Chapter 9:

Chapter Nine

Detective Otaku

Izaya had a full day ahead of him that morning.
He was going to interview all four of his suspects, starting with Shinji Akabane and finishing with his top suspect Sugou Akabane.Bookmark here

Decim would be recovering in hospital for the time being, preventing any potential attempts on his life.
Mei had plans to look at apartments today and would be dropping in to see Decim at the end of the day.Bookmark here

Izaya would be on his own today, which he didn't mind as it would just be him grilling a suspect.
He drove his car to the apartment building that Shinji Akabane lived in. It was luxurious as was to be expected, with far too many bright colors in its decor, A door man stood guard all dressed up in suit and tie.Bookmark here

"Sir, are you lost can I provide you directions?" asked the door man in a snobbish manner
"No, I have the right building" said Izaya flashing his badge
"I'm sorry officer, I didn't realize, may I inform who you've come to see of your visit"
"No you may not, and its detective"Bookmark here

Izaya strode right into building lobby with its ugly salmon tiles and high ceilings with over the top gold accents.
He was relieved to get in the elevator which was a plain stainless steel, he pressed the button for the top floor just below the penthouse, which according to his information belonged to his suspects father.
He got out of the elevator and went and knocked on Shinji Akabane's door.Bookmark here

"Who is it" called out a voice from the other side of the door
"Police, I need to speak with Shinji Akabane" Izaya called backBookmark here

The door opened to reveal Shinji Akabane.
He had immaculately combed hair and was wearing a plush black robe with matching black slippers. Izaya could give the man credit for one thing he had taste in clothes at least.Bookmark here

"You're here about Shou and Decim, I suppose you should come in" said Shinji
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He proceeded to walk to the living area of his apartment, and sit down in a big black leather recliner. Decim followed him in and sat on the matching couch.
He faced Shinji who was busy drinking coffee from a white cup.Bookmark here

"So I take it you're here because you suspect I may have killed one of my cousins, in an attempt to kill another on whom another attempt was made" inquired Shinji
"you would be correct, you don't seem all to shocked by the accusation" responded Izaya
"I have no doubt if I was the one dead, my cousins would be under suspicion of my death as well, I don't approve of Decim's hobbies, but I respect him as family and as a colleague"
"There's still the money, you stand to inherit a lot from your cousin's death"
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Shinji put his coffee cup down on the coffee table, and looked Izaya dead in the eyes.
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"I don't need the money, I don't even really care about money, which is an ironic thing for an accountant to say but its true, I could quit the firm today become a black sheep like Decim or Mei and live comfortably for the rest of my life, I don't do that because I care about the power I hold as a member of the firm" Shinji explained
"Would not Decim's death, give you more power when the firm eventually changes hands to your generation?"
"Detective if I was to kill a family member to gain more power over the firm, it  wouldn't be Decim, He's too valuable and he doesn't care about power or position in the firm, He just works to finance his hobbies, no if I was to kill a cousin it'd be Sugou"
"If my information is correct, Sugou is in debt and was in town at the time of the murder and the attempt on Decim's life, would you be able to confirm that"
"For the attempt yes, as for the death of Shou I have no idea"Bookmark here

Izaya stood up and Shinji stood up to meet him.Bookmark here

"Thanks for your time Mr Akabane, if its not too much trouble could I have a look at your kitchen" Izaya asked
"Sure, I don't see why not" replied ShinjiBookmark here

Izaya walked over to the kitchen with its island bench and counters of grey stone.
He found the kitchen knife block and was satisfied that all knives were present and accounted for.
Izaya walked to the door of the apartment and was about to leave when he felt the urge to ask one last question.
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"This isn't relative to the investigation, but just out of curiosity why this apartment and this building, you could have the penthouse of many of the building in Tokyo, but you chose to live one floor below your father, why?" Izaya asked
"I like my father, but above all I recognize that even after all these years, he is still a superior accountant  and I can learn a lot from him, goodbye detective" answered ShinjiBookmark here

Izaya walked out of the apartment and back into the elevator.Bookmark here

"One down, three to go" He mused
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Detective Otaku

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