Chapter 4:

Chapter 4 [Sorry]

Love [Short Stories]

"You know when I was a kid my mother would play this song to help me go to sleep but the problem is I don't remember that song, I wonder if you can help me?"Bookmark here

I turn my head toward Lily and saw she has fallen asleep, a strand of hair is out of place, her eyelid close revealing a beautiful eyebrow and her lip open slightly, I can hear her breathing and her body is relaxed, there a rope mark on her wrist, I look at it felt guilty.
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We dance together, talks about our life, our dreams and the event that happen today, that probably tired her out. I smile as I look at her innocence face, her calm, and serene expression while her sleeping, I wonder if I could have a chance to be with her after this.Bookmark here

I look at her smartphone then I grab it seeing there only a few batteries left, there few message pop up, it from her family asking if she fines. this may be wrong to answer someone else message but I replied to the family, pretending to be her saying that she is okay.Bookmark here

I look back at her, lifting that strand of hair gently back to where it is and she smiles in her sleep, I wonder what is she dreaming off?.Bookmark here

I search through her phone and enter the gallery looking at her picture with her friends and picture of his strict boss, she made funny gesture behind him, I let out a small laugh at that.Bookmark here

There it is the cheating boyfriend, somehow I feel jealous and anger toward him, jealous because I didn't get to be with her like he did and angry because he would leave her, maybe he has his own reason but he could tell her the truth instead of cheating behind her back.Bookmark here

I look through the picture of her adventure when she was in college until I stumble upon her picture holding a small baby, this must be the nephew she tells me about. I look at the picture somehow I can see me beside her like a husband and wife holding our own baby, I'm probably hallucinating because of the blood loss.Bookmark here

I back out from the gallery and enter music app, I scroll through the list of music she has on her phone some of it I know and some I never heard of, then a music file with no name of artist only -Record 023- name on it and couple more with only the number change.Bookmark here

Curiosity is overwhelming me, I search for earbuds and found one on the desk the bank worker probably left it, well it was robbery most people don't think about their stuff when they escape from a dangerous situation.Bookmark here

I plug in the earbuds and play it, I was surprised to hear her voice singing. this must be the recording of her song she sang, her singing was something else I felt warmth and sadness, the way she sang with her heart even if it was recording, it was mesmerizing, I was blown away.Bookmark here

Then I start playing her other recording, one by one some of its covers song of other artist and some of it is original that she wrote. I listen to it while staring at her while she sleeps, today is not just important it is special, I found love and received love back. I don't care whether is some psychological effect or she trying to trick me for me it is real 'I love her'Bookmark here

I grab a piece of small paper and begins writing something for her, I fold it and place it in motorcycle bag. I stand up slowly as to not wake her up, my shoulder still in pain as I walk to my duffel bag, I grab the gun in my good arm and walk back to her, gently I knee in front of her and move my lips close to her forehead touching it slightly and gently then back away.Bookmark here

I stand up and slowly walk to the double door of the bank. I listen to her song while walking, a light shines through the window begin to fill the room with light, its brightness stops me as I look directly and saw the rising sun perfectly, rising from the small apartment in front.Bookmark here

Today is valentine days, she the one who was giving me the most instead of me I should the one who give her back something, hmm what about a dinner under a moon and night sky, while my knee in front of her giving her a box chocolate, it a cliche because it's always work.Bookmark here

I look at the gun in my hands, I felt its weight and I use it on a person feel the power of a weapon, I wonder how my life would turn out if my mother dint died and my father didn't turn into an addict. I should feel anger what had happened in my life but I don't if my mother didn't give birth to me I wouldn't meet Lily, even if my father did a lot of bad things, pick a lot of bad choices but he still manages to raise me, so I'm grateful even in darkest moment there still light.Bookmark here

I take a step in front of me and start walking again, I know what will happen to her if stay with her, she would be drag down with me, the debt, the prison, the separation. I know what to do.Bookmark here

as I near the door, my leg shaking, I'm scared of what comes.
suddenly, I hear Lily voice play on the track that I listening to she is talking.Bookmark here

"Hello, whoever listening to this, as you may know, I just found out that my boyfriend just cheated on me so I dump his ass, I always thought he the one true love but who am I pretending, I always had a hunch that he was not the one, I firm believer in true love, one true love or my other half"Bookmark here

"My true love probably out there living his life, I wonder if he felt empty like I do, so I want to dedicate this cover song to him, I'm sorry for not able to find you, here is the song Elton john-sorry seem to be the hardest word"Bookmark here

That is it the song, that I been searching I know you can help me find it.Bookmark here

With resolve in my heart, I walk through that door with a smile.Bookmark here


A dozen police aiming their guns at me, I aim my gun slowly toward the car tire then shot it and just like that, a trigger for fireworks. one by one shower me with rains of bullets some of it miss and some hit my body.Bookmark here

The time slow down for me and I feel my body falling back slowly then I see it a reel playing in front of my eyes the stories of my life. me and lily dance together, the time I got punch by that loan shark, every birthday cake my father used to buy without fail and my mother face as I was cradling in her arms, she looks beautiful with her blonde hair and white blouse.Bookmark here

The reel starts to burns and broken, then just like that everything went dark.Bookmark here

                                                                   THE END.
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