easily be fooled. I don’t need to say that you won't always be at her side, especially when you separate going into the real world. Now that the opportunity of having a relationship with a guy who she loves and loves her back has risen, wouldn’t this be a good time to have her learn how to stand for herself? A good ending or a bad ending on this, is beneficial, don't you think?”

This guy is right… I always have been with her but I won’t always be her after we finish high school. Kyouko will probably be hanging on this one-sided love until we finish high school if we don’t do anything. We have a little more than one and a half year left. Seeing that Yotsuya is here asking for my help, this means that Kudo also has a one-sided love for Kyouko and won’t make a move.

Two people who have one sided love towards each other... that actually doesn’t make it one sided anymore, but it will always be if no one takes the initiative.

As her friend, I should help her get that initiative, the same with Yotsuya, he knows this is a chance for him to help his friend.

Yume smiled and closed the distance between her and Yuuya to a meter and held her hand forward offering a handshake.

“Let’s do it.”

Author's Notes

Italicized  words are thoughts of a character.

Hello, actually I just made this one on my free time and there are probably lots of grammar errors and such, feel free to correct them. But don't worry, I've already made a story outline(or whatever that's called) so this story will have some direction.

I'll probably update this during my free time. Until next time!

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